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Back To School Supply Box Grades K-5 - School Supply Kit Back To School Essentials - 32 Pieces

Minnesota - School Supplies List 2023-2024

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270 Alice Smith Elementary Ts
270 Eisenhower Elementary Ts
270 Gatewood Elementary Ts
270 Hopkins 4 Week Ey
270 Hopkins 6 Week Ey
270 Hopkins ALT. Prg - Off Campus
270 Hopkins Alternative
270 Hopkins HS Is Alc
270 Hopkins Is
270 Hopkins North Jr High Alc
270 Hopkins North Jr High Ts
270 Hopkins West Jr High Alc
270 Hopkins West Jr High Ts
270 Kathrine Curren El TS.
270 Meadow Brook EL. Ts
270 Tanglen Elementary - Ts
271 - District Extended Year
271 - Shape - Is
271 Beacon Night School
271 Hillcrest Elem Ts
271 Indian Mounds EL. TS.
271 Kennedy HS. Beacon Night School
271 Mindquest Oll
271 Normandale Hills EL. TS.
271 Oak Grove EL. TS.
271 Oak Grove INT. TS.
271 Olson EL. TS.
271 Olson Middle School I Power Alc
271 Olson Middle Ts
271 Pond El Ts
271 Poplar Bridge El TS.
271 Ridgeview El Ts
271 Shape Alc
271 Valley View El TS.
271 Valley View Middle Ts
271 Washburn El Ts
272 Cedar Ridge El Ts
272 Central Mid Sch Ts
272 Central Middle SCH. Alt
272 Eden Lake El Ts
272 Forest Hills El Ts
272 Oak Point Int Ts
272 Prairie View El Ts
273 Concord El Ts
273 Cornelia El Ts
273 Countryside El Ts
273 Creek Valley El Ts
273 Edina Public Ts
273 Highlands El Ts
273 Normandale El Ts
273 So View Middle Ts
273 Valley View Middle Ts
276 Minnetonka HS Is
276 Minnetonka SR. Alc
276-minnetonka Rsr-alc
277 - Grandview Middle School -ts
277 - Hilltop Elementary - Ts
277 - Mound Westonka - Ts
277 - Shirley Hills Elementary -ts
277 Westonka Area Learning Academy
279 - Palmer Lake Elementary - Ts
279 Birch Grove EL. TS.
279 Crest View Ts
279 Edinbrook Elementary Ts
279 Elm Creek El Ts
279 Fair Oaks EL. TS.
279 Garden City El Ts
279 Osseo Area Learning Center Ey
279 Osseo Is Alc
279 Osseo Jr High Alc
279 Osseo Sr Hi Alc
279 Park Brook ELEM. Ts
279 Weaver Lake El Ts
279 Zanewood Elementary Ts
279-north View Jr High-_ts
280 Centennial Elementary Ts
280 Richfield Int Elem Ts
280 Richfield Middle School Ts
280 Sheridan Hills Elementary Ts
281 Armstrong Learning Lab Alc
281 Cooper HS Abc Alc
281 Cooper Transition Alc
281 Forest Elementary Ts
281 Highview Alternative Program
281 Highview HS - Is
281 Lake View El Ts
281 Meadow Lake El Ts
281 Middle School Connections Alc
281 Neill El Ts
281 New Hope Elem Ts
281 Noble Elementary Ts
281 Northport El Ts
281 Pilgrim Lane El Ts
281 Plymouth Middle Ts
281 Plymouth Youth Tc
281 Robbinsdale (tasc) Mid Alc
281 Robbinsdale Tasc Alc
281 Robbinsdale Wings Alc
281 Winnetka Learning Center Is
281 Winnetka Learning CTR. Alc
281 Zachary Lane Ts
283 Aquila Learning Cntr TS.
283 Cedar Manor Ts
283 District Summer Programs - Ts
283 Park Spanish Immersion Ts
283 Perspective Slp Ts
283 Peter Hobard EL. TS.
283 St Louis Pk Independent Study
283 ST. Louis Park Lrn Ctr TS.
283 Susan Lindgren TS.
283-ST. Louis Park Alc
286 - Earle Brown Elementary - Ts
286 Brooklyn Center Ts
286-bcalc-brooklyn Center HS Alc
286-bcalc-brooklyn Center Hs-is Day
287 Alc Combined Is
287 Alc Part Time
287 Oll Academic
287 On Line Learning (c&t)
287 On-line Learning (sped)
622 Alternative Middle/high School
622 Targeted Services
917 Akin Road Elementary
917 Burnsville High
917 Crista Mcauliffe Elemtary
917 D/hoh Gideon Pond Elementary
917 Farmington High
917 Hastings High
917 Hastings Middle
917 Lakeville North High
917 Mcquire Jr High
917 Nicollet Jr High
917 Pine Bend Elementary
917 Sibley High School
917 SO. ST. Paul JR./SR. High
917 Speical Ed Dctc
A. G. A. P. E. Teen Parent
A.C.G.C. Area Learning Program
A.C.G.C. North Elementary
A.C.G.C. Secondary
A.C.G.C. South Elementary
Academia Cesar Chavez Charter SCH.
Academy Of Biosciences
Achieve Language Academy
Actions School
Ada Elementary
Ada-borup Area Learning Program
Ada-borup Secondary
Adam Abdulle Academy
Adams Elementary
Adams Elementary
Adams Magnet Elementary
Adrian Elementary
Adrian Middle
Adrian Secondary
Adult Continuing Education
Adult Continuing Education
Adult Diploma
Afrocentric Academy
Afrocentric Academy
After School Academy
Afton-lakeland Elementary
Agricultural Food Science Academy
Aitkin Alternative Learning Program
Aitkin Secondary School
Akin Road Elementary
Albany Elementary
Albany Junior High
Albany Senior High
Albert Lea Area Learning CNTR.
Albert Lea Senior High
Albert Lea Targeted Services
Albertville Primary
Albrook Elementary
Albrook Secondary
Alc Academic & Career Training -act
Alc Armstrong HS - Is
Alc Brooklyn Center HS - Is
Alc Brooklyn Park Campus - Is
Alc Cooper Hs-is
Alc Creative Arts School
Alc Eden Prairie HS - Ext Yr
Alc Eden Prairie Hs-is
Alc Edina HS Alternative - Is
Alc Elementary Program
Alc Ell North
Alc Evening High School
Alc Golden Valley (rap) Is
Alc International Acad/leap
Alc Learning Online
Alc North Vista Ctr - Is
Alc Prairie Center Alternative Is
Alc Richfield - Success At 15
Alc Richfield Hs-is
Alc Secondary Extended Programs
Alc South Vista - Is
Alc Westonka - Is
Alc-excel South
Alc-orono High School Is
Alden-conger Elementary
Alden-conger Secondary
Alexandria House Womens Shelter
Alice Smith Elementary
Alp @ Capitol View Center
Alp @ Vccs
American Indian Oic
American Indian Oic
American Indian/mounds Park
Ames Elementary
Andersen Elementary
Andersen Elementary
Andersen Elementary
Andersen Open Elementary
Andersen Open Elementary
Andover Elementary
Andover Senior High
Angle Inlet Elementary
Anishinabe Academy Elementary
Anishinabe Academy Elementary
Anna Westin House
Annandale Middle
Annandale Senior High
Anoka Elementary Targeted Services
Anoka Secondary Targeted Services
Anoka Senior High
Anthony Lewis Center
Anthony Lewis Center
Anthony Louis Center
Anthony Louis Day Treatment Center
Anthony Louis House
Anthony Middle School
Anwatin Middle School
Anwatin Middle School
Apollo Senior High
Apple Valley Senior High
Appleton Elementary
Aquila Elementary
Arbor View ECH. Special ED.
Area Adult Learning Cooperative
Area Learning Center Bestt
Area Learning Center Gateway
Area Learning Center Hubb PROG.
Area Learning Center Lead West
Area Learning Center Summer
Area Learning Center Unidale
Area Learning Cntr Community School
Area LRNG. CNTR. Targeted Services
Area Special Education Cooperative
Argyle Elementary
Arlington House Special Education
Arlington Senior High
Armatage Elementary
Armatage Elementary
Armstrong Elementary
Arona Academy Of Sobriety High
Arrowhead Juvenile Center
Ascension Academy Charter School
Ascension Academy Charter School
Ashby Elementary
Ashby Secondary
Atheneum Elementary
Augsburg Academy For Health Careers
Augsburg Academy For Health Careers
Aurora Charter School
Aurora Charter School
Austin Area Learning Center
Austin Area Learning CNTR. - Summer
Austin Community Learning Center
Austin Senior High
Austin Targeted Services
Avalon School
Avon Elementary
Babbitt Elementary
Babbitt Secondary
Badger Elementary
Badger Secondary
Bagley Elementary
Bagley Secondary
Baker Elementary
Balaton Public School
Bamber Valley Elementary
Bancroft Elementary
Bancroft Elementary
Banfield Elementary
Bank School
Barnesville Elementary
Barnesville Secondary
Barnum Elementary
Barnum Secondary
Barton Open Elementary
Barton Open Elementary
Basic Skills 4 Elementary Ts
Basic Skills 4 Elementary Ts
Basic Skills 4 School
Basswood Elementary
Battle Creek Learning Center
Battle Creek Magnet Elementary
Battle Creek Middle
Battle Lake Elementary
Battle Lake Secondary
Baxter Elementary
Bay View Elementary
Bayview Elementary
Beacon - (287)
Beacon Academy
Beacon Preparatory School
Beacon Program
Beacon Program W Central ED. DIST.
Becker Alternative Learning Program
Becker Intermediate Elementary
Becker Middle
Becker Primary
Becker Senior High
Bel Air Elementary
Belgrade-brooten-elrosa Elementary
Belgrade-brooten-elrosa SEC.
Bell Center
Belle Plaine Elementary
Belle Plaine Junior High
Belle Plaine Senior High
Bellingham Elementary
Belview Learning Center
Bemidji Area Learning Center
Bemidji Bylaw
Bemidji Middle
Bemidji Middle Alp
Bemidji Middle Targeted Services
Bemidji Regional INTERDIST. Council
Bemidji Senior High
Bemidji Senior Lumberjack Alc
Bendix Elementary
BENJ. E. Mays Magnet/rondo
Benson Area Learning Center
Benson Day Treatment
Benson Secondary
Benson Targeted Services
Benton-stearns ED. District
Bert Raney Elementary
Bertha Elementary
Bertha Secondary
Bes Transition Program
Bethany Crises Shelter
Bethune Elementary
Bethune Elementary
Big Lake Midddle School
Big Lake Senior High
Big Stone Colony Elementary
Big Woods Elementary
Bigfork Elementary
Bigfork Secondary
Birch Grove Community School
Birch Grove School For The Arts
Birch Lake Elementary
Birchview Elementary
Birchview Elementary Ts
Bishop Elementary
Black Hawk Middle
Blackduck Elementary
Blackduck Secondary
Blaine Senior High
Blooming Prairie Elementary
Blooming Prairie Secondary
Bloomington Shared Time
Bloomington Transition Center
Blue Earth Area Middle
Blue Earth Area Senior High
Blue Earth Elementary
Blue Heron Elementary
Bluesky Charter School
Bluff Country Learning Options
Bluff Country Targeted Services
Bluff Creek Elementary
Bluff View Elementary
Bluffview Montessori
Bold Senior High
Bold-bird Island Elementary
Bonner Elementary
Booster Club
Booth Brown House
Border Area Learning Center
Borderland Alternative Program
Borderland Targeted Services
Borup Elementary
Boys Totem Town
Braham Area Learning Program
Braham Area Secondary
Braham Elementary
Brainerd Early Childhood SP. ED.
Brainerd Early Childhood SP. ED.
Brainerd Senior High
Brainerd Targeted Services
Brandon Elementary
Brandon Secondary
Breckenridge Elementary
Breckenridge Middle
Breckenridge Senior High
Brewster Elementary
Bridge Area Learning Center
Bridge View Special Education
Bridges Community Elementary
Bridgewater Elementary
Bridgeway Learning Center
Brimhall Elementary
Broadway Education Place
Broadway Education Place
Brooklyn Center Secondary
Brooklyn Junior High
Brookside Early Childhood SP. EDU.
Browerville Elementary
Browerville Secondary
Brown Elementary
Browns Valley Elementary
Browns Valley Middle
Brownsdale Elementary
Bruce F Vento Elementary
Bruce F Vento Learning Center
Bryn Mawr Elementary
Bryn Mawr Elementary
Budd Elementary
Buffalo Community Middle
Buffalo Early CHILD. SP. Ed Program
Buffalo Lake-hector Elementary
Buffalo Lake-hector Secondary
Buffalo Senior High
Bug-o-nay-ge-shig School
Burnsville Area Learning Center
Burnsville Extended Day Program
Burnsville Senior High
Burr Oak
Burroughs Elementary
Bush Memorial
Butterfield Elementary
Butterfield Secondary
Byron Elementary
Byron Middle School
Byron Senior High School
C.A.R.E. Program
C.E. Jacobson Elementary
Caaep Elementary
Caaep Extended Day Program
Caaep Setting 4
Calc Transition
Caledonia Elementary
Caledonia Middle
Caledonia Senior High
Callaway Targeted Services
Calvin Academy
Cambridge Intermediate School
Cambridge Middle School
Cambridge Primary School
Cambridge Targeted Services Site
Cambridge-isanti High School
Campbell-tintah Elementary
Campbell-tintah Secondary
Campus School
Canby Elementary
Canby Secondary
Cannon Falls Elementary
Cannon Falls SEC.
Capitol Hill Magnet/rondo
Care & Treatment
Career & Technical Center
Career And Life Transition Program
Caribou Lake Elementary
Carlos Elementary
Carlton Secondary
Carver Alc
Carver County Targeted Services
Carver Elementary
Carver-scott Educational COOP.
Cass Lake-bena Area LRNG. CNTR.
Cass Lake-bena Elementary
Cass Lake-bena Middle School
Cass Lake-bena Secondary
Cass Lake-bena Targeted Services
Castle Elementary
Cavanagh Early Childhood Center
Cavanagh Early Childhood EDUC.
Cec-area Learning Center
Cedar Alternative Center
Cedar Creek Community School
Cedar Island Elementary
Cedar Manor Elementary
Cedar Mountain Elementary
Cedar Mountain Secondary
Cedar Park Elementary
Cedar Ridge Elementary
Cedar Riverside Community School
Centennial Area Learning Center
Centennial Elementary
Centennial Elementary
Centennial Middle
Centennial Senior
Centennial Targeted Services
Center For Careers And Training
Center For Training & Careers
Center For Training & Careers
Center School
Center School
Centerville Elementary
Central Area Learning Center
Central Education Campus
Central Elementary
Central Elementary
Central Elementary
Central Elementary
Central Family Center
Central Freedom School
Central High Area Learning Center
Central Kindergarten Center
Central Middle
Central Middle
Central Middle
Central Middle
Central Middle Alternative (cmap)
Central Middle School
Central Middle School Alp
Central Minnesota JT. Powers DIST.
Central Minnesota Learning Center
Central Mn Alc - Cold Spring
Central Mn Alc Holdingford
Central Mn Alc Kimball
Central Mn Alc Sartell
Central Mn Area Learn Cntr - Foley
Central Mn T.S. Cold Spring
Central Mn T.S. Holdingford
Central Mn T.S. Sauk Rapids
Central Mn T.S. St Cloud
Central Mn Targeted SVCS. Foley
Central Mn Targeted SVCS. Kimball
Central Mn Targeted SVCS. Sartell
Central MN. Alc - Sauk Rapids
Central Montessori Elementary
Central Park Elementary
Central Senior High
Central Senior High
Central Senior High
Century Junior High
Century Middle School
Century Senior High
Challenger Elementary
Champlin Elementary
Champlin Park Senior High
Chanhassen Elementary
Charter Behaviour Health New Begin
Chaska Elementary
Chaska High School
Chaska Middle School East
Chaska Middle School West
Chelsea Heights Elementary
Cherokee Heights Magnet Elementary
Cherry Elementary
Cherry Secondary
Cherry View Elementary
Chester Creek Academy
Children's Hospital Academy
Childrens Residential Treat Ctr
Childrens Residential Treat Ctr
Chippewa Middle
Chisago Lakes Elementary
Chisago Lakes Family Center
Chisago Lakes Middle
Chisago Lakes Senior High
Chisholm Elementary
Chisholm House Program
Chisholm Secondary
Chokio-alberta Elementary
Chokio-alberta Secondary
Chosen Valley Elementary
Chosen Valley Secondary
Christa Mcauliffe Elementary
Churchill Elementary
Churchill Elementary
Circle Of Life School
City Academy
City INC. North
City INC. North
City INC. South
City INC. South
City West Academy
City West Academy Independent Study
Cityview Pam Magnet
Cityview Pam Magnet
Clarkfield Charter School
Clay County Outreach Center
Clay County Shelter Care
Clear Springs Elementary
Clearbrook-gonvick Elementary
Clearbrook-gonvick Secondary
Clearview Elementary
Clearwater Middle
Cleveland Elementary
Cleveland Elementary
Cleveland Junior High
Cleveland Secondary
Climax Elementary
Climax Secondary
Clinton-graceville-beardsley EL.
Clinton-graceville-beardsley SR.
Cloquet Area ALT. ED. Programs
Cloquet Area Alternative
Cloquet Early Childhood Education
Cloquet Middle
Cloquet Senior
Clover Ridge Elementary
Cohasset Elementary
Cokato Elementary
Cold Spring Elementary
Columbia Heights Senior High
Columbus Elementary
Colvill Family Education Center
Comfrey Elementary
Comfrey Secondary
Communication Arts SR. High
Communication Arts SR. High
Community Kindergarten
Community Middle
Community Of Peace Academy
Community Of Peace Academy SEC.
Community School Of Excellence
Community Services
Como Park Elementary
Como Park Senior High
Como Special/hartzell
Compass On-line
Compass-northdale Center
Concord Elementary
Concordia Creative Learning Academy
Congdon Park Elementary
Connor-jasper Middle
Cook County Alternative
Cook County Middle
Cook County Senior High
Cook Elementary
Cook Secondary
Coon Rapids Middle School
Coon Rapids Senior High
Cooperative Area Learning PRG.
Cornelia Elementary
Cornerstones Program
Cottage Grove Elementary
Cottage Grove Junior High
Cotton Elementary
Cotton Secondary
Countryside Elementary
Cowern Elementary
Creative Alternatives Program
Creek Valley Elementary
Crest View Elementary
Crestview Elementary
Cromwell-wright Elementary
Cromwell-wright Secondary
Crooked Lake Elementary
Crookston Pre-k Program
Crookston Secondary
Crosby-ironton Secondary
Crosslake Community Charter School
Crossroads Altn High School
Crossroads Area Learning Center
Crossroads Montessori
Crossroads Of Owatonna
Crossroads School & VOC. Center
Crossroads Science Program
Crossroads South
Crossroads Summer Program
Crossroads-north Campus
Crossroads-west Campus
Crosswinds Middle
Crow River Area Learning Center
Crow River Special Education COOP.
Crystal Lake Elementary
Csec Alc C Ind
Csec Alc C Sb
Csec Alc Juvenile Alternitive
Csec Alc Newlemont
Csec Alc S Ind
Csec Alc S Sb
Cuyuna Range Elementary
Cyber Village Academy
Cygnus Academy
Cyrus Technology Elementary
Dakota Academy
Dakota Area Community Charter Sch
Dakota CTY. Alc
Dakota Hills Middle
Dakota Meadows Junior High
Dakota Prairie Area Learning Center
Dakota Prairie Targeted Services
Dakota Ridge School
Dassel Elementary
Dassel-cokato Alternative CTR.
Dassel-cokato Middle
Dassel-cokato Senior High
Dassel-cokato Targeted Services
Dawson-boyd Secondary
Dayton Elementary
Daytons Bluff Elementary
Dcd @ John Glenn
Dcd @ South Campus
Deephaven Education Center
Deephaven Elementary
Deer River Secondary
Deerwood Elementary
Delano Elementary
Delano Middle
Delano Senior High
Dellwood Recovery
Denfeld Senior High
Dent Elementary
Detroit Lakes Alternative PROG.
Detroit Lakes Area Learning Center
Detroit Lakes MID. SCH. Target SVC.
Detroit Lakes Middle
Detroit Lakes Middle Alc
Detroit Lakes Senior High
DEVELOP. Cognitive Delays Program
Diamond Path Elementary
Dilworth Elementary
Dilworth-glyndon-felton Junior High
Dilworth-glyndon-felton Senior High
Discovery Community Elementary
Discovery Elementary
Discovery Junior High
Discovery Public School Faribault
Distance Learning Indep Study
Distance Learning Program
District Service Center
Dover-eyota Elementary
Dover-eyota Secondary
Dowling Elementary
Dowling Elementary
Dugsi Academy
Duluth Area Learning Center
Duluth Excell Targeted Services
Duluth Online Program
Duluth Targeted Services
Dunwoody Academy
E.C.H.O. Charter School
Eagan Senior High
Eagle Heights Spanish Immersion
Eagle Lake Elementary
Eagle Point Elementary
Eagle Ridge Academy Charter School
Eagle Ridge Junior High
Eagle Valley Elementary
Eagle Valley Secondary
Eagle View
Eagle View Elementary
Eagleview Elementary
Earle Brown Elementary
Early Childhood
Early Childhood
Early Childhood Assessment
Early Childhood Assessment/special
Early Childhood Assessment/special
Early Childhood Center
Early Childhood Family Center
Early Childhood Family Education
Early Childhood Intervention Serv
Early Childhood Learning Center
Early Childhood Program
Early Childhood Program
Early Childhood Special ED.
Early Childhood Special Ed
Early Childhood Special Education
Early Childhood Special Education
Early Childhood Special Education
Early Childhood Special Education
Early Childhood Special Education
Early Childhood Special Education
Early Childhood Year Round
Early Childhood/special Education
Early ED. Expo/harriet Bishop
Early Education
Early Education Crossroads
Early Education Jackson
Early Education Program & Services
Early Education-highwood Hills
Early Education-hill
Early Education-riverview
Early Education-rondo
Early Education-wheelock
Early Intervention Alliance-sp Ed
Early Intervention Program
East Bethel Community School
East Central Elementary
East Central Middle Secondary
East Central Senior Secondary
East Grand Forks Senior High
East Range Academy Of Tech &science
East Range SEC. Technical Center
East Senior High
East Side Elementary
East Union Elementary
Eastern Heights Elementary
Eastern Wright Program
Eastside Workplace Kindergarten
Eastview Elementary
Eastview Senior High
Ebd Program
Echo Park Elementary
Eci' Nompa Woonspe
Ecse Inclusion
Ecse Program
Ecse@ Isd 15 Lifelong Learning
Eden Lake Elementary
Eden Prairie Senior High
Eden Valley Elementary
Eden Valley Secondary
Edgerton Elementary
Edgerton Elementary
Edgerton Secondary
Edgewood Elementary
Edgewood Middle
Edgewood Science, Math & Technology
Edina Senior High
Edinbrook Elementary
Edison Senior High
Edvisions Off Campus School
Edward Neill Elementary
Eisenhower Elementary
El Colegio Charter School
El Colegio Charter School
Elem Autistic Prog/battle Creek EL.
Elementary Alc Targeted Services
Elementary Summer Targeted Services
Elementary Targeted Services
Elk River District Level 5 Program
Elk River District Shared Time Prog
Elk River Senior High
Elk River Targeted Services
Elk River Targeted Services Summer
Ell Transition Program
Ellen Hopkins Elementary
Elliot Special Education Program
Ellis Middle
Ellsworth Elementary
Ellsworth Secondary
Elm Creek Elementary
Elmore Academy
Elom International School
Elton Hills Elementary
Elysian Elementary
Emerson Elementary
Emerson Elementary
Emily Charter School
Emily O. Goodridge-grey Accelerated
English Academy Campus
Epsilon - Ss
Esc Area Learning Center
Evansville Elementary
Evansville Secondary
Eveleth-gilbert Junior High
Eveleth-gilbert Senior High
Evergreen Park Elementary
Evergreen Shelter
Excell Academy Charter
Excelsior Elementary
Expelled LEARNERS-IND. Study
Expo/harriet Bishop Center
Extended Day 2 Elementary
Extended Day Elementary Ts
Extended Day Program
Face To Face Academy
Fair Oaks Elementary
Fairmont High
Fairview Adolescent Program
Fairview Day Treatment Center
Fairview Elementary
Fairview Program
Falcon Heights Elementary
Falcon Ridge
Falcon Ridge Middle
Falls Elementary
Falls Secondary
Family Education Program
Faribault Area Learning Center
Faribault Day School Alc
Faribault Middle
Faribault Senior High
Faribault Special Education Office
Faribault Targeted Services
Farmington East Middle
Farmington Elementary
Farmington Senior High
Farmington West Middle
Farnsworth Aerospace Elementary
Fergus Falls Area Learning Center
Fergus Falls Area SP. ED. COOP.
Fergus Falls Middle
Fergus Falls Senior High
Fernbrook Elementary
Fertile-beltrami Elementary
Fertile-beltrami Secondary
Field Elementary
Field Elementary
Fieldstone Elementary School
Fillmore Central Elementary
Fillmore Central Middle
Fillmore Central Senior High
Fine Arts Interdisciplinary Middle
Finlayson Elementary
Fisher Elementary
Fisher Secondary
Five Hawks EL.
Five Lakes Elelmentary
Floodwood ALT. Learning Program
Floodwood Elementary
Floodwood Secondary
Focus Beyond
Foley Elementary
Foley Intermediate Elementary
Foley Senior High
Folwell Elementary
Folwell Middle School
Folwell Middle School
Fond Du Lac Ojibwe School
Forest Elementary
Forest Hills Elementary
Forest Lake Area Learning Center
Forest Lake Elementary
Forest Lake Elementary
Forest Lake Fairview School
Forest Lake Senior High
Forest Lake Targeted Services
Forest View EL.
Forestview Middle
Fosston Secondary
Fountain Center
Four Directions Charter Schools
Four Directions Charter Schools
Four Seasons Elementary
Franconia School Record
Franklin Elementary
Franklin Elementary
Franklin Elementary
Franklin Elementary
Franklin Magnet Elementary
Franklin Middle
Franklin Prowler Academy Targ Servs
Fraser Academy
Fraser Academy
Frazee Elementary
Frazee Secondary
Frazee Targeted Services
Fred Moore Middle School
Freshwater ED. DIST. Alc
Freshwater Targeted Services
Fridley Middle
Fridley Middle Area Learning Center
Fridley Moore Lake Alternative
Fridley Senior High
Fridley Targeted Services
Friedell Middle
Friendly Hills Middle
Friendship Acdmy Of Fine Arts CHTR.
Friendship Acdmy Of Fine Arts CHTR.
Frost Lake Learning Center
Frost Lake Magnet Elementary
Fulda Elementary
Fulda Secondary
G.F.W. EL.
G.F.W. SR.
G.F.W. SR.
Gage Elementary
Galtier Magnet Elementary
Garden City Elementary
Garden City Elementary Ey - Ts
Garfield Elementary
Garfield Elementary
Garfield Elementary
Garlough Elementary
Gatewood Elementary
General John Vessey Jr Leadership
Gideon Pond Elementary
Glacial Hills Elementary
Glacier Hills Elementary
Gleason Lake Elementary
Gleason Lake Elementary Ts
Glen Lake Elementary
Glencoe-silver Lake Alp
Glencoe-silver Lake Senior High
Glendale EL.
Glenville Emmons Elementary
Glenville-emmons Secondary
Glyndon-felton Elementary
Golden Lake Elementary
Goodhue County Education DIST.
Goodhue Elementary
Goodhue Secondary
Goodridge Elementary
Goodridge Secondary
Goodview Elementary
Gordon Bailey Elementary
Grainwood EL.
Granada Huntley East Chain ELEM.
Granada-huntley East Chain SEC.
Grand Meadow Elementary
Grand Meadow Middle
Grand Meadow Senior High
Grand Portage Elementary
Grand Rapids Area Learning Center
Grand Rapids Early Childhood Center
Grand Rapids L.E.A.D. Program
Grand Rapids Senior High
Grandview Middle School
Grant Magnet Elementary
Great Expectations
Great River Education Center
Great River School
Greater Mn Shelter House
Green Acres
Green Central Park Elementary
Green Central Park Elementary
Green Isle Community School
Greenbush Elementary
Greenbush-middle River Junior High
Greenbush-middle River Senior High
Greenhaven Elementary
Greenleaf Elementary
Greenvale Park Elementary
Greenway Senior High
Greenwood Elementary
Greenwood Elementary Ts
Grey Cloud Elementary
Grey Eagle Elementary
Groveland Elementary
Groveland Park Elementary
Grygla Elementary
Grygla Secondary
Guadalupe Alternative Programs
Hagg Elementary
Hale Elementary
Hall Elementary
Hall Elementary
Halverson Elementary
Hamilton Elementary
Hancock Elementary
Hancock Learning Center
Hancock SEC.
Hancock/hamline Magnet Elementary
Handke Family Center
Hanover Elementary
Harambee Elementary
Harbor City International Charter
Harbor East Educational Program
Harbor Shelter & Counseling Center
Harding Senior High
Harley Hopkins Family Center
Harriet Bishop Elementary

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Harrison Education Center
Harrison Education Center
Harrison Elementary
Hartley Elementary
Harvest Prep School/seed Academy
Harvest Prep School/seed Academy
Hassan Elementary
Hastings Alternative Center
Hastings Early Child Special ED.
Hastings High School
Hastings Middle School
Hastings Targeted Services
Hawley Elementary
Hawley Secondary
Hawthorne Diploma Program
Hawthorne Elementary
Hayden Heights Elementary
Hayes Elementary
Hayfield Elementary
Hayfield SEC.
Hayward Group Home
Headwaters ED. Learning Program
Healy Secondary
Heart Of The Earth Charter
Heart Of The Earth SEC.
Heart Of The Lake Elementary
Heartland Elementary
Heartland Girls Ranch
Hennepin County Juvenile Center
Hennepin Technical Pathways
Hennepin Technical Pathways
Henning Elementary
Henning Secondary
Henry Senior High
Henry Senior High
Henry Sibley Senior High
Heritage Middle
Herman Elementary
Herman Secondary
Hermantown Early Childhood
Hermantown Elementary
Hermantown Middle
Hermantown Senior High
Heron Lake-okabena Elementary
Hiawatha Elementary
Hiawatha Elementary
Hiawatha Leadership Academy
Hiawatha Valley Day Treatment
Hiawatha Valley Ecse Programs
Hiawatha Valley Targeted Services
Hibbing High
Hidden Oaks Middle School
Hidden Valley Elementary
High School Diploma Program
High School For Recording Arts
Higher Ground Academy
Highland Elementary
Highland Elementary
Highland Elementary
Highland Park Elementary
Highland Park Junior High
Highland Park Senior High
Highlands Elementary
Highview Middle
Highwood Hills Elementary
Highwood Hills Learning Center
Hill City Elementary
Hill City Secondary
Hill Elementary
Hillcrest Elementary
Hills-beaver Creek Elementary
Hills-beaver Creek Secondary
Hillside Elementary
Hilltop Elementary
Hilltop Elementary
Hilltop Primary School
Hinckley Elementary
Hinckley-finlayson Secondary
Hmong Academy
Hmong Academy Middle School
Hoffman Learning Center
Holdingford Elementary
Holdingford Secondary
Home/hospital Instruction
Homebound Program
Homebound Regular Education Program
Homebound Special Education Program
Homecroft Elementary
Homecroft Elementary
Hoover Elementary
Hoover Elementary
Hoover Elementary
Hope Community Academy
Horace May Elementary
Horizon Middle School
Houston Elementary
Houston Secondary
Howard Lake Middle
Howard Lake Waverly Winsted Ecse
Howard Lake-waverly-winsted SEC.
Huddleston Elementary
Humboldt Junior High
Humboldt Senior High
Humphrey Elementary
Hutchinson Middle
Hutchinson Middle School A.L.C.
Hutchinson Night Alt Learning Ctr
Hutchinson Park Elementary
Hutchinson Senior High
Hutchinson Targeted Services
Hutchinson Transition Assistance Pg
Hutchinson West Elementary
Idea/apple Valley Campus
Idea/farmington Campus
Idea/thompson Heights School
Idt/keystone Care & Treatment
Igh Early Childhood Program
Independence Elementary
Indian Mounds Elementary
Indus Elementary
Indus Secondary
Intensive Interagency Program
Interdistrict Downtown School
Interdistrict Downtown School
International Spanish Language Acad
Inver Grove Heights Middle
Invest North
Invest South
Irondale Senior High
Is The Alternative Program (tap)
Isanti Intermediate School
Isanti Middle School
Isanti Primary School
Isd 181 Learning Center
Island Lake Elementary
Isle Area Learning Center
Isle Elementary
Isle Secondary
Isle Targeted Services
Itaskin Education Center
Ivan Sand Community School- Is
Ivan Sand Community School Night
Ivan Sand Community School Summer
Ivan Sand Community School-day
Ivan Sand Community School-middle
Ivan Sand Fairview Program
Ivan Sand Transition Program
J.A. Hughes Elementary
J.W. Smith Elementary
Jackson County Central Middle
Jackson County Central Senior High
Jackson Magnet Elementary
Jackson Middle
Jane Goodall Earth Sciences Academy
Janesville-waldorf-pemberton EL.EM.
Janesville-waldorf-pemberton INT.
Janesville-waldorf-pemberton Sec
Jeffers Pond Elementary
Jefferson Elementary
Jefferson Elementary
Jefferson Elementary
Jefferson Elementary
Jefferson Elementary
Jefferson Elementary
Jefferson Elementary
Jefferson Elementary
Jefferson Elementary
Jefferson Senior High
Jenny Lind Elementary
John Adams Middle
John Glenn Middle
John Marshall Senior High
Johnsville Elementary
Jordan Campus
Jordan Campus
Jordan Early Childhood
Jordan Elementary
Jordan Middle
Jordan Park Elementary
Jordan Park Elementary
Jordan Secondary
Joy In Learning Academy
JR. High Targeted Services
Juvenile Service Center
Kaleidoscope Charter School
Kandiyohi Boys & Girls Group Homes
Kaposia Education Center Elementary
Karlstad Elementary
Kasson-mantorville Elementary
Kasson-mantorville INTERM. EL.
Kasson-mantorville Learning CTR.
Kasson-mantorville Middle
Kasson-mantorville Senior High
Katahdin School
Katahdin School
Katherine Curren Elementary
Kec Targeted Services
Keewatin Elementary
Keewaydin Elementary
Kelley Secondary
Kelliher Elementary
Kelliher Secondary
Kellogg Middle
Kennedy Elementary
Kennedy Elementary
Kennedy Elementary
Kennedy Elementary
Kennedy Elementary
Kennedy Senior High
Kenneth Hall Elementary
Kenny Elementary
Kenwood Elementary
Kenwood Elementary
Kenwood Primary EL. Academy
Kenwood Trail Middle School
Kenyon-wanamingo Alternative
Kenyon-wanamingo Elementary
Kenyon-wanamingo Expelled Students
Kenyon-wanamingo Middle
Kenyon-wanamingo Senior High
Kerkhoven Secondary
Kimball Elementary
Kimball Secondary
Kimberly Lane Elementary
Kimberly Lane Elementary Ts
King Elementary
Kingsland Elementary
Kingsland Middle
Kingsland Senior High
Kittson Central Elementary
Kittson Central Secondary
Kittson CENTRAL-ST. Vincent ELEM.
Knight Elementary
Knights Academy
Knoll Elementary
Kokesh Area Learning Center
L.O. Jacob Elementary
Lac Qui Parle Valley Secondary
Lacrescent Montessori Academy
Lacrescent Secondary
Lacrescent-hokah Elementary
Lafayette Public Charter School
Lafayette Secondary
Lake Agassiz Special ED. COOP.
Lake Benton Elementary
Lake Benton Secondary
Lake Elmo Elementary
Lake Harriet Lower Elementary
Lake Harriet Lower Elementary
Lake Harriet Upper School
Lake Harriet Upper School
Lake Junior High
Lake Marion Elementary
Lake Of The Woods Elementary
Lake Of The Woods Secondary
Lake Park Audubon Elementary
Lake Park Audubon Secondary
Lake Ripley Elementary
Lake Superior High School
Lakeaires Elementary
Lakes Area Charter School
Lakes Country Youth Educ Svcs
Lakes ED. Center
Lakes International Language Admy
Lakeside Elementary
Lakeside Elementary
Lakeview Elementary
Lakeview Elementary
Lakeview Elementary
Lakeview Elementary
Lakeview School
Lakeview Secondary
Lakeville Area Learning Center
Lakeville Early Childhood Program
Lakeville North High
Lakeville South High
Lakeville Targeted Services
Lakewood Elementary
Lancaster Elementary
Lancaster Secondary
Lanesboro Elementary
Lanesboro Secondary
Laporte Elementary
Laporte Secondary
Laura Macarthur Elementary
Laurentian Environmental Center
Lcd All Day Bilingual Kg/homecroft
Leadership Academy
Leadership Academy
Leaf River Academy
Learners Center
Learning Alternative MID.
Learning Alternatives Community Sch
Learning Center For Children
Learning Center For Children
Learning For Leadership Charter
Lecenter Elementary
Lecenter Secondary
Leroy Elementary
Leroy Secondary
Lester Park Elementary
Lester Prairie Elementary
Lester Prairie Secondary
Lesueur-henderson Middle/high SCHL.
Level 4 Program Pathways To Change
Lewiston-altura Elementary
Lewiston-altura Intermediate EL.
Lewiston-altura Secondary
Lexington Campus Extended Programs
Lexington Campus Middle Targeted S
Liberty Elementary
Liberty High School
Liberty Ridge Elementary
Life Lines Adult Connection
Lifespan Of Mn Youth Transition
Lighthouse Academy Of Nations
Lighthouse Academy Of Nations
Lily Lake Elementary
Lincoln Elementary
Lincoln Center Elementary
Lincoln Center Targeted Services
Lincoln Community Education
Lincoln Day Facility
Lincoln Elem Entary
Lincoln Elementary
Lincoln Elementary
Lincoln Elementary
Lincoln Elementary
Lincoln Elementary
Lincoln Elementary
Lincoln Elementary
Lincoln Elementary
Lincoln Elementary
Lincoln Elementary
Lincoln Elementary
Lincoln Elementary
Lincoln Elementary
Lincoln International High School
Lincoln International High School
Lincoln International School
Lincoln International School
Lincoln Junior High
Lincoln K-8 Choice Elementary
Lincoln Kindergarten Prep
Lincoln Park Elementary
Lincoln Secondary
Lincoln Secondary
Lincoln Secondary
Lincoln Senior High
Lindbergh Elementary
Lino Lakes EL.
Linwood A+ Magnet Elementary
Linwood EL.
Lismore Colony Elementary
Litchfield Area Learning Program
Litchfield Middle
Litchfield Senior High
Little Canada Elementary
Little Falls Continuing Education
Little Falls Senior High
Little Mountain Elementary
Little Sand
Littlefork-big Falls Elementary
Littlefork-big Falls Secondary
Lk Crystal Welcome Memorial EL.
Lk Crystal-wellcome Memorial SEC.
Long Prairie Elementary
Long Prairie Middle
Long Prairie-grey Senior High
Long Tieng Academy
Long Tieng Academy
Longfellow After School Academy
Longfellow Choice Elementary
Longfellow Elementary
Longfellow Elementary
Longfellow Elementary
Longville Elementary
Loring Elementary
Loring Elementary
Loring-nicollet High
Loring-nicollet High
Loveworks Academy For Arts
Lowell Elementary
Lowell Music Magnet Elementary
Lucy Laney @ Cleveland Park ELEM.
Luverne Alternative Program
Luverne Elementary
Luverne Middle
Luverne Senior High
Lxe-lexington Campus Targeted Serv
Lyle Elementary
Lyle Secondary
Lynd Elementary
Lyndale Elementary
Lyndale Elementary
M.A.C.C.R.A.Y. Area Learning PROG.
M.A.C.C.R.A.Y. East Elementary
M.A.C.C.R.A.Y. Junior High
M.A.C.C.R.A.Y. Senior High
M.A.C.C.R.A.Y. West Elementary
M.W. Savage Elementary
Mabel-canton Elementary
Mabel-canton Middle
Mabel-canton Secondary
Madelia Elementary
Madelia Secondary
Madison Elementary
Madison Elementary
Madison Elementary
Madison-marietta-nassau Elementary
Magelssen Elementary
Mahnomen Area Learning Center
Mahnomen Elementary
Mahnomen Secondary
Mahtomedi Learning Center
Mahtomedi Middle
Mahtomedi Preschool
Mahtomedi Senior High
Main Street School Performing Arts
Mankato East JR.
Mankato East Senior High
Mankato Targeted Services
Mankato West Senior High
Mann Elementary
Maple Grove Junior High
Maple Lake Elementary
Maple Lake Secondary
Maple River Central Elementary
Maple River East Elementary
Maple River East Middle
Maple River Senior High
Maple River West Elementary
Maple River West Middle
Maplewood Middle
Marble Elementary
Marcy Open Elementary
Marine Elementary
Marshall County Central High
Marshall High School
Marshall Middle School
Martin County West Junior High
Martin County West Senior High
Math & Science Academy
Mayo Senior High
Mcf - Oak Park Heights
Mcf-moose Lake/willow River
Mcf-redwing, Maginnis High School
Mcgregor Area Learning Program
Mcgregor Elementary
Mcgregor Secondary
Mcguire Middle
Mckinley Elementary
Mckinley Elementary
Mckinley Elementary
Mcleod West Elementary
Mcleod West Junior High
Mcleod West Senior High
Meadow Lake Elementary
Meadowbrook Elementary
Meadowvale Elementary
Meadowview Elementary
Mec Learning Alternatives
Mec Targeted Services
Medford Elementary
Medford Secondary
Meeker & Wright Special Education
Meeker-wright Early Childhood Sp Ed
Melrose Elementary
Melrose Middle
Melrose Secondary
Memorial Secondary
Menahga Elementary
Menahga Secondary
Mendota Elementary
Menlo Park Academy
Merritt Creek Academy
Merritt Day Treatment
Merritt Elementary
Mesabi Academy School
Mesabi Area Learning Center
Mesabi East Elementary
Mesabi East Secondary
Metcalf Junior High
Metro Deaf School
Metropolitan Learning Alliance
Mid Stat Ed DIST. Success PROG.
Mid State Ed Dist Steps TRANS. Prog
Middle Area Learning Center
Middle Level Learning Center
Middle River Elementary
Middle School Area Learning Center
Middleton Elementary
Midwest Special Education COOP.
Milaca Area Learning Center
Milaca Elementary
Milaca Secondary High
Milaca Targeted Services
Milan Elementary
Mille Lacs Academy (nexus)
Miller-dwan Adoc
Miller-dwan Cd
Milroy Area Charter School
Milroy Elementary
Milroy Junior High
Miltona Elementary
Minisinaakwaang Leadership Academy
Minneapolis Academy Charter School
Minneapolis Crawford First
Minneapolis On Line Learning
Minnehaha Elementary
Minneota Elementary
Minneota Secondary
Minnesota Center
Minnesota New Country School
Minnesota Online High School
Minnesota Transitions Alp
Minnesota Transitions Alp
Minnesota Transitions Charter Sch
Minnesota Transitions Charter Sch
Minnesota Transitions Middle
Minnesota Transitions Middle
Minnesota Valley Adult Diploma
Minnesota Valley Cooperative
Minnesota Virtual Academy
Minnetonka East Middle
Minnetonka Mini School Extended Yr
Minnetonka Senior High
Minnetonka West Middle
Minnewashta Elementary
Minnewaska Area Elementary
Minnewaska Area Middle
Minnewaska Day Treatment Program
Minnewaska Early Childhood SP.ED.
Minnewaska Secondary
Minnewaska Secondary Alternative Pg
Minnewaska Targeted Services
Mississippi Elementary
Mississippi Heights Elementary
Mississippi Magnet Elementary
Mn Academy For The Blind
Mn Academy For The Deaf
Mn Center For Online Learning
Mn Collaborative Online Learning
Mn Correctional Facility-faribault
Mn Correctional Facility-lino Lakes
Mn Correctional Facility-rush City
Mn Correctional Facility-shakopee
Mn Correctional FACILITY-ST. Cloud
Mn Correctional Facility-stillwater
Mn Extended Treatment Options
Mn International Middle Charter
Mn International Middle Charter
Mn Learning Center
Mn River Valley Alc - IND. Study
Mn River Valley Alc-seatbased
Mn River Valley Alc-summer
Mn River Valley Juvenile Detention
Mn River Valley Special ED. COOP.
Mn River Valley Targeted Services
Mn Teen Challenge
Mn Teen Challenge
Mn Valley ED. DIST. Early Childhood
Mn Valley Education District
Molly Creek Area Learning Center
Monroe Community
Monroe Elementary
Monroe Elementary
Montessori At Franklin
Montevideo Middle
Montevideo Senior High
Montgomery-lonsdale Elementary
Montgomery-lonsdale Elementary East
Montgomery-lonsdale INT. Elementary
Montgomery-lonsdale Secondary
Monticello Alternative Program
Monticello Middle
Monticello Senior High
Montrose Elementary
Moorhead Alternative Program
Moorhead High
Moose Lake Elementary
Moose Lake Family Center
Moose Lake Secondary
Mora Alternative Program
Mora Secondary
Moreland Elementary
Morgan Park Middle
Morris Area Elementary
Morris Area Secondary
Morrison County Learning Center
Morristown Elementary
Motley Elementary
Motley-staples Middle
Mounds View Adult Basic ED.
Mounds View Alc
Mounds View Bridges Program
Mounds View Senior High
Mound-westonka High School
Mountain Iron-buhl Secondary
Mountain Lake Elementary
Mountain Lake Secondary
MPLS. Employment Readiness CURRIC.
MPLS. Employment Readiness CURRIC.
MPLS. H.S. Alternative Program
MPLS. H.S. Alternative Program
Mrvsec Edgewood School
Mrvsec Twin Oaks School
Mrvsec/belle Plaine ELEM.
Mrvsec/education Center
Mrvsec/five Hawks Elementary
Mrvsec/grainwood Elementary
Mrvsec/hidden Oaks Middle
Mrvsec/jeffers Pond Elementary
Mrvsec/jordan Elementary
Mrvsec/jordan High School
Mrvsec/jordan Mid Special ED.
Mrvsec/montgomery Elementary School
Mrvsec/montgomery Middle School
Mrvsec/oakridge Elementary
Mrvsec/ponds Edge
Mrvsec/prior Lake High School
Mrvsec/river Valley Ed Center
Mrvsec/shakopee Transitions
Mtcs Connections Academy
Mtcs Connections Academy
Mts Pease Academy
Mts Pease Academy
Murdock Elementary
Murphy Elementary
Murray CO. Central Elementary
Murray County Central Alp
Murray County Central Secondary
Murray Junior High
Museum Magnet/rondo
N. Carlton COOP. VOC.
N.E. Regional Correction CNTR.
N.E.METRO Alc West
N.R.H.E.G. Senior High
Nashwauk Secondary
Nashwauk-keewatin Alp
Nay-ah-shing School
Naytahwaush Community School
Nelle Shean Elementary
Nellie Stone Johnson Elementary
Nellie Stone Johnson Elementary
Nerstrand Charter School
Nett Lake Elementary
Nettleton Magnet Elementary
Neveln Elementary
Nevis Area Learning Program
Nevis Elementary
Nevis Secondary
New Century Charter School
New City School
New City School
New Connection
New Discoveries Montessori Academy
New Dominion Academy
New Heights Elementary
New Heights School, INC.
New London Alternative School
New London Spicer MID. Level Alp
New London-spicer Middle
New London-spicer SR.
New Millenium Academy Charter Sch
New Millenium Academy Charter Sch
New Paths Area Learning Center
New Prague Middle School
New Prague Senior High
New Salem Academy
New Salem Academy
New Shakopee SR. HI.
New Spirit Middle School
New Spirit Primary School
New Ulm High
New Ulm Middle
New Visions Charter School
New York Mills Elementary
New York Mills Secondary
New York Mills Ts Satellite
Newfolden Elementary
Newport Elementary
Nicollet Elementary
Nicollet Junior High
Nicollet Secondary
Nisswa Elementary
Noble Academy
Noble Elementary
Nokomis Montessori/magnet
Nonpublic Sp Ed Program
Non-residental Care & Treatment
Norman County West Elementary
Norman County West Secondary
Norman County East Elementary
Norman County East Secondary
Normandale Elementary
Normandy Park Education Center
North Branch Lab School Alc
North Branch Main ST. Elementary
North Branch Middle
North Branch Primary Elementary
North Branch Senior High
North Country VOC. COOP. CTR.
North Elementary
North Elementary
North Intermediate Elementary
North Junior High
North Lakes Academy
North Park Elementary
North Senior High
North Shore Community School
North Trail Elementary
North View Junior High
North Vista Alc
Northdale Middle
Northeast Middle
Northeast Service Coop SP. ED.
Northeast Service Cooperative Oll
Northern Elementary
Northern Lakes Special ED. COOP.
Northern Lights Community School
Northfield Area Learning Center
Northfield Middle
Northfield Senior High
Northland Educational Center
Northland Learning Center
Northland Learning Center
Northland Learning Center
Northland Learning Center
Northland Learning Center
Northland Learning Center / Ebd
Northland Secondary
Northome Elementary
Northome Secondary
Northport Elementary
Northrop Elementary
Northrop Elementary
Northside Adolescent School
Northside Elementary
Northside Elementary
Northview Elementary
Northwest Area Learning Center
Northwest Minn Juvenile
Northwinds Elementary
Nova Classical Academy
Nrheg Elementary
Nrheg Elementary/middle
NW Region Interdistrict Council
O.H. Anderson Elementary
O.K House
Oak Crest Elementary
Oak Grove Elementary
Oak Grove Middle
Oak Grove SP. ED. MID.
Oak Grove SR. SP. ED.
Oak Hill Community Elementary
Oak Land Area Learning Center
Oak Land Learning Center Princeton
Oak Land Learning Center Sober Schl
Oak Land Learning Ctr ST. Francis
Oak Land Vocational Center
Oak Park Elementary
Oak Point Intermediate ELEMENTARY.
Oak Ridge Elementary
Oak Ridge Elementary
Oak View Middle
Oakdale Elementary
Oak-land Junior High
Oakwood Elementary
Oakwood Elementary Targeted SERVCS.
Odyssey Charter School
Ogema Elementary
Ogilvie Elementary
Ogilvie Secondary
Oklee Elementary
Olson Middle
Oltman Junior High
On Line Learning Elementary
On Line Learning Middle
On Line Learning Secondary
Onamia Elementary
Onamia Secondary
Onamia Targeted Services
Oneka Elementary School
Options Day Treatment
Ordean Middle
Orono Discovery Center
Orono Intermediate Elementary
Orono Middle
Orono Senior High
Orr Elementary
Orr Secondary
Ortonville Secondary
Osakis Elementary
Osakis Middle Level Area LRNG. Cntr
Osakis Secondary
Osakis Targeted Services
Osseo Area Learning Center
Otter Lake Elementary
Otter Lake School
Owatonna Alc 6-8
Owatonna Alc 9-12
Owatonna Extended Day K-8
Owatonna Junior High
Owatonna Senior High
Owatonna Summer School 9-12
Owatonna Summer School K-8
Oxbow Creek Elementary
Pact Charter School
Pact Charter Secondary
Paideia Academy Charter School
Palisade Elementary
Palmer Lake Elementary
Park Brook Elementary
Park Center Senior High
Park Elementary
Park Rapids Area Century Elementary
Park Rapids Area Century Middle
Park Rapids Senior High
Park Senior High
Park Side Elementary
Park Spanish Immersion Elementary
Park Terrace EL.
Park View Early Childhood CTR.
Park View Montessori Elementary
Parkers Prairie Elementary
Parkers Prairie Secondary
Parkers Prairie Targeted Services
Parkside Elementary
Parkview Center School
Parkview Elementary
Parkview Elementary
Parkview Elementary
Partnership Academy, INC.
Pathways/teen Parent Program
Paul & Sheila Wellstone Elementary
Paul Bunyan ED. COOP.
Paynesville Area High School
Paynesville Elementary
Paynesville Middle
Pearson Elementary
Pearson Elementary
Pelican Rapids Elementary
Pelican Rapids Secondary
Pequot Lakes Middle
Pequot Lakes Senior High
PERFORM. Arts Magnet-kenwood EL.
Perham Area Learning Center
Perham Area Targeted Services
Perham Senior High
Perpich Center For Arts Education
Peter Enich Kindergarten Center
Peter Hobart Elementary
Phoenix Learning Center
Piedmont Elementary
Pierz Alternative Program
Pike Lake Elementary
Pillager Area Charter School
Pillager Elementary
Pillager Secondary
Pillsbury Elementary
Pilot Knob Elementary
Pine Bend Elementary
Pine City Area Learning Center
Pine City Elementary
Pine City Secondary
Pine Grove Leadership Academy
Pine Hill Elementary
Pine Island Elementary
Pine Island Middle
Pine Island Secondary
Pine Island/zumbrota-mazeppa Alp
Pine Meadow Elementary
Pine Point Elementary
Pine River 9 Grade Alc
Pine River Area Learning Center
Pine River Backus Targeted SVCS.
Pine River Middle Alc
Pine River Pequot Lakes Ts
Pine River Pequot Middle - Alc
Pine River-backus Elementary
Pine River-backus Secondary
Pine To Prairie COOP. CTR.
Pinecrest Elementary
Pines School
Pinewood EL.
Pinewood Elementary
Pinewood Elementary
Pinewood Elementary
Pioneer Elementary
Pipestone Middle
Pipestone Senior High
Place II
Plainview-elgin-millville 4-6
Plainview-elgin-millville High
Plainview-elgin-millville Junior
Plainview-elgin-millville Pk-3
Pleasant View Elementary
Pleasantview Elementary
Plymouth Creek Elementary
Plymouth Creek Elementary Ts
Ponemah Elementary
Prairie Academy
Prairie Creek Community School
Prairie Elementary
Prairie House School
Prairie Lakes School
Prairie ST. Johns
Prairie View Elementary
Prairie Wind Middle
Prairie Woods Elementary
Pratt Community Education
Pratt Elementary
Praxis Program
Pre School Hcp
Princeton Middle
Princeton Senior High
Princeton Targeted Services Site
Prinsburg School Record
Prior Lake High School
Private Agencies
Probstfield Center For Education
Proctor Area Middle
Proctor Senior High
Pullman Elementary
Quad County Vocational Project
R. Asp Elementary
Rahn Elementary
Rahncliff Abe Diploma Program
Raleigh Primary/el Academy
Ramsey Elementary
Ramsey Elementary
Ramsey Fine Arts Elementary
Ramsey Fine Arts Elementary
Ramsey Junior High
Ranch School Alternative
Ranch School Shelter
Randolph Elementary
Randolph Heights Elementary
Randolph Secondary
Range Area Alternative Program
Raven Stream Elementary
Recovery Plus
Recovery School Of Southern Mn
Red Lake Alternative Learning
Red Lake County Central Elementary
Red Lake County Central High School
Red Lake Early Childhood Center
Red Lake Elementary
Red Lake Middle
Red Lake Middle Level Alc
Red Lake Senior High
Red Lake Targeted Services
Red Oak Elementary
Red Pine Elementary
Red River Juvenile Center
Red Rock Central Elementary
Red Rock Central Secondary
Red Rock Elementary
Red Rock Ridge Area Learning Cntr
Red Rock Ridge Setting Iv
Red Wing Area Learning Center
Red Wing HS Alc Day Program
Red Wing Middle Level Day Alc
Red Wing Senior High
Red Wing Targeted Services
Redby Group Home
Redwood Valley Alternative
Redwood Valley Middle
Redwood Valley Senior High
Reede Gray Elementary
Remer Elementary
Renville County West Elementary
Renville County West Senior High
Resident Student/out Of State
Rice Elementary
Rice Lake Elementary
Richardson Elementary
Richfield Intermediate Elementary
Richfield Middle
Richfield Senior High
Richmond Elementary
Ridgedale Alternative Program
Ridgeview Elementary
Ridgeway Community School
Rippleside Elementary
River Bend Alc Targeted SVCS.
River Bend Area Learning Center
River Bend Day Treatment Program
River Bend Early Childhood PROG.
River Heights Charter School
River Valley Academy Alc
River West Dtp
River West Dtp
Riverbend Academy
Riverside Elementary
Riverside Elementary
Riverside School
Riverview Elementary
Riverview Magnet Elementary
Riverway Learning Community Chtr
Riverway Secondary
Robbinsdale Middle
Robbinsdale Spanish Immersion EL.
Robert J. Elkington Middle School
Rochester Area Learning Center
Rochester Off-campus Charter High
Rockford Elementary
Rockford HS Credit Recovery Program
Rockford Middle
Rockford Secondary
Rockridge Elementary
Rockville Elementary
Rocori Middle
Rocori Senior High
Rogers Elementary
Rogers Middle School
Rogers Senior High
Rollingstone Community Elementary
Ronald Mcdonald House
Rondo Learning Center
Roosevelt Community Service Cntr
Roosevelt Elementary
Roosevelt Elementary
Roosevelt Elementary
Roosevelt Elementary
Roosevelt Magnet Elementary
Roosevelt Middle
Roosevelt Senior High
Roosevelt Senior High
Roosevelt Targeted Services
Roosevelt-early Childhood SP.
Root River Day Treatment School
Root River Education District
Roseau Elementary
Roseau Secondary
Rosemount Elementary
Rosemount Middle
Roseville Adult High School
Roseville Area Senior High
Rossman Elementary
Rossman Targeted Services
Rothsay Elementary
Rothsay Secondary
Round Lake Secondary
Royal Oaks Elementary
Royalton Elementary
Royalton Secondary
Rr Area Learning Center
Rtr Elementary School
Rtr High School
Rtr Middle School
Rum River Elementary
Rum River North Day Treatment
Rum River South
Runestone Area Learning Center
Runestone Middle Alc (alex)
Runestone Targeted Services
Rush City Secondary
Rush Creek Elementary
Rushford-peterson Elementary
Rushford-peterson Middle
Rushford-peterson Senior High
Rutherford Elementary
S ST. Paul Community LRNG. CNTR.
S.O.L.O. Alternative Program
Sabathani Campus
Sabathani Campus
Safe - Bren Road
Sage Academy Charter School
Salem Hills Elementary
Sand Creek Elementary
Sandburg Middle
Sanford Elementary
Sartell Middle
Sartell Senior High
Sauk Centre Elementary
Sauk Centre Junior High
Sauk Centre Secondary
Sauk Rapids Early CHILD. Family ED.
Sauk Rapids-rice Middle School
Sauk Rapids-rice Senior High
Sawtooth Mountain Elementary
Scandia EL.
Scenic Heights Elementary
School For All Seasons
Schoolcraft Learning Community Chtr
Schumann Elementary
Sebeka Elementary
Sebeka Secondary
Second Opportunity School
Secondary Technical Center
Secondary Technical EDUC. PROG.
Seven Hills Classical Academy
Shakopee East Elementary School
Shakopee Junior High
Shakopee Senior High
Shared Time
Shared Time Nonpublic
Shared Time Program
Shared Time Reporting
Sherburn Elementary
Sheridan Elementary
Shingle Creek Elementary
Shirley Hills Primary School
Shoc-area Learning Program
Shriners Hospital
Sibley East-arlington Elementary
Sibley East-arlington Senior High
Sibley East-gaylord Elementary
Sibley East-gaylord Junior High
Sibley Elementary
Sibley Elementary
Simley Alternative Program
Simley Senior High
Sioux Trail Elementary
Sky Oaks Elementary
Skyview Community Elementary
Skyview Community Middle
Sleepy Eye Elementary
Sleepy Eye SEC.
SO. Plains Positive Approach To Asd
SO. Washington Alt Learning Cntr
Sobriety High
Sobriety High South
Sobriety High West Campus
Sojourner Truth Academy
Somerset Elementary
Sorteberg Elementary
Soul Academy Charter School
Soul Academy Charter School
South Elementary
South Elementary
South Grove Elementary
South Junior High
South Point Elementary
South Senior High
South Senior High
South ST. Paul Secondary
South Terrace Elementary
South View Middle
Southern Minn Special Service Coop
Southern Plains Area Learning CNTR.
Southern Plains Education COOP.
Southern Plains Targeted Services
Southgate Elementary
Southland Elementary
Southland Middle
Southland Senior High
Southside Family Charter School
Southside Family Charter School
Southview Elementary
Southwest Elementary
Southwest JR.
Southwest Middle
Southwest Senior High
Southwest Senior High
Southwest Star Concept Secondary
Southwestern Youth Services
Spanish High
Special Ed - Speech Only
Special ED. N.P.
Special Ed-non Public
Special Education
Special Education
Special Education Facilities
Special Education Program
Special Services
Speech Program - Sp Ed Program
Spirit Building
Spring Grove Elementary
Spring Grove Secondary
Spring Lake Park Senior High
Spring Prairie Elementary
Springfield Elementary
Springfield On-line
Springfield Secondary
St Cloud Area Learning Center
St Cloud Extended Day Program
St Croix Valley Area Learning CNTR.
St Paul Conservatory Performing Art
ST. Anthony Middle
ST. Anthony Park Elementary
ST. Anthony Village Alternative
ST. Anthony Village Senior High
ST. Charles Elementary
ST. Charles Secondary
ST. Clair Elementary
ST. Clair Secondary
ST. Cloud Children's Home
ST. Cloud Group Home
ST. Croix Preparatory Academy
ST. Francis Elementary
ST. Francis High
ST. Francis Middle
ST. Francis Targeted Services Site
ST. James Armstrong Elementary
ST. James Northside Elementary
ST. James Secondary
ST. Joseph Children's Home
ST. Joseph Children's Home
ST. Luke's Hospital
ST. Michael Elementary
ST. Michael-albertville Middle
ST. Michael-albertville Senior High
ST. Paul Open School
ST. Peter Alternative Program
ST. Peter Middle
ST. Peter Senior High
Staples Elementary
Staples-motley Senior High
Starland EL.
Step I/ii Program
Stephen Senior High
Stevens Elementary
Stewartville Middle
Stewartville Senior High
Stillwater DIST. Special Services
Stillwater Junior High
Stillwater Online Learning
Stillwater Senior High
Stillwater Special Services-ecse
Stonebridge Community School
Stonebridge Community School
Stowe Elementary
Stride Academy Charter School
Studio Academy Charter School
Success Program
Summer Area Learning Center
Summer Elementary
Summit Learning Program
Sumner Elementary
Sun Path Elementary
Sunnyside Elementary
Sunnyside Elementary
Sunrise Park Area Learning Center
Sunrise River Elementary
Sunset Terrace Elementary
Susan Lindgren Elementary
Swan River Montessori Charter Sch
Swanville Elementary
Swanville Secondary
Sweeney Elementary
Talahi Community Elementary
Tarek Ibn Ziyad Academy
Targeted Services Summer Program
Targeted Svcs Columbia Heights
Tartan Senior High
Tatanka Elementary
Taylors Falls Elementary
Team Academy
Technical Senior High
Teen Pregnancy (non Resident)
The Alternative Program (tap)
Thomas Lake Elementary
Tilden Elementary
Tlc 1
Tower View Opportunity Program Alc
Tower-soudan Elementary
Tower-soudan Secondary
Town Square Center
Tracy Elementary
Tracy Secondary
Trailview Elementary
Transition For Success
Transition Plus
Transition Plus Services
Transition Plus Services
Transitions Alternative Program
Transitions Program
Tri County Childrens Day Treatment
Tri-county Secondary
Trimont Elementary
Trio Program
Trio Wolf Creek Distance Learning
Triton Elementary
Triton High School
Triton Middle School
Truman Elementary
Truman Secondary
Turning Point Day Treatment
Turtle Lake EL.
Tuttle Elementary
Twin Bluff Middle School
Twin Cities Academy
Twin Cities Academy High School
Twin Cities German Immersion Chrtr
Twin Cities International Elem SCH.
Twin Cities International Elem SCH.
Two Harbors Secondary
Ubah Medical Academy Charter School
Ubah Medical Academy Charter School
Ulen-hitterdal Elementary
Ulen-hitterdal Secondary
Underwood Elementary
Underwood Secondary
United South Central Elementary
United South Central Middle
United South Central Senior High
Unity Campus
Unity High School
University Elementary
University-day Community
Upsala Elementary
Upsala Secondary
Urban Academy Charter School
Urban League ST. Academy
Urban League ST. Academy
Utec Campus
Vadnais Heights Elementary
Vale Educational Center
Valentine Hills EL.
Valley Crossing Community School
Valley Crossing Year-around EL.
Valley View Alternative Program
Valley View Elementary
Valley View Elementary
Valley View Middle
Valley View Middle
Vandyke Elementary
Vaughan Elementary
Verndale Elementary
Verndale Secondary
Vesta Secondary
Vet South
Victoria Elementary
Viking Elementary
Village Ranch Alternative Program
Virginia Secondary
Virtual Itasca Academy Of Learning
Virtual School Of Minnesota
Volunteers Of America Middle
Volunteers Of America Middle
Volunteers Of America-high
Volunteers Of America-high
Voyager Elementary
Voyageurs Expeditionary High School
W ST. Paul Area Learning CNTR.
W. H. A . Alternative Program
W. H. A. Midlevel Alternative PRG.
W. Harry Davis Academy
W. Harry Davis Academy
W.H.A. Elementary
W.H.A. Middle
Wabasha County Community Connection
Wabasha-kellogg Elementary
Wabasha-kellogg Secondary
Wabasso Elementary
Wabasso Secondary
Waconia Senior High
Wadena-deer Creek Elementary
Wadena-deer Creek Senior High
Wagner Elementary
Waite Park Elementary
Walker-hackensack-akeley SEC.
Walnut Grove Elementary
Wannaska Elementary
Waps Newcomers Center
Warren Elementary
Warren-alvarado-oslo Secondary
Warroad Elementary
Warroad Middle
Warroad Senior High
Waseca Alternative High
Waseca Intermediate Elementary
Waseca Junior High
Waseca Jwp Targeted Services
Waseca Middle Level Targeted SVCS.
Waseca Senior High
Waseca Team Academy Ts
Waseca Wem Targeted Services
Washburn Elementary
Washburn JR. Academy
Washburn Senior High
Washburn Senior High
Washington Elementary
Washington Elementary
Washington Elementary
Washington Elementary
Washington Elementary
Washington Elementary
Washington Elementary
Washington Elementary
Washington Elementary
Washington Elementary
Washington Family Childhood Cente
Watershed High School
Watershed High School
Watertown Mayer High
Watertown-mayer Elementary
Watertown-mayer Elementary School
Watertown-mayer Middle
Watertown-mayer Primary School
Waterville Elementary
Waterville-elysian-morristown JR.
Waterville-elysian-morristown SR.
Watkins Elementary
Waubun Area Learning Program
Waubun Elementary
Waubun Secondary
Wave North Alc
Waynewood School Of Hope
Wayzata Central Middle
Wayzata High
Wayzata West Middle
Wcoc - Day Treatment
Weaver Elementary
Weaver Lake Elementary
Webster Elementary
Welcome Elementary
Wellstone International High
Wellstone International High
Wenonah EL.
West Adult Basic Education
West Central Area Learning Center
West Central Area N. EL.
West Central Area S. EL.
West Central Area SEC.
West Central Juvenile Center
West Central Targeted Services
West Middle Alternative (wmap)
West Side Elementary
Westbrook Elementary
Westbrook Walnut Grove Middle
Westbrook-walnut Grove Senior High
Westonka Ecfe
Westside Alternative Program
Westwood Elementary
Westwood Elementary
Westwood Intermediate School
Westwood Middle
Wheaton Secondary
White Pine Academy
Whittier Elementary
Whittier Park Elementary
Whittier Park Elementary
Wilderness Endeavors Program
Wildwood Elementary
William Kelley Elementary
Williams Elementary
Willmar Area Learning Center
Willmar Junior High
Willmar Senior High
Willmar Targeted Services
Willow Creek INTR. Elementary
Willow River Area Learning Program
Willow River Elementary
Willow River Secondary
Wilshire Park Elementary
Windom Middle
Windom Open Elementary
Windom Senior High
Win-e-mac Elementary
Win-e-mac Secondary
Winfair Elementary
Winnebago Elementary
Winona Area Learning Center
Winona Early Childhood Special ED.
Winona Middle
Winona Senior High
Winona Targeted Services
Winsted Elementary
Winsted Elementary
Winterquist Elementary
Withrow Elementary
Woodbury Elementary
Woodland Center
Woodland Elementary
Woodland Elementary
Woodland Hills Academy
Woodland Middle
Work Opportunity Center
Work Opportunity Center
Worthington Area Language Academy
Worthington Area Learning Center
Worthington Middle
Worthington Senior High
Worthington-targeted Services
Wrenshall Elementary
Wrenshall Secondary
Wright Tech Targeted Services
Wright Technical Center
Wright Technical Center Alc
Wright Technical Center Alc Middle
Wyoming EL.
Yankton Country Charter School
Yellow Medicine East High School
Zachary Lane Elementary
Ziebarth Alternative Learning CTR.
Zimmerman Elementary

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Zimmerman Elementary
Zimmerman High School
Zimmerman High School
Zimmerman Middle
Zimmerman Middle
Zumbro Area Learning Center
Zumbro ED. DIST. Futures/choice
Zumbro Education District
Zumbro Education Targeted Services
Zumbrota-mazeppa Elementary
Zumbrota-mazeppa Middle
Zumbrota-mazeppa Senior High

The school supplies list information provided within this site is a general or comparable school supplies list. It is a recommended list only and may not exactly match the school supplies your child may need. We suggest that you visit your school's website to find a more comprehensive school supplies list, and or email your child's teacher to find out exactly what he or she will need for the upcoming school year before you purchase your school supplies.