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Back To School Supply Box Grades K-5 - School Supply Kit Back To School Essentials - 32 Pieces

Texas - School Supplies List 2022-2023

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6th Grade Center
A & M Cons H S
A & M Consolidated Middle School
A A Milne El
A B Duncan Elementary
A B Mcbay El
A C Blunt Middle School
A C Jones High School
A D Ford El
A E Butler Int
A G Elder El
A I M S Ctr H S
A L P H A Campus
A Leal Jr Middle School
A M Aikin El
A M Ochoa El
A M Pate El
A Maceo Smith H S
A N Rico Elementary
A P Beutel El
A P Solis Middle School
A S Canavan El
A V Cato El
A W Brown - Fellowship North Campu
A+ Academy
Aaron Parker El
Ab Harrison Intermediate School
Abbett El
Abbott School
Abell Junior High
Abernathy Daep
Abernathy El
Abernathy H S
Abernathy J H
Abilene H S
Abilene Psychiatric Institute
About Face
Abraham Kazen Middle
Academic Behavior Ctr East
Academic Behavior Ctr NE
Academic Behavior Ctr West
Academy At Carrie F Thomas
Academy At Hays
Academy At West Birdville
Academy For Excellence
Academy Of Accelerated Learning
Academy Of Accelerated Learning
Academy Of Beaumont
Academy Of Creative Ed
Academy Of Dallas
Accelerated Intermediate Charter S
Accelerated Learning Center
Accelerated Lrn Ctr
Accelerated Lrn Ctr
Ace Campus
Aces- Alternative Center For Eleme
Aces Campus
Acker Special Programs Center
Acton El
Acton Middle School
Ada Mae Faubion El
Adams El
Adams Hill Es
Adams Middle
Adams Middle
Adaptive Behavior
Adaptive Behavior Unit
Adaptive Behavioral Unit
Adelle Turner El
Admin Services
Adolescent Intervention Ctr
Adrian School
Adult Basic Ed
Adult Ed
Adult Ed
Adult Learning Ctr
Adult/community Lrn Ctr
Aep Campus
Agnes Cotton El
Agnew Middle School
Aiken El
Aikin El
Aikin El
Aikman El
Airport Elementary
Akin El
Akins H S
Al Draper Intermed
Al Price State Juvenile Correction
Alamo El
Alamo El
Alamo Elementary
Alamo Heights H S
Alamo Heights J H
Alamo Junior High
Alamo Middle
Alan B Shepard Middle
Alba-golden El
Alba-golden H S
Albany Jr-sr H S
Albert & Iola Lee Davis Malvern El
Albert S Johnston El
Albright Middle
Alcott El
Alderson M S
Aldine Elementary
Aldine High School
Aldine J J A E P
Aldine Middle
Aldine Ninth Grade School
Aldridge El
Aledo High School
Aledo Learning Center
Aledo Middle School
Alex Sanger El
Alex W Spence Middle
Alexander El
Alexander Middle School
Alice Carlson Applied Lrn Ctr
Alice D Contreras
Alice H S
Alice Johnson J H
Alice Ponder Elementary
Alicia R Chacon
Alief Isd J J A E P
Alief Learning Ctr (6-12)
Alief Learning Ctr (k6)
Alief Middle
Alief Montessori Community School
Alkek El
Allan El
Allen El
Allen El
Allen H S
Alliene Mullendore El
Allison Steele Enhanced Learning
Allison El
Allyn Finch Int
Almeda El
Alonso S Perales Elementary School
Alpha Charter School
Alphonso Crutch's-life Support Cen
Alpine El
Alpine H S
Alpine Middle
Alta Academy
Alta Loma El
Alta Vista El
Alta Vista Montessori Magnet
Alter Campus
Alter Discipline Campus
Alter Ed Campus Shoreline
Alter Ed Ctr
Alter Ed Ctr
Alter Ed Prog
Alter Ed Prog
Alter H S
Alter Impact Ctr
Alter Learning Ctr
Alter Learning Ctr
Alter Learning Ctr
Alter Learning Ctr
Alter Learning Middle
Alter Lrn Acad
Alter Lrn Ctr
Alter Lrn Ctr
Alter Middle
Alter Sch
Alter Sch
Alter Sch
Alter Sch
Alter Sch
Alter Sch
Alter Sch
Alter School
Alternative Center
Alternative Center
Alternative Education School
Alternative El
Alternative HS
Alternative Learning Acad
Alternative Learning Center
Alternative Learning Center
Alternative Learning Center
Alternative Learning Center
Alternative MS North
Alternative MS South
Alternative School
Alternative School
Alternative School Of Choice
Alto Bonito Elementary
Alto El
Alto H S
Alto Middle
Alton Bowen Elementary
Alton Boyd El
Alton El
Alton El
Alton Memorial Jr High
Alvarado Alternative School
Alvarado El-north
Alvarado El-south
Alvarado H S
Alvarado Int
Alvarado J H
Alvarez Elementary
Alvin Elementary
Alvin High School
Alvin J H
Alvin Pri
Alvin Reach School
Alvin V Anderson Educational Compl
Alvis C Story El
Alvord El
Alvord H S
Alvord Middle School
Amador R Rodriguez Juvenile Boot C
Amarillo Area Ctr For Advanced Lrn
Amarillo H S
Ambassadors Preparatory Academy
Amber Terrace Int
Amelia Earhart El
Amelia El
American Academy Of Excellence Cha
American Youthworks Charter School
American Youthworks Charter School
Americas H S
Amherst School
Amigos Por Vida-friends For Life C
Amos El
Anahuac El
Anahuac H S
Anahuac Middle
Anderson Academy
Anderson El
Anderson El
Anderson El
Anderson El
Anderson Elementary
Anderson Elementary
Anderson H S
Anderson-shiro Elementary
Anderson-shiro Secondary School
Andre El
Andress H S
Andrews Alter
Andrews El
Andrews El
Andrews Elementary School
Andrews High School
Andrews Middle School
Andy Dekaney H S
Angleton H S
Angleton Intermediate School
Angleton Middle School
Anita Scott Elementary
Ann Richards Middle School
Ann Whitney Elementary
Anna Daep
Anna Elementary
Anna High School
Anna Middle School
Anna Norman Collins Primary
Anne Frank El
Anne Mansfield Sullivan H S
Annie Purl El
Annie Webb Blanton El
Anson El
Anson H S
Anson Jones El
Anson Jones Elementary
Anson Middle
Anthony El
Anthony H S
Anthony M S
Anton El
Anton H S
Anton P E P
Aoy El
Apache Elementary
Apex Alternative Ed
Apollo J H
Apple Springs El
Apple Springs H S
Applied Learning Acad
Aquilla School
Aragon Middle School
Aransas Pass High School
Aransas Pass Jjaep
Arapaho Classical Magnet
Arbor Acre
Arbor Creek Middle
Arcadia Park El
Archie Parr Elementary
Arden Road Elem
Argyle High School
Argyle Middle School
Arizona Fleming El
Arlington Classics Academy
Arlington H S
Arlington Heights H S
Arlington Park El
Arlon R Seay Intermediate
Armand Bayou El
Armandina Farias Early Childhood C
Armando Chapa M S
Armando Cuellar Middle School
Armstrong El
Armstrong Elementary
Armstrong Middle
Arnett El
Arnold El
Arnold Middle School
Arp El
Arp H S
Arp J H
Art And Pat Goforth Elementary Sch
Arthur H Mcneil Elementary School
Arthur Kramer El
Arthur L Davila Middle School
Arthur Miller Career Center
Arturo Salazar Elementary
Ascarate Es
Ascher Silberstein El
Ash 6th Grade Learning Center
Asherton Elementary
Ashford El
Askew El
Aspermont El
Aspermont HS
Assessment Ctr
Atascocita H S
Atascocita Middle
Atascosa Co Alter
Atascosa Co Alter
Atascosa Co Alter
Atascosa Co Juvenile Unit
Atascosa County Juvenile Justice C
Atascosa Juvenile Detention Ctr
Athens Annex
Athens El
Athens H S
Athens Int
Athens Middle
Atherton El
Atherton El
Atkins M S
Atkinson Elementary
Atlanta El
Atlanta H S
Atlanta Middle
Atlanta Pri
Attucks Middle
Atwood Mcdonald El
Aubrey El
Aubrey H S
Aubrey Intermediate
Aubrey Middle
Audelia Creek Elementary
Audie Murphy Middle School
Audre And Bernard Rapoport Academy
Aue El
Ault El
Austin Acad For Excell
Austin Academy
Austin Can Academy Charter School
Austin Discovery Sch
Austin El
Austin El
Austin El
Austin El
Austin El
Austin El
Austin El
Austin El
Austin El
Austin El
Austin El
Austin El
Austin El
Austin Elementary
Austin Elementary
Austin H S
Austin H S
Austin H S
Austin J H
Austin Middle
Austin Middle
Austin Middle
Austin Middle
Austin Middle School
Austin Parkway El
Austin St Hospital
Austwell-tivoli El
Austwell-tivoli H S
Avery El
Avery H S
Avery Middle
Avinger El
Avinger H S
Avondale El
Aw Brown-fellowship Charter School
Axtell Bruceville-eddy Learning Ce
Axtell El
Axtell H S
Axtell Middle School
Axtell/be Daep
Axtell/bruceville-eddy Learning Ce
Azle El
Azle H S
Azle J H South
Azleway Charter School
Azleway Charter School Pine Mounta
B B Owen El
B B Rice El
B F Adam El
B F Darrell El
B F Terry H S
B G Hudson Middle
B H Hamblen Elementary
B H Macon El
B L Gray Junior High
B Mcdaniel Middle
B T Wilson Sixth Grade School
Back El
Bagdad Elementary
Bailey Elementary
Bailey Int
Bailey J H
Bailey M S
Baird El
Baird H S
Baird Middle School
Baker El
Baker J H
Baker Middle
Baker-koonce Int
Ball Elementary
Ball H S
Ballenger Early Childhood Ctr
Ballinger Elementary
Ballinger H S
Ballinger J H
Balmorhea School
Bammel El
Bammel Middle School
Bandera H S
Bandera Middle
Bane El
Bang El
Bangs Campus
Bangs H S
Bangs Middle School
Bangs Special Program
Bangs Special Program
Banneker-mcnair Math/science Acade
Baranoff El
Barbara Bush El
Barbara Bush El
Barbara Cockrell Elementary
Barbara Jordan El
Barbara Jordan Elementary
Barbara Jordan H S
Barbara Jordan Int
Barbara Manns H S
Barksdale El
Barnes El
Barnett J H
Barrera El
Barrett Primary
Barrick El
Barrington El
Barrington Place El
Barron Early Childhood School
Barron El
Barrow El
Bartlett El
Bartlett H S
Barton Creek El
Barton El
Barton Hills El
Barwise J H
Base Alternative Campus
Baskin Academy
Bassett Middle
Bassetti El
Bastian El
Bastrop County Juvenile Boot Camp
Bastrop County Juvenile Boot Camp
Bastrop County Juvenile Boot Camp
Bastrop H S
Bastrop Intermediate
Bastrop Middle
Baty El
Bauer El
Bay Area Charter MS
Bay Area Charter School
Bay City H S
Bay City J H
Bay City Middle School
Bay Colony Elementary School
Bay El
Bayles El
Bayless El
Bayshore El
B-e Achievement Ctr
Beacon Hill El
Beall El
Bean El
Bear Branch El
Bear Creek El
Bear Creek El
Bear Creek Int
Beard Es
Beasley Elementary
Beasley Elementary
Beatrice Mayes Institute Charter S
Beatriz G Garza Middle School
Beaty Early Childhood School
Beaver Technology Center
Bebensee El
Beckendorf Int
Beckendorff Junior High
Becker El
Beckham Elementary
Beckville Jr-sr High School
Beckville Sunset Elementary
Bedford Heights El
Bedford J H
Bedichek M S
Bee Cave Elementary
Beeville Daep
Behavior Transition Ctr
Bel Air El
Bel Air HS
Belaire El
Bell Co J J A E P
Bell Co Jjaep
Bell Co Jjaep
Bell County Alternative
Bell County Daep
Bell County Jjaep
Bell County Jjaep
Bell County Juvenile Detention Cen
Bell County Nursing & Rehab Center
Bell El
Bell El
Bell H S
Bell Manor El
Bellaire El
Bellaire Elementary
Bellaire Elementary
Bellaire H S
Bellevue School
Bellfort Academy
Bells El
Bells H S
Bell's Hill El
Bellville H S
Bellville J H
Belmar El
Belt Line El
Belton H S
Belton M S
Ben Milam El
Ben Milam El
Ben Milam Elementary
Ben Milam Elementary School
Benavides El
Benavides El
Benavides El
Benavides Heights Elementary
Benavidez El
Benbrook El
Benbrook El
Bendwood School
Beneke El
Benfer El
Benignus El
Benito Juarez
Benito Martinez El
Benito Martinez El
Benjamin Franklin Middle
Benji's Special Educational Academ
Bennett El
Bens Branch El
Berkner H S
Bernard Harris Middle
Bernarda Jaime J H
Berry El
Berry El
Berry Middle School
Berry Milller Junior High School
Berta Cabaza Middle
Bertram El
Bess Brannen El
Bess Campbell Elementary
Bess Race El
Bessie Coleman Middle School
Best El
Besteiro Middle
Bethany El
Bethune Academy
Bethune Early Childhood Center
Beto House
Bette Perot Elementary
Beverly Hills Intermediate
Bexar Co Day Edu & Treatment Prgm
Bexar Co J J A E P
Bexar Co J J A E P
Bexar Co J J A E P
Bexar Co J J A E P
Bexar Co J J A E P
Bexar Co J J A E P
Bexar Co J J A E P
Bexar Co J J A E P
Bexar Co J J A E P
Bexar County Academy
Bexar County Juvenile Justice Acad
Bexar County Juvenile Justice Acad
Bexar County Lrn Ctr
Big Bend H S
Big Country El
Big Foot Alt Ed
Big Foot Daep
Big Sandy El
Big Sandy H S
Big Sandy J H
Big Spring Aep
Big Spring H S
Big Springs Charter School
Big Springs El
Big Wells El
Bigfoot Alter Ctr
Bigfoot Alter Sch
Bigfoot Alternative
Bigfoot Daep
Bill Arnold Middle School
Bill Brown Elementary School
Bill Burden El
Bill Childress El
Bill J Elliott El
Bill Logue Detention Center
Bill Logue Juvenile Justice Ctr
Bill Sybert School
Bill Wright El
Billie Nelms Campus
Billy Baines Middle School
Billy E Dade Middle School
Bingman El
Birdie Alexander El
Birdville El
Birdville High School
Birdwell El
Birkes Elementary
Bishop El
Bishop El
Bishop H S
Bishop Primary
Bivins El
Black Elementary
Black Elementary
Black Elementary
Black Middle
Blackburn Elementary School
Blackland Prairie El
Blackshear El
Blackshear El
Blackshear El
Blackshear Head Start
Blackwell School
Blair Intermediate
Blake Manor Elementary
Blalack Middle School
Blanche Dodd Intermediate
Blanchette El
Blanco El
Blanco H S
Blanco Middle
Blanco Vista Elementary
Blanket El
Blanket H S
Blanton El
Blanton El
Blanton Elementary
Blaschke/sheldon Elementary
Blattman Es
Blazier El
Bledsoe Elementary
Blessing El
Bleyl Middle School
Bliss El
Block House Creek El
Blocker Middle
Bloomburg El
Bloomburg H S
Blooming Grove El
Blooming Grove H S
Blooming Grove Jh
Bloomington El
Bloomington H S
Bloomington J H
Blossom Elem
Blue Haze El
Blue Ridge El
Blue Ridge El
Blue Ridge H S
Blue Ridge Intermediate Campus
Blue Ridge Middle
Bluebonnet El
Bluebonnet El
Bluebonnet Elementary
Bluebonnet Elementary School
Bluebonnet Elementary School
Bluebonnet Elementary School
Bluebonnet Trail Elementary School
Bluff Dale El
Blum El
Blum H S
Boals Elementary
Bob Hope El
Boerne Alter Sch
Boerne H S
Boerne Middle School North
Boerne Middle School South
Boggess Elementary School
Boles Isd Elementary
Boles Isd High School
Boles J H
Boles Middle School
Bolin Elementary School
Boling H S
Bondy Intermediate
Bonham El
Bonham El
Bonham El
Bonham El
Bonham El
Bonham El
Bonham El
Bonham El
Bonham Elementary
Bonham Elementary
Bonham Elementary
Bonham H S
Bonham Middle
Bonham Middle
Bonham Pk
Bonner El
Bonner El
Bonnette Jr High
Bonnie Brae
Booker El
Booker Jh/h S
Booker T Washington Elementary
Booker T Washington H S
Boone El
Boone El
Boone Es
Borchardt Elementary
Borden County School
Borger H S
Borger Intermediate
Borger Middle
Borman El
Bose Ikard Elementary
Bosqueville El
Bosqueville School Secondary
Boswell H S
Boude Storey Middle
Boulevard Heights
Boulter Middle School
Bovina El
Bovina H S
Bovina Middle
Bowden El
Bowen El
Bowen Int
Bowie County Jjaep
Bowie County Jjaep
Bowie El
Bowie El
Bowie El
Bowie El
Bowie El
Bowie El
Bowie El
Bowie El
Bowie El
Bowie El
Bowie El
Bowie El
Bowie Elementary
Bowie Elementary
Bowie Elementary
Bowie H S
Bowie H S
Bowie H S
Bowie H S
Bowie Intermediate
Bowie J H
Bowie Middle
Bowie Middle
Bowman Middle
Bowman Middle
Boyd El
Boyd H S
Boyd Int
Boyd Middle
Bozeman El
Brackenridge H S
Brackett Alter
Brackett H S
Brackett Junior High
Bradfield El
Bradfield Elementary
Bradford El
Bradford El
Bradley El
Bradley Middle
Brady El
Brady H S
Brady Middle School
Braeburn El
Brandeis H S
Brandenburg El
Brandenburg Middle
Bransford El
Bransom Elementary
Brauchle Es
Braun Station Es
Brazoria Co Alter Ed Ctr
Brazoria Co J J A E P
Brazoria Co J J A E P
Brazoria Co J J A E P
Brazoria Co J J A E P
Brazoria Co J J A E P
Brazoria Co J J A E P
Brazoria Co Juvenile Detention
Brazos Bend El
Brazos Co Juvenile Detention Cente
Brazos County Jjaep
Brazos H S
Brazos Middle
Brazos Middle School
Brazos River Charter School
Brazosport H S
Brazoswood H S
Breckenridge Alter
Breckenridge H S
Breckenridge J H
Bremond El
Bremond H S
Bremond Middle
Brenham Alternative
Brenham El
Brenham Middle
Brentfield El
Brentwood El
Brentwood Middle School
Brewer Academy
Brewer H S
Brewer Middle
Briargate El
Briargrove El
Briarmeadow Charter
Briarmeadow Middle School
Bridge Assoc
Bridge City H S
Bridge City Int
Bridge City Middle
Bridge Point El
Bridgeport Ace High School
Bridgeport El
Bridgeport H S
Bridgeport Int
Bridgeport Middle
Bridlewood Elem
Briesemeister Middle
Bright Elementary
Bright Ideas Charter
Brill El
Brinker El
Briscoe Academy
Briscoe El
Briscoe Junior High
Britain El
Brite Elementary
Broaddus Daep
Broaddus El
Broaddus H S
Broadway El
Brock Elementary
Brock H S
Brock Middle School
Bronte El
Bronte H S
Brook Avenue Elementary School
Brook Village Early Childhood
Brooke El
Brookeland El
Brookeland H S
Brookesmith El
Brookesmith H S
Brookhaven Elementary
Brookhaven Youth Ranch
Brookhollow El
Brookline El
Brooks Academy Of Science And Engi
Brooks Wester Middle School
Brookside Int
Brookwood El
Brown El
Brown El
Brown El
Brown El
Brown Middle
Brown Middle School
Brown Pri
Browne Middle
Brownfield H S
Brownfield Middle
Browning El
Brownsboro El
Brownsboro H S
Brownsboro Int
Brownsboro J H
Brownsville Learning Acad
Brownwood Accelerated H S
Brownwood Int
Brownwood Middle
Bruce El
Bruce J H
Bruce Shulkey El
Bruceville-eddy El
Bruceville-eddy H S
Bruceville-eddy Middle
Bruni El
Bruni H S
Bruni Middle
Brushy Creek El
Bryan Adams H S
Bryan Early College H S
Bryan El
Bryan H S
Bryan Texas Campus
Bryant El
Bryker Woods El
Bryson El
Bryson School
Bsic Autumn Circle
Bsic Gano Street
Bsic Houston-rosslyn
Bsic York Street
Buckholts School
Buckner El
Buda El
Budewig Intermediate
Buell Central H S
Buena Vista School
Buenos Aires El
Buffalo Creek El
Buffalo El
Buffalo H S
Buffalo Junior High
Bullard Es
Bullard H S
Bullard Intermediate
Bullard MS
Bullock El
Bulverde Creek
Buna El
Buna H S
Buna J H
Bunche Early Childhd Ctr
Bunker Hill El
Burbank El
Burbank H S
Burbank Middle
Burges H S
Burgess El
Burgin El
Burkburnett H S
Burkburnett Middle School
Burke Es
Burkeville El
Burkeville High School
Burkeville Middle School
Burks El
Burleson Co Alter
Burleson Co Alter
Burleson Co Alter
Burleson Co Instructional Discipli
Burleson El
Burleson H S
Burnet El
Burnet El
Burnet El
Burnet El
Burnet Elementary
Burnet H S
Burnet M S
Burnet Middle
Burnett Elementary
Burnett Guidance Ctr
Burnett-bayland Home
Burnett-bayland Reception Center
Burns El
Burrus El
Burton El
Burton El
Burton H S
Burton Hill El
Bush El
Bush Elementary
Bush Middle
Bush Middle School
Bussey Elementary
Bussey Middle
Butler El
Butz Education Center
Byers School
Bynum School
Byron P Steele II HS
C A P High School
C A R E Academy
C A Tatum Jr El
C B Thompson Middle
C C Hardy Elementary
C C Mason El
C D Fulkes Middle
C D Landolt El
C D York J H
C Douglas Killough Lewisville HS N
C E King H S
C E King Middle
C E Vail Elementary
C F Carr El
C G Sivells El
C M Rice Middle
C M Soto Jr Elementary School
C R Clements Int
C Stainke El
C T Eddins El
C W Cline Elementary
C W Dawson El
Cable Es
Cactus El
Cactus Ranch El
Caddo Daep
Caddo Grove El
Caddo Mills
Caddo Mills El
Caddo Mills H S
Caddo Mills Middle
Cadwallader Es
Cage El
Cain El
Calallen East Elementary
Calallen High School
Calallen Middle School
Calallen Wood River Elementary
Caldwell El
Caldwell El
Caldwell El
Caldwell Elementary
Caldwell Elementary Arts Academy
Caldwell H S
Caldwell Heights El
Caldwell Int
Caldwell Middle
Caldwood El
Calhoun H S
Calhoun Middle
Calk El
Callier Center For Pre-school Deaf
Callisburg El
Callisburg H S
Calvert Elementary
Calvert H S
Calvert Junior High
Calvin Nelms - Northwest
Calvin Nelms High School
Calvin Nelms Hospital Campus
Calvin Nelms Middle School
Cambridge El
Camelot El
Cameron Academy
Cameron Co J J A E P
Cameron Co J J A E P
Cameron Co J J A E P
Cameron Co J J A E P
Cameron Co J J A E P
Cameron Co J J A E P
Cameron Co J J A E P
Cameron Co Juvenile Detention Ctr
Cameron County Jjaep
Cameron Elementary School
Cameron Junior High School
Cameron Yoe High School
Camey El
Camino Real MS
Camp Tyler
Campbell El
Campbell El
Campbell H S
Campbell Middle School
Campestre El
Canadian El
Canadian H S
Canadian Middle
Canales El
Candlewood El
Cannaday Elementary
Cannon El
Canton El
Canton H S
Canton Int
Canton J H
Cantu El
Canutillo Elementary School
Canutillo H S
Canutillo Middle
Canyon Creek El
Canyon Creek El
Canyon H S
Canyon High School
Canyon Hills Middle
Canyon Intermediate School
Canyon J H
Canyon Lake High School
Canyon Middle
Canyon Ridge El
Canyon Vista Middle
Capistrano Es
Capitol Int
Caprock H S
Capt D Salinas II El
Capt Walter E Clarke Middle
Caraway Intermediate
Cardenas Ctr
Career & Tech Ed Ctr
Career And Technology Education (c
Carl C Waitz El
Carl Schurz El
Carl Wunsche Sr H S
Carlena Chandler El
Carlisle El
Carlisle School
Carlos Coon Es
Carlos Truan Jr High
Carman El
Carmichael Elementary
Carnahan El
Carnegie Vanguard HS
Carol Holt Elementary
Carolyn G Bukhair El
Carpenter Elementary
Carpenter Middle
Carr Middle School
Carrigan Ctr
Carrillo El
Carrizo Springs El
Carrizo Springs H S
Carrizo Springs Intermediate
Carrizo Springs J H
Carroll Academy
Carroll Bell Elementary
Carroll El
Carroll El
Carroll Elementary
Carroll H S
Carroll High School
Carroll Lane El
Carroll Middle
Carroll Peak El
Carroll Senior High School
Carrollton Elementary
Carson Elementary
Carson Es
Carter Academy
Carter J H
Carter Lomax Middle School
Carter Park El
Carter-riverside H S
Carthage H S
Carthage J H
Carthage Pri
Carvajal El
Carver Acad
Carver Alter Lrn Ctr
Carver Center
Carver Early Childhood Academy
Carver El
Carver El
Carver El Academy
Carver H S For Applied Tech/engin
Carver Kindergarten School
Carver Learning Center
Carver Pre-k Center
Casa Linda El
Casa View El
Casey El
Cash El
Casis El
Castaneda El
Castaneda Elementary
Castle Hills El
Castle Hills Elementary
Castleberry El
Castleberry H S
Castroville Elementary
Cater El
Cathey Middle School
Cavazos M S
Cecil Everett El
Cedar Brook El
Cedar Creek El
Cedar Creek Elementary
Cedar Creek Intermediate School
Cedar Creek Middle School
Cedar Crest Charter School
Cedar Grove Es
Cedar Park H S
Cedar Park Middle
Cedar Ridge El
Cedar Valley Elementary
Cedar Valley Middle
Cedars International Academy
Celeste Elementary
Celeste High School
Celeste Junior High
Celia Hays Elementary
Celina El
Celina H S
Celina Intermediate
Celina Junior High
Cenizo Park Elementary School
Centennial El
Centennial Elementary
Center El
Center For Alternative Learning
Center H S
Center Intermediate
Center Middle School
Center Point Aep
Center Point El
Center Point H S
Center Point Middle
Center Point Residential Treatment
Center Sch
Centerville El
Centerville El
Centerville Elementary
Centerville H S
Centerville Jr-sr H S
Central El
Central El
Central El
Central El
Central El
Central Elementary
Central Elementary
Central Elementary
Central Elementary
Central Freshman Campus
Central H S
Central H S
Central High School
Central J H
Central J H
Central Middle
Central Middle
Central Middle School
Central Park El
Central Pri
Central Senior H S
Cep (high School)
Cep (intermediate)
Cesar Chavez
Cesar Chavez Academy
Cesar Chavez Academy Jjaep
Cesar Chavez Elementary
Cesar Chavez Elementary
Cesar Chavez L C
Cesar Chavez Middle
Cesar Chavez Middle School
Cesar Chavez MS
Cesar Chavez MS Jjaep
Challenge Academy
Challenge Academy
Challenge Academy
Challenge Academy
Challenge Academy
Challenge Academy
Challenge Academy
Challenge Academy
Challenge Academy
Challenge Academy
Challenge Academy
Challenge Academy
Challenge Academy
Challenge Academy
Challenge Academy
Challenge Early College H S
Challenger Middle School
Chamberlin Elementary
Chambers El
Champion El
Chancellor El
Chandler El
Chandler El
Chandler Intermediate
Channelview High School
Channing School
Chapel Hill Elementary
Chapel Hill H S
Chapel Hill Middle
Chapin HS
Charles A Forbes Middle School
Charles A Gill El
Charles Acton Elementary
Charles B Scott El
Charles C Ball El
Charles Graebner El
Charles Middle
Charles Nash El
Charles Rice El
Charlie Marshall Elementary
Charlotte Anderson Elementary
Charlotte El
Charlotte H S
Charlotte J H
Chavez H S
Cheatham Middle
Cheri Cox Elementary
Cherokee Elementary
Cherokee H S
Cherry El
Chester El
Chester H S
Chet Burchett E S
Chico Elem
Chico High School
Chico Middle
Children First Academy Of Houston
Children First Of Dallas
Children's Intervention
Children's Medical Ctr
Children's Shelter Of Sa
Childress El
Childress H S
Childress J H
Chillicothe El
Chillicothe H S
Chilton School
China Spring El
China Spring H S
China Spring Intermediate
China Spring Middle
Chip Richarte H S
Chireno El
Chireno H S
Chisholm Ridge
Chisholm Trail El
Chisholm Trail Int
Chisholm Trail Middle
Chisholm Trail Middle
Choices Alter H S
Choices Alternative High School
Christa Mcauliffe Learning Center
Christa Mcauliffe Middle
Christen Middle
Christene C Moss Elementary
Christian Ambassadore's Gateway Fa
Christie El
Christoval El
Christoval H S
Christus Santa Rosa
Chula Vista Fine Arts
Church Hill Middle School
Churchill H S
Cibolo Creek Elementary
Cielo Vista El
Cimarron El
Cimarron Elementary
Cinco Ranch H S
Cinco Ranch Junior High
Cisco El
Cisco H S
Cisco J H
Cisco Learning Center
Cisneros Pre-k Ctr
City Park El
City View Elementary
City View Junior/senior High
Cj & Anne Hyman Elementary
Clack Middle
Clara Oliver El
Clardy El
Clarendon El
Clarendon H S
Clarendon J H
Clark El
Clark El
Clark H S
Clark HS
Clark Intermediate School
Clark Jr High
Clark Middle
Clark Primary School
Clarke Elementary
Clarkston El
Clarksville El
Clarksville H S
Claude Berkman El
Claude El
Claude H S
Clayton Downing Middle School
Clayton El
Clear Brook H S
Clear Creek Elementary
Clear Creek H S
Clear Creek Int
Clear Fork El
Clear Lake City El
Clear Lake H S
Clear Lake Int
Clear Spring El
Clear View Education Center
Clearfork El
Cleckler/heald Elementary
Clements H S
Clendenin El
Cleveland H S
Cleveland Middle School
Clifford Davis Elementary
Clifton El
Clifton H S
Clifton Intermediate
Clifton Middle
Clifton Middle
Clifton Park Elementary
Clint Q Smith Elementary
Clinton P Russell El
Clover Elementary
Cloverleaf El
Club Estates
Club Hill El
Cluster V Sp Ed
Clute Int
Clyde El
Clyde H S
Clyde Int
Clyde J H
Coahoma El
Coahoma H S
Coahoma J H
Coakley Middle
Cobb 6th Grade Campus
Cockrell Hill El
Coder Elementary
Codwell El
Cody Es
Coggin El
Coker El
Colbert El
Coldspring-oakhurst High School
Coldspring-oakhurst Intermediate
Coldwell El
Coleman El
Coleman H S
Coleman J H
Coles High School And Educational
Colin Powell El
Colin Powell Intermediate
College Heights El
College Hill Elementary School
College Hills El
College Park El
College St El
College Station Jjaep
College Station Middle School
Colleyville El
Colleyville Heritage H S
Colleyville Middle
Collier Elementary
Collin Co Bau
Collin Co Co-op
Collin Co J J A E P
Collin Co J J A E P
Collin Co J J A E P
Collin Co J J A E P
Collin Co J J A E P
Collin Co J J A E P
Collin Co J J A E P
Collin Co J J A E P
Collins El
Collins Elementary
Collins Garden El
Collins Int
Collins Middle
Collinsville Aep
Collinsville Aep
Collinsville H S
Collinsville Intermediate
Collinsville Primary
Colmesneil El
Colmesneil H S
Colmesneil Middle
Colonial Heights El
Colonial Hills El
Colonies North Es
Colony Bend El
Colony Meadows El
Colorado City Alternative
Colorado High School
Colorado Middle
Colt Elementary
Columbia H S
Columbia Heights Elementary
Columbus Elementary School
Columbus High School
Columbus Junior High School
Comal Elementary School
Comanche Accelerated Lrn Ctr
Comanche Elementary
Comanche H S
Combined Schools
Comfort El
Comfort H S
Comfort Middle
Commonwealth El
Community Ctr
Community Ed
Community Education Partners SE
Community Education Partners SW
Community Education Partnership
Community Evening School
Community H S
Community Middle
Community Services-sec
Como El
Como Montessori
Como-pickton School
Compass Academy
Compass Center
Comquest Academy
Comstock School
Concord El
Condit El
Conley Elementary
Connally Elementary School
Connally High School
Connally Intermediate Center
Connally Junior High
Connally MS
Connally Primary School
Connell Middle
Conroe H S
Constance Hulbert Es
Contemporary Lrn Ctr H S
Contemporary Lrn Ctr Middle
Converse El
Cook El
Cook Middle School
Cooke/fannin/grayson Co Juvenile P
Cooley El
Coolidge El
Coolidge H S
Co-op Alter Prog
Coop Behavioral Ctr
Coop El
Cooper El
Cooper El
Cooper H S
Cooper H S
Cooper J H
Cooper Middle
Copeland El
Copeland Int
Coppell H S
Coppell Middle East
Coppell Middle North
Coppell Middle West
Copperas Cove H S
Copperas Cove J H
Copperfield El
Corbell Elementary
Cordova Middle
Corey El
Corinth Elem
Corley Acad
Cornelius El
Cornerstone Academy
Coronado El
Coronado H S
Coronado H S
Coronado Junior High School
Coronado Village El
Coronado/escobar Elementary School
Corpus Christi Academy
Corpus Christi Montessori School
Corrective Behavior Ctr
Corrigan-camden El
Corrigan-camden H S
Corrigan-camden J H
Corrigan-camden Primary
Corsicana H Igh School
Coston El
Cottonwood Creek El
Cottonwood Creek El
Cottrell House/tyc
Cotulla Alternative
Cotulla Daep
Cotulla H S
Country Place El
Coupland El
Covington M S
Covington School
Cowan El
Cowen Elementary
Coyle Middle
Coyote Ridge Elementary
Cr0ckett Elementary
Crandall Alter Ctr
Crandall El
Crandall H S
Crandall Int
Crandall Middle School
Crane Elementary School
Crane High School
Crane Middle School
Cranfills Gap Daep
Cranfills Gap School
Crawford El
Crawford El
Crawford H S
Crawford Middle School
Creedmoor El
Creek Valley Middle School
Creekside El
Creekside Int
Creekview High School
Creekview MS
Creekwood Middle
Crenshaw Primary
Crespo El
Crestview El
Crestview El
Crestview El
Crestview El
Crestview El
Crestview Elem
Crockett Alternative Campus
Crockett Early Headstart
Crockett El
Crockett El
Crockett El
Crockett El
Crockett El
Crockett El
Crockett El
Crockett El
Crockett El
Crockett El
Crockett El
Crockett Elementary
Crockett Elementary
Crockett H S
Crockett H S
Crockett Int
Crockett J H
Crockett Middle
Crockett Middle
Crockett Middle
Crockett Middle School
Crockett State School
Cromack El
Crosby El
Crosby Elementary
Crosby High School
Crosby Kindergarten Center
Crosby Middle
Crosby Middle
Crosbyton El
Crosbyton H S
Crosbyton Middle
Cross Plains El
Cross Plains H S
Cross Roads El
Cross Roads H S
Cross Roads J H
Cross Timbers El
Cross Timbers Intermediate
Cross Timbers Middle
Crossland Ninth Grade Center
Crossroads High School
Crossroads High School
Crosstimbers Academy
Crouch El
Crow El
Crowell El
Crowell H S
Crowley Alternative School
Crowley H S
Crowley H S 9th Grade Campus
Crowley Middle
Crutchfield Elementary
Cryar Intermediate
Crystal City High School
Ctr For New Lives
Cuero H S
Cuero Intermediate School
Cuero J H
Cullen Middle
Cullen Middle
Cullins-lake Pointe El
Culver Youth Home
Cumberland Academy
Cumby El
Cumby H S
Cummings El
Cummings Middle
Cunningham El
Cunningham El
Cunningham Middle
Cunningham Middle
Cunningham School
Curington El
Curtis El
Curtis El
Curtistene S Mccowan Middle
Cushing Elementary
Cushing School
Cy-fair H S
Cypress Creek H S
Cypress El
Cypress Falls H S
Cypress Grove Intermediate
Cypress Ridge High School
Cypress Springs H S
Cypress Woods H S
D A Hulcy Middle
D C Cannon El
D D Hachar El
D H Brent Intermediate
D H S Freshman Campus
D L Rountree El
Daep At Holmgreen
Daep Kennedy Academy
Daffron El
Daggett El
Daggett Middle
Daggett Montessori
Dahlstrom Middle School
Daiches El
Daingerfield H S
Daingerfield J H
Dale Jackson Career Ctr
Dalhart El
Dalhart H S
Dalhart J H
Dallas Can! Academy Charter
Dallas Can! Academy Charter-oak Cl
Dallas Co School For Accelerated L
Dallas County Jjaep
Dallas County Juvenile Justice
Dallas Environmental Science Acade
Dallas Park Elementary
Damon El
Dan Chadwick Campus
Dan D Rogers El
Dan Powell Intermediate School
Danbury Elementary
Danbury H S
Danbury Middle
Daniel Ramirez El
Daniel Singleterry Sr
Daniel Webster El
Daniels El
Daniels El
Danish Elementary
Danny Jones Middle
Dartmouth El
Daugherty El
David Barkley/francisco Ruiz El
David Crockett El
David E Smith El
David El
David G Burnet El
David G Sanchez Elementary Constru
David K Sellars El
David Mccall Elementary
David W Carter H S
David Ybarra Middle School
Davila El
Davinci School For Science And The
Davis El
Davis El
Davis El
Davis El
Davis Elementary
Davis Elementary School
Davis H S
Davis Intermediate School
Davis Middle
Dawson Daep
Dawson El
Dawson El
Dawson El
Dawson H S
Dawson School
Day Head Start
Day Nursery Of Abilene
Dayton Alternative Ed Ctr
Dayton H S
De Chaumes El
De La Paz Middle
De La Vina Elem
De Leon El
De Leon H S
De Leon Middle School
De Santiago Ec/pre-k Center
De Soto H S
De Zavala El
De Zavala El
De Zavala El
De Zavala Elementary
De Zavala Elementary
De Zavala Fifth Grade Center
Deady Middle
Dealey Montessori Acad
Dean And Mildred Bennett Elementar
Dean Middle School
Dean-highland El
Deanna Davenport El
Debakey H S For Health Prof
Decatur H S
Decatur Int
Decatur Middle
Decker Elementary School
Decker Prairie El
Deep Wood El
Deepwater Elementary
Deepwater Jr High
Deer Creek El
Deer Park Elementary
Deer Park HS
Deer Park Jr High
Deerpark Middle
Deerwood El
Dekalb Elementary School
Dekalb H S
Dekalb Middle
Del Castillo El
Del Norte Heights Es
Del Valle Elementary School
Del Valle H S
Del Valle HS
Del Valle J H
Del Valle Opportunity Ctr
Delay Middle School
Delco Primary School
Delilah King Early Learning Academ
Dell City School
Dell Pickett El
Della Icenhower Intermediate
Dellview El
Deloras E Thompson El
Dena Kelso Graves Elementary
Denison H S
Denton Co J J A E P
Denton Co J J A E P
Denton Co J J A E P
Denton Co J J A E P
Denton Co J J A E P
Denton Co J J A E P
Denton Co J J A E P
Denton Co J J A E P
Denton Co J J A E P
Denton Co J J A E P
Denton Co J J A E P
Denton Creek
Denton Creek El
Denton H S
Denver City H S
Denver Ctr
Deport Elem
Dequeen El
Derry El
Desert View MS
Desertaire Es
Desoto East J H
Desoto West J H
Dessau El
Dessau Middle School
Destiny High School
Detent Ctr
Detention Ctr
Detroit El
Detroit H S
Detroit J H
Developmental Ctr
Devers Aep
Devers El
Devers Jh
Devine High School
Devine Intermediate School
Devine Middle School
Devonian Elem
Dew El
Dewalt Alter
Deweyville El
Deweyville H S
Deweyville Middle
Dewitt-lavaca Special Ed Co-op
Dezavala El
Dezavala Es
D'hanis School
Diamond Hill El
Diamond Hill-jarvis H S
Diane Winborn El
Diaz J H
Diboll Daep
Diboll H S
Diboll J H
Diboll Pri
Dickinson El
Dickinson H S
Dilley El
Dilley H S
Dillingham Intermediate School
Dillman El
Dime Box School
Dimmitt H S
Dimmitt Middle
Dinsmore El
Dirks-anderson Sch
Discipline Alternative Education P
Dishman El
District Homebound
District Wide El
Ditto El
Divide El
Dixie El
Dobie High School
Dobie J H
Dobie M S
Dobie Pri
Dodd City School
Dodd El
Dodson El
Doedyns El
Doerre Int
Dogan El
Dogan Middle
Dolly Vogel Intermediate
Dolores Huerta Elementary
Dolphin Terrace Es
Dominion Academy Charter School
Don Jeter Elementary
Don T Durham Elementary
Don T Durham Int
Donald Elementary
Donna Alternative Education Progra
Donna High School
Donna Lewis Elementary
Donna Park
Donna Shepard Intermediate
Donna Wernecke Elementary School
Dooley El
Dora M Sauceda Middle School
Dorie Miller Academy
Doris Miller El
Dorothy C Pickett Academy
Doss El
Doss El
Double File Trail El
Douglas Benold Middle
Douglas El
Douglas Int
Douglass Academy
Douglass El
Douglass Learning Ctr
Douglass Sch
Douglass School
Dovalina El
Dove El
Dover El
Dowell El
Dowell Middle
Dowling El
Dowling Middle
Downs El
Dr Lorenzo G Lafarelle Middle Sc
Dr Alejo Salinas Jr Elementary
Dr Bruce Wood Intermediate School
Dr Bryan C Jack Elementary
Dr David C Walker El
Dr David M Copeland El
Dr Harmon W Kelley Elementary
Dr Hesiquio Rodriguez El
Dr Holifield Sci Lrn Ctr
Dr Jack Cockrill Middle School
Dr James L Burch Elementary
Dr Leo Cigarroa H S
Dr Lorenzo G Lafarelle Jjaep
Dr M L Garza-gonzalez Charter Scho
Dr Mario E Ramirez Elementary
Dr Paul S Saenz J H
Dr R E Margo Elementary
Dr Thomas Esparza Elementary
Dr Tomas Rivera
Dr William Long Elementary
Drane Int
Draw Academy
Dream Academy
Drew Academy
Drew Intermediate
Driggers El
Dripping Springs Elementary School
Dripping Springs H S
Dripping Springs Middle
Driscoll Middle
Driscoll Middle
Dublin El
Dublin H S
Dublin Intermediate
Dublin Middle
Dubose Intermediate
Dueitt Middle
Duff El
Dumas H S
Dumas J H
Dunaway El
Dunbar 6th Gr Sch
Dunbar El
Dunbar H S
Dunbar Intermediate Center
Dunbar M S
Dunbar Middle
Dunbar Middle
Duncan Elementary
Duncanville H S
Dunn El
Dunn Elementary
Dupre El
Durham El
Durkee El
Duryea Elementary
Dwight Middle
Dyer El
Dyess El
E B Comstock Middle
E B Reyna El
E C Mason Elementary
E D Walker Middle
E H Cary Middle
E H Gilbert Elementary
E J Moss Intermediate
E Merle Smith J H
E O Smith El
E P H S - C C Winn Campus
E Ray El
E Rudd Int
E T Wrenn Middle School
E-10 NW Elementary
E-11 Central NW Elem
E-12 NW Elementary
E-13 Central NE Elem
E-14 Modular Westside Elem
E-15 NW Elementary
E-16 Northeast Elem
E-2 Central NE El Don't Use
Eagle Advantage Charter El
Eagle El
Eagle Heights El
Eagle Mountain El
Eagle Pass High School
Eagle Pass J H
Eagle Springs Elementary
Eanes El
Earl & Lottie Wolford Elementary
Early Childhood Academy
Early Childhood Campus
Early Childhood Center
Early Childhood Center
Early Childhood Center
Early Childhood Center
Early Childhood Center
Early Childhood Ctr
Early Childhood Ctr
Early Childhood Development Ctr
Early Childhood Learning Center
Early Childhood Lrn Ctr
Early College H S
Early College H S
Early College H S
Early College H S
Early College H S
Early Ee Through 12th Grade
Early Learning Wing
Early Special Program
Early Special Program
Early Special Program
Early Special Program
Early Special Program
Earnest O Woods Intermediate
Earnesteen Milstead Middle School
East Bernard El
East Bernard H S
East Bernard J H
East Central Dev Ctr
East Central H S
East Central Heritage Middle
East Chambers Elementary
East Chambers H S
East Chambers Intermediate
East Chambers J H
East Cliff El
East Early College H S
East El
East El
East El
East El
East Fort Worth Montessori Academy
East Handley El
East Point Es
East Pri
East Ridge El
East Side El
East Side Elementary
East Side Intermediate
East Terrell Hills El
East Ward Elementary
Eastern Hills El
Eastern Hills H S
Eastland H S
Eastland Middle
Eastridge El
Eastridge Elementary
Eastside Int
Eastwood Academy
Eastwood Heights Es
Eastwood HS
Eastwood MS
Eckert Intermediate
Ector Elementary School
Ector High School
Ed Franz El
Ed H White El
Edcouch-elsa H S
Eden El
Eden H S
Eden Park Academy
Edgemere Elementary School
Edgewood Academy
Edgewood Daep
Edgewood El
Edgewood Elementary
Edgewood H S
Edgewood Intermediate
Edgewood Middle
Edison El
Edison H S
Edison Learning Center
Edison Middle
Edison Middle
Edna Bigham Mays Elementary
Edna H S
Edna Mae Fielder El
Edna Rowe El
Edna Tamayo House
Eduardo Mata El
Education Center At Little Elm
Education Center At The Colony
Education Center International Aca
Edward B Cannan Elementary School
Edward Briscoe El
Edward Titche El
Edwards El
Edwards-johnson Memorial Middle
Edwin F Williams Intermediate Scho
Edwin J Kiest El
Edwin M Wells Middle
Effie Morris El
Egly El
Ehrhardt El
Eiland El
Eisenhower El
Eisenhower High School
Eisenhower Middle
Eisenhower Ninth Grade School
El #10
El #17 Paloma Creek
El #18
El #18 Radio Station
El #19
El #5
El #8
El #9
El #9
El Campo H S
El Campo Middle
El Dorado El
El Jardin El
El Paso Academy
El Paso Academy West
El Paso H S
El Paso School Of Excellence
El Paso School Of Excellence Middl
Eladio R Martinez El
Elder Alternative
Elder Coop Alter School
Elder Cooperative Alternative Scho
Elder Middle
Elder-coop Alter School
Eldorado El
Eldorado H S
Eldorado Middle
Electra H S
Electra J H
Elementary 128
Elementary 129
Elementary Aep
Elementary Aep At Nolan Estes
Elementary Alternative Learning Ce
Elementary Campus #7
Elementary Daep
Elementary Special Programs Center
Elfida Chavez El
Elgin Elementary
Elgin H S
Elgin Middle School
Eligio Kika De La Garza El
Eliot El
Elisabet Ney El
Elisha M Pease El
Elizabeth Smith Elementary
Elkhart Daep
Elkhart El
Elkhart H S
Elkhart Middle
Elkins El
Elliott El
Ellison High School
Elm Creek El
Elm Grove El
Elm Grove El
Elm Mott Center
Elma E Barrera Elementary
Elmore Middle
Elodia R Chapa El
Eloise Japhet El
Elolf El
Eloy Garza Salazar Elementary
Elrod El
Elrod Es
Elsik H S
Emerson El
Emerson El
Emerson Elementary
Emile Elementary
Emma Roberson El
Emmett Conrad High School
Emmott El
Empowerment College Prep H S
Ems Development Ctr
Encinal El
Encino Park El
Encino School
Endeavor School
Energized For Excellence Academy
Energized For Excellence Early Chi
Energized For Excellence Middle Sc
Ennis H S
Ennis Int
Ennis J H
Enterprise City
Ep Alas (alternative School)
Epps Island El
Era School
Erasmo Seguin El
Erath Excels Academy Inc
Erma Nash Elementary
Ermel Elementary
Ernesto Serna School
Ervin C Whitt Elementary School
Escamilla Intermediate
Escandon Elementary
Escontrias Early Child Ctr
Escontrias El
Escuela De Las Americas
Esparza Es
Esperanza 'hope' Medrano El
Estacado H S
Estacado Junior High School
Estrada Achievement Ctr
Estrada Center
Ethridge El
Ethridge El
Eubanks Intermediate
Eugenia Porter Rayzor Elementary
Eula El
Eula H S
Eula Middle
Euless J H
Eustace H S
Eustace Int
Eustace Middle
Eustace Pri
Evans El
Evans M S
Evans Ses
Evant El
Evant H S
Even Start
Even Start Program
Evening Academy
Everett L Degolyer El
Everman H S
Everman J H
Evers Es
Evolution Academy Charter School
Excel Academy
Excel Academy
Excel Academy
Excel Academy (jjaep)
Excel Academy (murworth)
Excel High School
Excell Program
Excelsior Daep
Excelsior El
Ezzell El
F G Botello Elementary School
F L Moffett Pri
F P Caillet El
F S Lara Academy
Fabra El
Fadden-mckeown-chambliss Elementar
Fain El
Fairchild El
Fairfield El
Fairfield H S
Fairfield J H
Fairmeadows Elementary
Fairmont Elementary
Fairmont Jr High
Fairview Accelerated
Fairview Accelerated
Fairview Accelerated
Fairview Accelerated
Fairview Accelerated
Fairview Accelerated
Fairview Accelerated
Fairview Accelerated
Fairview Accelerated
Fairview Accelerated
Fairview Accelerated Daep
Fairview Accelerated Educational C
Fairview Daep
Fairview Daep
Fairview Daep
Fairview Daep
Fairview Daep
Fairview Daep
Fairview Daep
Fairview J H
Fairview School (daep)
Fairview Special Programs
Fairview Special Programs
Fairview Special Programs
Fairview Special Programs
Fairview Voc Training
Fairview Vocational Training
Fairview Vt
Fairview/miss Jewell El
Fairway Middle School
Faith Family Academy Of Oak Cliff
Falcon Pass El
Falfurrias Elem
Falfurrias H S
Falfurrias J H
Falls Career H S
Falls City El
Falls City H S
Fannin El
Fannin El
Fannin El
Fannin El
Fannin El
Fannin El
Fannin El
Fannin Elementary
Fannin Elementary
Fannin Middle
Fannindel Schools
Farias El
Farine El
Farmers Branch El
Farmersville H S
Farmersville Intermediate School
Farmersville Junior High School
Farney Elementary
Farwell El
Farwell H S
Farwell J H
Faubion Middle
Faulk Middle
Fayetteville El
Fayetteville H S
Fec Aep
Fec The Learning Center
Fehl El
Felix Cook Jr Elementary
Fenley Transitional High School
Fenley Transitional Middle School
Fenwick El
Ferguson J H
Fern Bluff El
Fernandez Es
Ferris H S
Ferris Intermediate
Ferris J H
Fidel And Andrea R Villarreal Elem
Field El
Field El
Field Middle School
Fields Elementary
Fields Store Elementary
Fiest El
Finch El
Finley-oates El
Fisher Elementary
Fisher Elementary
Fisher Es
Fisher Guidance Ctr
Fitzgerald El
Five Palms Elementary
Flatonia El
Flatonia Secondary
Fleming Middle
Fletcher El
Flex 11
Florence El
Florence El
Florence Elementary
Florence H S
Florence Hill El
Florence J J A E P
Florence Middle
Floresville Alter Ctr
Floresville Alter Ctr
Floresville Alter Ed Ctr
Floresville Alternative
Floresville Choice Program
Floresville Choice Program
Floresville Choices Prog
Floresville Choices Prog
Floresville Choices Program
Floresville Ed Alter Ctr
Floresville El
Floresville H S
Floresville Middle
Floresville Pri
Flour Bluff Elementary
Flour Bluff H S
Flour Bluff Intermediate
Flour Bluff J H
Flour Bluff Primary
Flower Mound El
Floyd Elementary
Floydada H S
Floydada Isd Daep
Floydada J H
Focus Learning Academy
Foerster El
Follett School
Fondren El
Fondren Middle
Fonville Middle
Fonwood El
Ford El
Forest Brook H S
Forest Creek El
Forest Hill El
Forest Lane Academy
Forest Meadow J H
Forest North El
Forest Oak Middle
Forest Ridge
Forest Trail El
Forest Vista Elementary
Forestburg School
Forestridge El
Forestwood Middle
Forman El
Forney H S
Forney M S
Forney Middle
Forsan Elementary At Elbow
Fort Bend Co Alter
Fort Bend Co Alter
Fort Bent Co Alter
Fort Elliott School
Fort Hancock HS
Fort Hancock MS
Fort Stockton High School
Fort Stockton Middle School
Fort Worth Academy Of Fine Arts
Fort Worth Academy Of Fine Arts El
Fort Worth Can Academy
Fossil Hill Middle
Fossil Ridge H S
Foster El
Foster El
Foster El
Foster El
Foster Elementary School
Foster High School
Foster Village El
Fowler El
Fowler Elementary
Fowler Middle
Fox Run El
Fox Technical H S
Francis Elementary
Francis R Scobee Junior High
Francisco Medrano Middle School
Francone El
Frank D Moates El
Frank El
Frank Guzick Elementary
Frank M Tejeda Academy
Frank Madla El
Frank Mcmillan Junior High School
Frank Newman Middle
Frank Seale Middle School
Frank Stone Middle
Frank Tejeda Middle School
Frankford Middle
Franklin El
Franklin El
Franklin El
Franklin El
Franklin El
Franklin El
Franklin H S
Franklin H S
Franklin Middle
Franklin Middle
Frankston El
Frankston H S
Frankston Middle
Franz El
Frazier El
Frazier El
Frazier Elementary
Fred Booth
Fred Douglass
Fred Douglass School
Fred El
Fred F Florence Middle
Fred H Tally Elementary
Fred Moore High School
Frederick Douglass El
Fredericksburg El
Fredericksburg H S
Fredericksburg Middle
Fredericksburg Primary School
Freedom El
Freedom Elementary
Freedom Elementary School
Freeman El
Freeman El
Freeman Elementary
Freeport Int
Freer Alter
Freer H S
Freer J H
Freestone Navarro Alter
Freestone Navarro Alter
Freiheit Elementary
French El
French El
Frenship H S
Frenship Middle School
Friendship Elementary
Friendswood H S
Friendswood J H
Friona El
Friona H S
Friona J H
Friona Pri
Frisco High School
Frontier El
Frost El
Frost El
Frost El
Frost Elementary
Frost H S
Frostwood El
Fruit Of Excellence School
Fruitvale H S
Fruitvale Middle
Fry Intermediate
Ft Concho El
Ft Davis H S
Ft Sam Houston El
Fulmore M S
Furneaux Elementary
Furr H S
Fw Rgnl Program For Deaf
G H Whitcomb El
G O A L S Program
G O A L S Program
G O A L S Program
G O A L S Program
G O A L S Program
G O A L S Program
G O A L S Program
G O A L S Program
G O A L S Program
G W Carver El
G W Harby J H
G W Kennemer Middle School
Gabe P Allen El
Gabriela Mistral Center For Early
Gainesville Alter Ed
Gainesville H S
Gainesville Head Start
Gainesville J H
Gainesville J J A E P
Gainesville State School
Galatas El
Galena Park El
Galena Park H S
Galena Park Middle
Galindo El
Gallegos El
Gallegos El
Galloway Elementary
Galm Es
Galvan El
Galveston Co Detention Ctr
Galveston Co J J A E P
Galveston Co J J A E P
Galveston Co J J A E P
Galveston Co J J A E P
Galveston Co J J A E P
Galveston Co Jjaep
Ganado El
Ganado H S
Garcia El
Garcia El
Garcia El
Garcia M S
Garden Oaks El
Garden Park El
Garden Ridge El
Garden Villas El
Gardendale Elementary School
Gardens Elementary
Garfield Elementary
Garland H S
Garland Mcmeans Jr High
Garner Middle
Garriga El
Garrison Elementary
Garrison H S
Garrison Middle
Gary School
Garza Co Detention & Resident Faci
Garza Elementary
Garza Independence H S
Garza-pena El
Gates Academy
Gatesville El
Gatesville H S
Gatesville Int
Gatesville J H
Gatesville Pri
Gateway Academy (student Alternati
Gateway Charter Academy
Gateway Charter Academy - Middle -
Gateway El
Gateway Sch
Gattis El
Gay Avenue Pri
Gcclr Institute Of Technology
Gen Alfred A Valenzuela Intermed L
Gene Howe Elem
Gene M Reed El
Gene Pike Middle
General Ricardo Sanchez Elementary
Genoa Elementary
Gentry Elementary
George B Dealey Middle
George Clarke El
George Cullender Kind
George Dawson Middle
George E Kelly El
George Gervin Academy
George I Sanchez Charter H S San A
George I Sanchez H S
George J Anderson El
George J H
George Peabody El
George W Carver El
George W Truett El
George Washington Carver El
George West El
George West H S
George West J H
George West Pri
Georgetown 9th Grade
Georgetown Alter Prog
Georgetown H S
Geraldine Palmer El
Gholson El
Gibson El
Giddings El
Giddings H S
Giddings Int
Giddings Middle
Giddings State School
Giesinger El
Gilbert Cuellar Sr El
Gilbert F M El
Gilbert Intermediate School
Gilbert J Mircovich Elementary
Gillette Elementary
Gilmer El
Gilmer H S
Gilmer Int
Ginger Mcnabb Elementary
Girls & Boys Prep Academy
Girls & Boys Prep Academy Elementa
Girls & Boys Prep Academy Middle
Girls And Boys Town Shelter Of Sa
Gisd Alternative School
Gisd Evening Sch
Givens El
Gladewater H S
Gladewater Middle
Gladys Polk El
Glass Es
Glasscock County El
Glasscock County H S
Gleason Elementary
Glen Couch El
Glen Cove Es
Glen Loch El
Glen Oaks El
Glen Park El
Glen Rose El
Glen Rose H S
Glen Rose Int
Glen Rose J H
Glencrest 6th Grade Sch
Glenhope El
Glenmore El
Glenn C Hardin Intermediate
Glenn Es
Glenn Harmon Elementary
Glenoaks Es
Glenwood El
Goals Program
Goddard Junior High
Godley Alternative
Godley El
Godley H S
Godley Int
Godley Jjaep
Godley Middle
Godwin El
Gold Burg H S
Golden Acres Elementary
Golden Meadows El
Golden Rule Charter School
Golden Rule El
Goldthwaite El
Goldthwaite High School
Goldthwaite Middle School
Golfcrest El
Goliad Daep
Goliad El
Goliad El
Goliad H S
Goliad Intermediate School
Goliad Middle
Gonzales Achievement Ctr
Gonzales Alter
Gonzales Center
Gonzales East Avenue Primary
Gonzales Elementary
Gonzales H S
Gonzales J H
Gonzales North Avenue Intermediate
Gonzalez Elementary
Good El
Good El
Goodman El
Goodman Elementary
Goodnight J H
Goodrich El
Goodrich H S
Goodrich Middle School
Goodson Middle School
Goodwin Frazier Elementary School
Gordon El
Gordon School
Gorman H S
Govalle El
Grace E Hardeman El
Grace Hartman Elementary
Grace R Brandenburg Intermediate
Graciela Garcia Elementary
Grady Burnett Junior High School
Grady Middle
Grady School
Graford El
Graford H S
Graham El
Graham H S
Graham J H
Graham Learning Ctr
Granbury H S
Granbury Middle
Grand Prairie H S
Grand Saline Elementary School
Grand Saline H S
Grand Saline Int
Grand Saline Middle
Grandfalls-royalty School
Grandview El
Grandview H S
Grandview Intermediate
Grandview Isd Jjaep
Grandview J H
Grandview-hopkins El
Granger School
Grant Middle
Grantham Academy
Grape Creek Bac
Grape Creek Bac
Grape Creek Elementary
Grape Creek H S
Grape Creek Middle
Grape Creek Special Prog
Grape Creek Special Prog
Grape Creek Special Program
Grapeland El
Grapeland H S
Grapeland J H
Grapevine El
Grapevine H S
Grapevine Middle
Gray Elementary
Gray Elementary
Grayson Co Co-op
Grayson Co J J A E P
Grayson Co J J A E P
Grayson Co J J A E P
Great Oaks El
Greathouse Elementary
Green Acres El
Green El
Green El
Green Valley El
Green Valley El
Green Valley El
Greenbriar El
Greenfield El
Greenleaf Elementary
Greentree El
Greenways Intermediate
Greenwood Forest El
Greenwood Hills El
Greenwood Primary
Gregg El
Gregory-lincoln Ed Ctr
Gregory-lincoln Ed Ctr
Gregory-portland H S
Gregory-portland Int
Gregory-portland J H
Griffin El
Griffin Elementary
Griffin Middle
Griffin Middle School
Griffith El
Grimes Education Center
Grimes El
Grissom El
Groesbeck Elementary
Groesbeck H S
Groesbeck Middle
Groom School
Gross El
Groves El
Groves Middle
Groveton El
Groveton J H-h S
Grulla El
Grulla Middle
Gruver El
Gruver H S
Gruver J H
Guadalupe El
Guardian Angel Performance Academy
Guerrero El
Guess El
Guidance Center
Guillen Middle
Gulf Coast H S
Gulf Coast H S
Gulf Coast H S
Gulf Coast H S
Gulf Coast H S
Gulf Coast H S
Gulf Shores Credit Repair Program
Gulf Shores Empowerment Program
Gulf Shores High School
Gulf Shores Middle School
Gulf Shores Residential Treatment
Gulledge El
Gullett El
Gunn J H
Gunter El
Gunter H S
Gunter Middle
Gus Birdwell El
Gus Garcia Middle School
Gus Guerra Elementary
Gustine School
Gutierrez El
Gutierrez Middle
Guzman Elementary
H B Gonzalez Elementary
H B Gonzalez Elementary School
H B Zachry El
H Bob Daniel Sr Intermediate
H D Hilley El
H D Staples El
H F Stevens Middle
H Grady Spruce H S
H H Browning Pri
H P Carter Career Center
H S #2
H S #7
H S Thompson El
H T Faulk Early Childhood School
H W Lang Middle School
H W Schulze Elementary
Haas Middle
Habilitation Program
Hac Daep High School
Hac Daep Middle School
Hacienda Heights Es
Hackberry Elementary
Hackney Primary
Haggard Middle
Hairgrove El
Hale Center H S
Hale Co J J A E P
Hale Co Jjaep
Haley J El
Haley T El
Hall Academy
Hall High School
Hall MS
Hallettsville El
Hallettsville H S
Hallettsville J H
Hallie Randall El
Hallsburg El
Hallsville El
Hallsville H S
Hallsville Intermediate School
Hallsville J H
Hallsville Middle
Hallsville Pri
Halpin Early Childhood Ctr
Haltom H S
Haltom Middle
Hambrick Middle
Hamilton El
Hamilton High School
Hamilton Junior High School
Hamilton Middle
Hamilton Middle School
Hamilton Park Pacesetter Magnet
Hamlet El
Hamlin El
Hamlin H S
Hamlin Middle
Hamlin Middle
Hampton-moreno-dugat Early Childho
Hamshire-fannett El
Hamshire-fannett H S
Hamshire-fannett Int
Hamshire-fannett Middle
Hanby Elementary
Handley El
Handley Middle
Hanes El
Hanna Springs Int
Happy El
Happy H S
Hardin Chambers Alter
Hardin Co Alter Ed
Hardin Co Alter Ed
Hardin Co Alter Ed
Hardin Co J J A E P
Hardin/chambers Ctr
Hardin/chambers Ctr
Hardin/chambers Ctr
Hardin/chambers Ctr
Hardin/chambers Ctr
Hardin/chambers Ctr
Hardin-jefferson H S
Hardwick El
Hardy Oak El
Hargill Elem
Hargrave H S
Harlandale Alternative Center Boot
Harlandale Alternative Center Boot
Harlandale H S
Harlandale Middle School
Harlean Beal El
Harleton El
Harleton H S
Harleton J H
Harlingen H S
Harlingen H S - South
Harmony El
Harmony Elementary
Harmony Elementary
Harmony Elementary-austin
Harmony Family Services
Harmony H S
Harmony Hills El
Harmony Intermediate School
Harmony Junior High
Harmony School Of Excellence
Harmony Science Acad (college Stat
Harmony Science Acad (el Paso)
Harmony Science Acad (fort Worth)
Harmony Science Acad (lubbock)
Harmony Science Acad (san Antonio)
Harmony Science Acad (waco)
Harmony Science Academy
Harmony Science Academy - Austin
Harmony Science Academy - Houston
Harmony Science Academy (beaumont)
Harmony Science Academy -dallas
Harold D Guthrie Center For Excell
Harper Alternative School
Harper El
Harper H S
Harper Middle
Harrell Accelerated Learning Cente
Harrell Budd El
Harrington El
Harris Academy
Harris Co J J A E P
Harris Co J J A E P
Harris Co J J A E P
Harris Co Jjaep
Harris County J J A E P
Harris County Juvenile Detention C
Harris County Juvenile Probation
Harris County Youth Village
Harris El
Harris J R El
Harris Middle
Harris R P El
Harrison Lane El
Harrison/jefferson/madison Complex
Harrold School
Harry C Withers El
Harry S Truman Middle
Harry Stone Montessori
Harry Stone Montessori
Hart El
Hart El
Hart Elementary
Hart Elementary
Hart Jr-sr H S
Hartley School
Hartman Middle
Harts Bluff El
Hartsfield El
Harvard El
Harvey S Brown Primary
Harwell El
Harwood J H
Haskell Daep
Haskell El
Haskell H S
Haslet Elementary
Hassler El
Hastings H S
Hatchett Es
Hatton Elementary
Haude El
Haun El
Hawkins El
Hawkins El
Hawkins H S
Hawkins Middle
Hawley El
Hawley H S
Hawley Middle
Hawthorne Pk-8 Academy
Hay Branch Elementary
Hayes Primary School
Haynes El
Haynes El
Haynes Elementary
Haynes School (hs)
Haynes School (ms)
Hays Co Juvenile Justice Alt Ed Pr
Hazel Ingram Elementary
Hazel S Pattison El
Hc Jjaep - Excel Academy
Hcc Life Skills Program
Head Start
Head Start
Health Careers HS
Healy Murphy Daep Discretionary
Healy Murphy Pk
Hearne El
Hearne H S
Hearne J H
Heather Glen El
Hebbronville El
Hebbronville H S
Hebbronville J H
Hebron H S
Hebron Valley Elem
Hector Garcia Middle School
Hector P Garcia El
Hector P Garcia El
Hedgcoxe El
Hedley School
Hedrick Elementary
Hedrick Middle School
Heflin El
Heights El
Heights El
Helbing El
Helen Ball El
Helen Edward Early Childhood Cente
Helena Park El
Helms El
Helotes Es
Hemphill El
Hemphill El
Hemphill H S
Hemphill Middle
Hempstead Early Childhood
Hempstead El
Hempstead H S
Hempstead Middle
Henderson Elementary
Henderson Elementary
Henderson Elementary
Henderson J El
Henderson Middle
Henderson N El
Hendrick Middle
Hendrickson HS
Henrietta El
Henrietta H S
Henrietta Middle School
Henry B Gonzalez Elementary
Henry Bauerschlag Elementary Schoo

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Henry Carroll Academy
Henry Cuellar Elementary
Henry Metzger Middle School
Henry T Waskow High School
Henry W Longfellow Acad
Henry W Sory Elementary School
Herbert Marcus El
Hereford H S
Hereford J H
Herff El
Herfurth El
Heritage El
Heritage El
Heritage Elementary
Heritage Middle
Herman Furlough Jr Middle
Herman Lawson El
Hermes El
Hermleigh School
Hernandez Int
Hernandez Learning Center
Herod El
Herrera El
Herschel Zellars Elementary
Herty Primary
Hester Juvenile Detent
Hettie Halstead Elementary
Hewitt El
Hickey Elementary School
Hickman El
Hicks El
Hico El
Hico H S
Hico J H
Hidalgo Academy
Hidalgo Co J J A E P
Hidalgo Co J J A E P
Hidalgo Co J J A E P
Hidalgo El
Hidalgo H S
Hidalgo J J A E P
Hidalgo Park Elementary
Hidden Cove El
Hidden Forest El
Hidden Hollow El
Hidden Lakes Elementary
Higgins Int
Higgins School
Higgs Carter King Gifted & Talente
High Country Elementary
High Frontier H S
High Point
High Point Alter
High Point Elementary School
High Pointe Elementary
High School #2
High School For Health Professions
Highland Elementary School
Highland Forest Elementary
Highland Hills El
Highland Hts El
Highland Lakes El
Highland Meadows Elementary School
Highland Middle
Highland Park Alter Ed Ctr
Highland Park El
Highland Park El
Highland Park El
Highland Park El
Highland Park El
Highland Park High School
Highland Park Middle School
Highland School
Highlands Elementary
Highlands H S
Highpoint East Campus
Highpoint North
Highpoint North Campus
Highpoint North School
Highpoint School East (crosby)
Highpoint School East (daep)
Hightower El
Hildebrandt Int
Hill Co Alternative School
Hill Co D A E P
Hill Co J J A E P
Hill Co J J A E P
Hill Co J J A E P
Hill Co J J A E P
Hill Co J J A E P
Hill Co J J A E P
Hill Co J J A E P
Hill Co J J A E P
Hill Country El
Hill Country High School
Hill Country Middle
Hill Country Youth Ranch
Hill County Alter
Hill County Jjaep
Hill County Jjaep
Hill El
Hill El
Hill Intermediate
Hillcrest El
Hillcrest El
Hillcrest El
Hillcrest El
Hillcrest El
Hillcrest Elementary School
Hillcrest H S
Hillcrest MS
Hillcrest Professional Devel
Hilliard El
Hillsboro Alternative School
Hillsboro El
Hillsboro H S
Hillsboro Intermediate
Hillsboro J H
Hillside Acad For Excel
Hillside El
Hilltop Elementary
Hillwood Middle School
Hinojosa Ec/pre-k Center
Hirsch El
Hirschi HS
Hitchcock H S
Hitchcock Headstart
Hobbs Alter Ed Co-op
Hobbs Alter Ed Co-op
Hobbs Alter Ed Co-op
Hobbs Alter Ed Co-op
Hobbs Alter Ed Co-op
Hobbs Alter Ed Co-op
Hobbs Alter Ed Co-op
Hobbs At-risk
Hobby El
Hobby MS
Hodges El
Hodges Elementary
Hoffman Middle
Hoffmann Lane Elementary School
Hogg Middle
Hogg Middle
Hohl El
Holbrook El
Holiday Heights El
Holiman El
Holland El
Holland H S
Holland Middle
Hollibrook El
Holliday El
Holliday H S
Holliday Middle
Hollie Parsons El
Holloway Middle School
Holmes HS
Holmgreen Center
Holmsley El
Holub Middle
Holy Highway Pickton
Homebased Comp Ed
Homer Dr El
Homestead Elementary
Hommel El
Hondo H S
Honey El
Honey Grove El
Honey Grove H S
Honey Grove Middle
Hood-case Elementary
Hook Elementary
Hooks El
Hooks H S
Hooks J H
Hope Alternative H S
Hope H S
Hopewell Middle
Hopkins El
Horace Mann Academy
Horizon Alternative Middle
Horizon Montessori
Horizon Montessori II
Horn El
Horn El
Horn High School
Horne El
Hornedo Middle
Hornsby-dunlap El
Horton Disciplinary Alternative Ed
Houser Elementary
Housman El
Houston About Face Elementary
Houston Academy
Houston Alternative Preparatory Ch
Houston Can Academy Hobby
Houston Can! Academy Charter Schoo
Houston El
Houston El
Houston El
Houston El
Houston El
Houston El
Houston El
Houston El
Houston El
Houston El
Houston El
Houston El
Houston Elementary
Houston Elementary
Houston Gardens El
Houston Gateway Academy
Houston H S
Houston Heights High School
Houston Heights Learning Academy I
Houston Middle
Houston Middle
Houston Night High School
Houston School
Houston Student Ach Ctr
Howard Burnham Elementary School
Howard Dobbs El
Howard El
Howe El
Howe H S
Howe Middle
Howsman Es
Hubbard El
Hubbard El
Hubbard El
Hubbard H S
Hubbard Middle
Hubbard Middle
Huckabay Daep
Huckabay School
Huddleston Intermediate
Hudson Bend Middle
Huebner El
Hueco El
Huey El
Huffman El
Huffman Middle
Huggins Elementary
Hughes Middle School
Hughes Road El
Hughes Springs Elementary
Hughes Springs High School
Hughes Springs J H
Hughston El
Huie Special Educ Ctr
Hull Es
Humble El
Humble H S
Humble Middle
Humphrey's Highland El
Hunt El
Hunt School
Hunters Creek El
Huntington El
Huntington H S
Huntington Int
Huntington Middle
Huppertz El
Hurst Hills El
Hurst J H
Hutcheson J H
Hutchins El
Hutchins El
Hutchinson Elementary
Hutchinson M S
Hutto Elementary School
Hutto H S
Hutto Middle School
Hyde Park El
Hyer Elementary
I Am That I Am Academy
I C Evans El
I M Terrell El
I T Holleman El
I W And Eleanor Hyde El
Iago J H
Idalou Daep
Idalou El
Idalou H S
Idalou Middle
Idea Academy
Idea College Prep
Ignacio Zaragoza El
Iles El
Independence Elementary
Indian Creek El
Indian Creek Elementary
Indian Ridge MS
Indian Springs Middle School
Industrial El West
Industrial J H
Infant Center
Ingleside H S
Ingleside Primary School
Ingram El
Ingram Middle
Ingram-tom Moore H S
Insights Learning Center
Inspired Vision
Inspired Vision Academy
Instr & Guide Ctr
Instr/guid Center
Inter City Elementary
Intermediate School
International H S
International H S
International School Of America
Int'l Newcomer Acad
Iola El
Iola H S
Iowa Park H S
Iowa Park Jjaep
Ira Cross Jr Elementary
Ira School
Iraan El
Iraan H S
Iraan J H
Iredell School
Irion El
Irion H S
Irma Dru Hutchison Elementary
Irma Rangel Ywl School
Irons M S
Irvin El
Irvin H S
Irving El
Irving H S
Irving Middle
Isaacs El
Isbill J H
Italy H S
Itasca El
Itasca H S
Itasca Inter
Itasca J H
Itinerant Sp Ed
J A Hargrave El
J A Vitovsky El
J B Stephens El
J C Martin Jr El
J D C (n & D)
J H Moore El
J H Rowe Intermediate
J Herman Reed Middle School
J J Wessendorff Middle
J K Hileman El
J Kawas El
J L Boren Elementary
J L Long Middle
J L Lyon Elementary
J L Williams El
J Lyndal Hughes El
J M Farrell El
J M Hanks HS
J N Ervin El
J P Starks El
J Q Adams El
J T Brackenridge Academy
J T Brashear El
J T Stevens El
J W Caceres El
J W Long Elementary
J W Ray El
J W Williams Middle
Jacinto City El
Jack & Sharon Rhoads El
Jack C Binion Elementary
Jack C Hays H S
Jack Lowe Sr El
Jack M Fields Sr El
Jack Taylor El
Jackie Carden El
Jacksboro El
Jacksboro H S
Jackson El
Jackson El
Jackson El
Jackson El
Jackson Elementary
Jackson Elementary
Jackson Intermediate
Jackson Middle
Jackson Middle
Jackson Middle
Jackson Technology Center
Jackson/roosevelt Complex
Jackson-keller El
Jacksonville H S
Jacksonville Middle
Jake Silbernagel El
James A Arthur Intermediate School
James And Margie Marion Elementary
James B Bonham El
James B Havard El
James Bowie El
James Bowie El
James Bowie El
James Bowie H S
James Bowie M S
James E Williams Elementary
James Earl Rudder High School
James F Delaney Elementary School
James H Ross El
James L Wright El
James Madison H S
James Middle
James R Bilhartz Jr Elementary
James S Hogg El
James Tippit Middle
James W Fannin El
Jane A Hambric School
Jane Ellis El
Jane Long
Jane Long El
Jane Long Elementary
Janowski El
Jarrell El
Jarrell H S
Jarrell Middle
Jasper H S
Jasper H S
Jasper Junior High
Jay HS
Jayton Schools
Jean Massieu Academy
Jean & Betty Schmalz Elementary
Jean C Few Primary School
Jean Hines-caldwell
Jeanette Hayes El
Jefferies J H
Jefferson Ave Elementary
Jefferson Co J J A E P
Jefferson Co J J A E P
Jefferson Co Youth Acad
Jefferson Co Youth Acad
Jefferson El
Jefferson El
Jefferson El
Jefferson El
Jefferson El
Jefferson Elementary
Jefferson H S
Jefferson H S
Jefferson H S
Jefferson Junior High
Jefferson M S
Jefferson Primary Sch
Jennie Reid El
Jensen Elementary
Jerry Junkins El
Jersey Village H S
Jess Harben El
Jesse Jackson Academy
Jesse Mcgowen Elementary School
Jessup Elementary
Jewel C Wietzel Center
Jill Stone Elementary School At VI
Jim Barnes Middle School
Jim Ned H S
Jim Ned Middle
Jim Plain Elementary
Jim Plyler Instructional Complex
Jjaep Disciplinary School
Jjaep Instructional
Jjaep-southwest Key Program
Jo Ann Ford El
Jo Kelly Sp Ed
Jo Nelson Middle School
Joan Link El
Joaquin Cigarroa Middle
Joaquin El
Joaquin H S
Joaquin Jr High School
Joe Dale Sparks Campus
Joe E Moreno Elementary
Joe F Saegert Sixth Grade Center
Joe M Pirtle Elementary
Joe Martin Early Childhood Ctr
Joe Wright Elementary
Joella Exley El
John & Olive Hinojosa El
John And Lynn Brawner Intermediate
John B Alexander H S
John B Connally H S
John B Hood Middle
John C Webb Elementary
John D Spicer El
John Drugan School
John E Barber Middle
John F Kennedy El
John F Kennedy High School
John F Kennedy L C
John F Peeler El
John F Ward El
John G Hardin El
John G Tower El
John Garner El
John Glenn El
John H Kirby El
John H Reagan El
John H Wood Jr Charter School At A
John H Wood Jr Charter School At H
John H Wood Jr Charter School At S
John H Wood Jr Cs Hays Co Juvenile
John H Wood Jr Cs Hays Co Juvenile
John Ireland El
John J Ciavarra El
John J Pershing El
John Lowrance Middle
John Neely Bryan El
John P Ojeda Jr High
John R Roach
John Shero State Juvenile Correcti
John Tyler H S
John W And Margie Stipes Elementar
John W Armstrong Elementary
John W Carpenter El
John W Runyon El
John Winship El
Johnny N Allen-6th Grade Campus
Johns El
Johnson County J J A E P
Johnson County Jjaep
Johnson El
Johnson El
Johnson Elementary
Johnson Elementary
Johnson Elementary
Johnson H S
Johnston El
Johnston El
Johnston H S
Johnston Middle
Jollyville El
Jones El
Jones El
Jones El
Jones Elementary
Jones H S
Jones J Will El
Jones MS
Jonesboro School
Jordan El
Jordan MS
Jorge R Gutierrez Early Childhood
Jose Antonio Navarro El
Jose De Jesus And Maria Luisa Vega
Jose H Damian El
Jose J Alderete Middle
Jose M Lopez Middle
Joseph J Rhoads El
Joshua H S
Joslin El
Jourdanton El
Jourdanton H S
Jourdanton J H
Jowell El
Joy James El
Jp Dabbs Elementary
Juan B Galaviz Charter School
Juan Seguin El
Juan Seguin Elementary
Juan Seguin Elementary
Juan Seguin Pre-kindergarten
Jubilee Academic Center
Judge Oscar De La Fuente El
Judson High School
Judson Learning Acad
Judy Rucker Elementary
Julia C Frazier El
Julian C Gallardo Elementary
Julian T Saldivar El
Juliette Fowler Homes
Julius Dorsey El
Junction El
Junction H S
Junction Middle
Justin Elementary
Justin F Kimball H S
Justiss El
Juvenile Detent Ctr
Juvenile Detent Ctr
Juvenile Detent Ctr
Juvenile Detent Ctr
Juvenile Detention Center
Juvenile Detention Center
Juvenile Detention Center
Juvenile Detention Ctr
Juvenile Detention Ctr
Juvenile Justice Aep
Juvenile Justice Alternative
Juvenile Justice Alternative Ed Pr
Juvenile Justice Alternative Ed Pr
Juvenile Justice Detention Ctr
Juvenille Justice Alternative Prog
K B Polk El
Kaffie Middle School
Kahla Middle School
Kaiser El
Kandy Stripe Academy
Karen Wagner High School
Karnack H S
Karnes City D A E P
Karnes City H S
Karnes City J H
Karnes City J J A E P
Karnes Co Acad
Karnes County Academy
Karnes County Elite
Kase Academy
Kashmere Gardens El
Kashmere H S
Katherine Anne Porter School
Katherine Stephens El
Kathryn Wolfe Criswell Elementary
Kathy Caraway El
Katy El
Katy H S
Katy J H
Katy-hockley Boot Camp
Kaufer H S
Kaufman Elementary
Kaufman H S
Kay Granger El
Kealing M S
Keeble Ec/pre-k Center
Keefer Crossing Middle School
Keeley El
Keene El
Keene Intermediate
Keene J H
Keene Jjaep
Keith Elementary
Keller H S
Keller Middle
Keller-harvel Elementary
Kelley Elementary
Kelley/dodson El
Kelly El
Kelly Lane M S
Kelly Pre-kindergarten Center
Kelso El
Kelton School
Kemp Alternative
Kemp Elementary
Kemp High School
Kemp Intermediate School
Kemp Junior High School
Kemp Primary School
Kendall Elementary School
Kendrick El
Kenedy High School
Kenedy Elementary School
Kenedy Middle School
Kennard El
Kennard H S
Kennedale Alter Ed Prog
Kennedale H S
Kennedale J H
Kennedy El
Kennedy El
Kennedy El
Kennedy El
Kennedy El
Kennedy Elementary
Kennedy Middle
Kennedy-powell El
Kenneth E Little El
Kent Elementary
Kentwood El
Kerens School
Kermit H S
Kermit J H
Kerr H S
Kerrville Disciplinary Alternative
Ketelsen El
Key El
Key Middle
Keyes El
Keys Acad
Keys Acad
Keys Ctr
Keys Elementary
Kids First Head Start Texas City S
Kidwell El
Kiker El
Kilgore Daep
Kilgore H S
Kilgore Heights El
Kilgore Int
Killeen High School
Killeen J J A E P
Killough Middle
Kimball Elementary
Kimberlin Acad For Excel
Kimbrough Middle School
Kimmie M Brown Elementary
Kindred El
King H S
Kings Manor Elementary
Kingsborough Middle School
Kingwood H S
Kingwood Middle
Kingwood Park H S
Kipp 3d Academy
Kipp Academy Middle School And Hig
Kipp Aspire Academy
Kipp Austin College Prep
Kipp Gulfton Lower School
Kipp Liberation
Kipp Liberation College Prep
Kipp NE Lower School Dream
Kipp North Forest Lower School
Kipp Spirit
Kipp Spirit College Pregp
Kipp SW Lower School Shine
Kipp Truth Academy
Kirby Math-science Ctr
Kirby Middle
Kirby Middle
Kirbyville El
Kirbyville High School
Kirbyville J H
Kirk Elementary
Kirkpatrick El
Kirkpatrick Middle
Kitty Hawk Middle
Kleb Int
Kleberg El
Klein Annex
Klein Collins High School
Klein Forest H S
Klein H S
Klein Int
Klein Oak H S
Klein Sems
Klenk El
Kline Whitis Elem
Klondike Isd
Knippa School
Knowlton Es
Knox City El
Knox City H S
Knox Elementary
Knox Junior High School
Knox Wiley Middle School
Kocurek El
Koennecke Elementary
Kohfeldt El
Kohlberg El
Kohrville Elementary School
Kolter El
Kooken Ed Ctr
Kopperl School
Kostoryz El
Kountze El
Kountze H S
Kountze Middle
Krahn El
Krause Elementary
Kreinhop Elementary
Kress El
Kress H S
Kriewald Rd El
Krimmel Intermed
Krueger Es
Krueger Middle
Krum H S
Krum Middle
Kruse Elementary
Kuehnle El
Kurth Primary
Kyle El
L A Gililland El
L B J El
L B Johnson Elementary School
L E Claybon Elementary
L E Monahan El
L F Smith Elementary
L G Pinkston H S
L Isd J J A E P
L L Hotchkiss El
L O Donald El
L P Card Skill Center
L V Stockard Middle
L W Kolarik Education Ctr
La Academia De Estrellas
La Amistad Love & Learning Academy
La Encantada El
La Fe Preparatory School
La Feria Alternative School
La Feria High School
La Gloria El
La Grange H S
La Grange Int
La Grange Middle
La Marque H S
La Marque Middle
La Paloma El
La Porte El
La Porte High School
La Porte J H
La Pryor El
La Pryor H S
La Union El
La Vega Elementary School
La Vega H S
La Vega Intermediate School H P Mi
La Vega Junior High School George
La Vega Primary School
La Vernia El
La Vernia High School
La Vernia Junior High School
La Vernia Primary
Labay Middle School
Lackland City Es
Lackland El
Lacoste Elementary
Lacy Elementary
Lago Vista Elementary School
Lago Vista H S
Lago Vista Middle School
Lake Air Middle
Lake Belton M S
Lake Country Learning Center
Lake Country Learning Center
Lake Country Learning Ctr
Lake Dallas El
Lake Dallas H S
Lake Dallas Int
Lake Dallas Middle
Lake Dallas Pri
Lake Highlands El
Lake Highlands Freshman Center
Lake Highlands H S
Lake Highlands J H
Lake Jackson Int
Lake Pointe Elementary
Lake Travis El
Lake Travis H S
Lake Travis Middle
Lake View H S
Lake Waco Montessori Magnet
Lake Worth H S
Lakeland El
Lakeland Elementary
Lakeside 5th Grade Learning Center
Lakeside El
Lakeside Junior High School
Lakeview Academy
Lakeview Centennial H S
Lakeview El
Lakeview El
Lakeview Elem
Lakeview Elementary
Lakeview Middle
Lakeway El
Lakewood El
Lakewood El
Lakewood El
Lakewood El
Lakewood Elementary
Lamar Academy
Lamar Alternative Education Progra
Lamar Center
Lamar Cons H S
Lamar County Head Start
Lamar El
Lamar El
Lamar El
Lamar El
Lamar El
Lamar El
Lamar El
Lamar El
Lamar El
Lamar El
Lamar El
Lamar Elementary
Lamar H S
Lamar H S
Lamar Intermediate
Lamar J H
Lamar M S
Lamar Middle
Lamar Middle
Lamar Middle
Lamar Middle
Lamar Pri
Lamesa Daep
Lamesa H S
Lamesa Middle
Lamkin El
Lampasas H S
Lampasas Middle
Lancaster El
Lancaster Es
Lancaster H S
Lancaster Middle
Landergin El
Landis El
Landmark School
Landrum El
Landrum Middle
Landry Elementary
Lane School
Laneville School
Langford El
Langham Creek H S
Langham El
Language Development Center
Lanier H S
Lanier H S
Lanier Middle
Lansberry El
Lantrip El
Lapoynor El
Lapoynor H S
Lapoynor J H
Larkspur El
Larson El
Las Americas
Las Americas Early Childhood Dev C
Las Colinas Elementary
Las Palmas Elementary School
Las Yescas El
Lasater El
Laura Ingalls Wilder
Laura Ingalls Wilder Int
Laura Reeves El
Laura Welch Bush Elementary
Laurel Mountain El
Laureles Elementary
Lavace Stewart El
Law El
Law Enfcmt-crim Just H S
Lawn El
Lawndale El
Lawrence Elementary
Layne El
Le Barron Park Es
Le Noir Elementary
Leader's Academy
Leadership Academy
League City El
League City Int
Leakey School
Leander H S
Leander Middle
Learning Academy
Learning Alt Center (lacey)
Learning Center
Learning Connections
Learning Ctr
Learning Resource Center
Leary El
Lee El
Lee El
Lee El
Lee El
Lee El
Lee El
Lee El
Lee El
Lee Elementary
Lee Freshman High School
Lee H S
Lee H S
Lee H S
Lee Mcshan Jr Elementary
Lee Middle
Lee Middle School
Legacy High School
Legacy Middle School
Legends Property
Lehman High School
Leila P Cowart El
Leming El
Lemm El
Lenore Kirk Hall El
Leo Rizzuto El
Leon El
Leon H S
Leon Heights El
Leon J H
Leon Springs Es
Leon Taylor J H
Leon Valley Es
Leonard 6th Grade
Leonard Elementary
Leonard Evans Jr Middle School
Leonard High School
Leonard Intermediate School
Leonard Junior High
Leonard Middle
Leonard Shanklin El
Leonel Trevino El
Leonides Cigarroa Elementary
Leslie A Stemmons El
Levelland Academic Beginning Cente
Levelland H S
Levelland J H
Levelland Middle
Lewis El
Lewis Elementary
Lewis Es
Lewisville H S
Lexington El
Lexington Elementary School
Lexington High School
Lexington Middle School
Leyendecker El
Libby El
Liberty El
Liberty El
Liberty Elementary
Liberty High School
Liberty Hill El
Liberty Hill H S
Liberty Hill Intermediate
Liberty Hill Junior High
Liberty Hill Middle School
Liberty J H
Liberty Memorial Middle School
Liberty Middle School
Liberty-eylau C K Bender Elementar
Liberty-eylau H S
Liberty-eylau Middle
Liberty-eylau Pre-k Center Grandvi
Liberty-eylau Pri
Lida Hooe El
Lieder El
Liestman El
Life School Lancaster
Life School Oak Cliff
Life School Red Oak
Life Skills Program For Student Pa
Ligarde El
Lighthouse Charter School
Lighthouse Learning Center - Aec
Lighthouse Learning Center - Daep
Lighthouse Learning Center - Jjaep
Lillie J Jackson Early Childhood C
Lillion E Luehrs J H
Lily B Clayton El
Limestone County Juvenile Detentio
Lincoln H S
Lincoln Junior High
Lincoln Middle
Lincoln Middle
Lincoln Middle School
Lincoln Middle School
Linda Tutt High School
Lindale H S
Lindale Jjaep
Lindale Junior High
Lindale Pri
Linden El
Linden-kildare H S
Linder El
Lindsay El
Lindsay H S
Lindsley Park Community School
Linton Es
Lipan El
Lipan H S
Lisbon El
Little El
Little Elm H S
Littlefield El
Littlefield H S
Littlefield J H
Littlefield Pri
Live Oak El
Lively El
Livingston H S
Livingston Int
Livingston J H
Lizzie M Burges Alternative School
Llano El
Llano H S
Llano Junior High
Lloyd Boze Secondary Learning Cent
Lloyd R Ferguson El
Locke Hill Es
Lockhart El
Lockhart H S
Lockhart High School Freshman Camp
Lockhart Junior High School
Lockhart Pride HS
Lockney Daep
Lockney Elementary
Lockney High School
Lockney Jr High
Locust Ecc
Logan El
Lohn School
Lois F Giddens El
Loma Verde
Loma Park Elementary School
Loma Terrace Es
Lomax El
Lomax J H
Lometa Alternative
Lometa School
London El
Lone Oak El
Lone Oak H S
Lone Oak Middle
Lone Star El
Lone Star El
Lone Star Elementary
Lone Star Elementary
Long El
Long El
Long Elementary
Long Middle
Long Middle School
Longbranch El
Longfellow El
Longfellow Elementary
Longfellow Middle
Longoria El
Longs Creek El
Loop School
Looscan El
Lopez-riggins El
Loraine School
Loraine T Golbow El
Lorena Elementary
Lorena H S
Lorena Middle
Lorena Primary School
Lorene Smith Kirkpatrick Elementar
Lorenzo De Zavala
Lorenzo De Zavala El
Lorenzo De Zavala Middle
Lorenzo De Zavala Middle School
Lorenzo El
Lorenzo H S
Los Cuates Middle
Los Encinos Ses
Los Fresnos El
Los Fresnos HS
Losoya Intermediate
Lost Pines Elementary School
Lotspeich El
Lott Detention Center
Lott Detention Center
Lott Detention Center
Lott Detention Center
Lott Elementary
Lott Juvenile Detention Center
Louise Black Elementary
Louise El
Louise H S
Louise Wolff Kahn El
Love El
Lovejoy El
Lovejoy H S
Lovejoy M S
Lovelady El
Lovelady H S
Lovett El
Lovett Ledger Int
Lowell Middle
Lowery El
Lowery Freshman Center
Lowery Road
Lubbock Co J J A E P
Lubbock Co J J A E P
Lubbock Co J J A E P
Lubbock Co J J A E P
Lubbock Co Juvenile Justice Ctr
Lubbock Co Youth Ctr
Lubbock Co Youth Ctr
Lubbock H S
Lubbock-cooper High School
Lubbock-cooper Junior High School
Lubbock-cooper North Elementary Sc
Lubbock-cooper South Elementary Sc
Lucas El
Lucille Nash Intermediate
Lucy Mae Mcdonald Elementary
Lucy Rede Franco Middle School
Lucyle Collins Middle School
Lueders-avoca El/j H
Lueders-avoca H S
Luella Merrett El
Lufkin H S
Lufkin Middle
Luling H S
Luling J H
Luling Pri
Luna El
Luna MS
Lyford El
Lyford H S
Lyford Middle School
Lyles Middle
Lyndon B Johnson El
Lyndon B Johnson H S
Lyndon B Johnson J H
Lyndon B Johnson Middle
Lynn Hale El
Lynn Lucas Middle
Lyons El
Lytle El
Lytle H S
Lytle Junior High School
Lytle Primary School
M C Williams Middle
M J Frank Planetarium
M L King Academy
M L King Middle
M L Phillips El
Mabank Alpha
Mabank Daep
Mabank H S
Mabank Middle
Macarthur El
Macarthur El
Macarthur H S
Macarthur H S
Macarthur High School
Macarthur Ninth Grade School
Macdonell El
Macgregor El
Mackenzie M S
Mackey Elementary
Madderra-flournoy El
Mading El
Madison El
Madison H S
Madison H S
Madison Middle
Madisonville Elementary School
Madisonville High School
Madisonville Intermediate School
Madisonville Junior High School
Mae Luster Stephens Junior High
Mae Smythe Elementary
Mae Stevens El
Maedgen El
Magee Elementary
Magnolia Elementary
Magnolia Elementary
Magnolia J H
Magoffin Middle
Magrill Elementary
Mahanay El
Mahon Early Childhood Ctr
Mainland Preparatory Academy
Malakoff Alternative Program (map)
Malakoff El
Malakoff H S
Malakoff Middle
Malone El
Malta El
Mambrino School
Manford Williams Elementary
Mann Middle
Mann Middle
Manor Elementary School
Manor H S
Manor Middle School
Manor Middle School
Mansfield High School
Mansfield Legacy H S
Manuel Jara El
Manvel HS
Maple Lawn El
Maplebrook Elementary
Maplewood El
Marathon Indpendent School Dist
Marble Falls El
Marble Falls High School
Marble Falls Middle School
Marcella Inter
Marcus H S
Marcy El
Marfa El
Marfa Junior/senior High
Margaret B Henderson El
Margaret S Mcwhirter El
Maria Moreno El
Marian Manor Es
Marietta El
Marilyn Miller Elementary
Marine Creek Elementary
Marion H S
Marion Middle
Marjory Vickery Elementary
Mark Twain El
Mark Twain El
Markham El
Marlin Alternative Education Progr
Marlin Daep
Marlin El
Marlin H S
Marlin MS
Marlin Orientation & Assessment Un
Marsh Middle
Marshall Durham Middle School
Marshall Education Center
Marshall H S
Marshall HS
Marshall J H
Marshall Middle
Marshall Middle
Mart Academic Alernative Program
Mart El
Mart H S
Mart Middle
Martha & Josh Morriss Math & Engin
Martha Hunt Elementary
Martha Turner Reilly El
Martin De Leon El
Martin Early Childhood Ctr
Martin El
Martin El
Martin El
Martin El
Martin H S
Martin Luther King Elem
Martin Luther King Jr Early Childh
Martin M S
Martin Middle
Martin Walker El
Martin Weiss El
Martinez C El
Martinez R El
Martins Mill El
Martins Mill H S
Marvin Elementary
Mary Allen El
Mary Deshazo El
Mary Grett School
Mary Harper Middle
Mary Hoge Middle School
Mary Jo Sheppard El
Mary L Cabaniss Elementary
Mary Lillard I S
Mary Lou Hartman
Mary Martin El
Mary Moore El
Mason Elementary School
Mason H S
Mason J H
Massey Ranch El
Matagorda Co Alter
Matagorda Co Alter
Matagorda Co Alter
Matagorda Co J J A E P
Matagorda El
Math/science/tech Magnet
Mathews El
Mathews El
Mathis H S
Mathis Int
Matthews Lrn Ctr/new Directions
Matzke El
Maud School
Maude I Logan El
Maude Laird Middle
Maude Mae Kirchner Elementary
Maudrie Walton El
Maurice L Wolfe Elementary
Maverick El
Max O Vaughan El
Maxfield El
May Elementary
May Es
May H S
Maya Angelou Health Special High S
Mayde Creek El
Mayde Creek H S
Mayde Creek J H
Mayes El
Maynard Jackson Middle School
Maypearl H S
Maypearl Intermediate
Maypearl Junior High
Mcalister El
Mcallen High School
Mcallister Middle School
Mcanally Intermediate
Mcauliffe Elementary
Mcbee El
Mccallum H S
Mccamey H S
Mccamey Middle
Mccamey Pri
Mcclendon El
Mccollum High School
Mccoy El
Mccraw J H
Mccreary Rd El
Mcculloch Intermediate School
Mccullough Academy Of Excellence
Mccullough Junior High School
Mcdade El
Mcdade El
Mcdermott Es
Mcdonald Middle School
Mcdougle Elementary
Mcdowell Middle School
Mcgaha El
Mcgill El
Mcgregor Elementary School
Mcgregor H S
Mckamy El
Mckenzie Elementary
Mckinney Boyd High School
Mckinney High School
Mckinney North High School
Mclaughlin El
Mclean 6th Grade
Mclean Middle
Mclean School
Mclennan Co Challenge Academy
Mclennan Co St Juvenile Correction
Mclennan Co State Juvenile Correct
Mclennan County Challenge Academy
Mclennan County Challenge Academy
Mcmasters Elementary
Mcmath Middle
Mcmullan Primary
Mcmullen County School
Mcnamara El
Mcneil H S
Mcniel J H
Mcqueeney Elementary
Mcrae El
Mcreynolds Middle
Mcroberts El
Mcwhorter El
Mcwhorter Elementary
Mcwhorter Elementary
Meacham Middle
Mead Es
Meadie Pumphrey Junior High School
Meador Elementary
Meadow Creek El
Meadow School
Meadow Village Es
Meadow Wood El
Meadowbrook El
Meadowbrook El
Meadowbrook El
Meadowbrook Middle
Meadowcreek El
Meadows El
Meadows Elementary
Medical Center Charter El
Medical Center Charter School/sout
Medina El
Medina H S
Medina Valley H S
Medina Valley Middle School
Medlin Middle
Melissa High School
Melissa Middle School
Melissa Ridge El
Memorial 7th 8th 9th Grade Center
Memorial Drive El
Memorial El
Memorial El
Memorial El
Memorial Elementary
Memorial H S
Memorial High School
Memorial High School
Memorial High School
Memorial High School
Memorial Int
Memorial Intermediate
Memorial J H
Memorial Middle
Memorial Middle
Memorial Parkway El
Memorial Parkway J H
Memorial Preparatory Sch
Memorial Pri
Memphis H S
Memphis Middle
Menard El
Menard H S
Menard J H
Menchaca El
Mendel Elementary
Mendenhall El
Mendez M S
Menger El
Mercedes Alter Academy
Mercedes Daep
Mercedes Early Childhood Center
Mercedes H S
Mercedes J H
Mercer & Blumberg Lrn Ctr
Meridian Aep
Meridian El
Meridian H S
Meridith-dunbar El
Merkel El
Merkel H S
Merkel Int
Merkel Middle
Merrifield Elementary
Merriman Park El
Mesa High School
Mesa Verde El
Mesa Vista Es
Mesita El
Mesquite Academy
Mesquite High School
Metcalf El
Methodist Home Boys Ranch
Metro Academy Of Math And Science
Metro Opportunity
Metroplex School
Metz El
Metzler El
Mexia H S
Mexia J H
Mexia School Of Choice
Meyer El
Meyer El
Meyer Elementary
Meyersville El
Mg Ellis
Mh Specht Elementary School
Miami School
Michael E Fossum M S
Michael Es
Middle 34
Middle Lvl Lrn Ctr
Middle School #15
Midland Academy Charter School
Midland Excel Campus
Midland Freshman High School
Midland H S
Midlothian H S
Mid-valley Academy
Midway H S
Midway Int
Midway Middle
Midway Park El
Midway School
Miguel Carrillo Jr El
Mike Moseley El
Milam El
Milam El
Milam El
Milam Elementary
Milano El
Milano H S
Milano Jr High
Milby H S
Mildred Jenkins El
Miles El
Miles H S
Milford School
Miller El
Miller El
Miller Grove School
Miller Heights El
Miller High School Ctr For Communi
Miller Intermediate
Miller Intermediate
Miller J H
Miller Jordan Middle
Miller Point El
Mills El
Millsap El
Millsap Elem
Millsap H S
Millsap Middle School
Milton Cooper E S
Mina Elementary
Mineola El
Mineola H S
Mineola Middle
Mineola Pri
Mineral Wells H S
Mineral Wells J H
Minnie Mae Hopper El
Mireles Elementary
Miss May Vernon El
Mission Valley Es
Mitchell Boulevard El
Mitchell El
Mitchell El
Mitzi Bond Elementary
Mockingbird El
Mohawk El
Moises Vela Middle School
Monahans Ed Ctr
Monahans H S
Monday Primary
Monnig Middle
Montague El
Montague Village Elementary
Montclair El
Montclair El
Monte Alto El
Monte Alto Middle
Monterey H S
Montgomery Co J J A E P
Montgomery County Jjaep
Montgomery El
Montgomery El
Montgomery El
Montgomery H S
Montgomery Int
Montgomery J H
Montgomery Middle
Montgomery Primary
Moody El
Moody H S
Moody H S
Moody Middle
Moody Pre-k
Mooneyham El
Moore El
Moore El
Moore Elementary
Moore M H El
Moore Mst Magnet School
Morales Elementary
Moran School
Morehead Middle
Moreno El
Moreno J H
Morgan Elementary Magnet School
Morgan School
Morningside El
Morningside El
Morningside Elem
Morningside Middle
Morrill Elementary
Morris Fifth Grade Center
Morris Upchurch Middle
Morton El
Morton El
Morton H S
Morton J H
Morton Ranch High School
Morton Ranch Junior High
Moss El
Moss Elementary
Moss Haven El
Motley County School
Motley Elementary
Moulton El
Moulton H S
Mound El
Mount Auburn El
Mount Calm El
Mountain Valley School
Mountainview El
Mt Enterprise Elementary
Mt Enterprise H S
Mt Peak El
Mt Vernon El
Mt Vernon H S
Mt Vernon Int
Mt Vernon J H
Muenster El
Muenster H S
Muleshoe H S
Mullin Elementary
Mullin High School
Munday El
Munday H S
Munday Junior High
Murchison Daep
Murchison El
Murchison Elementary School
Murchison M S
Murfee El
Muriel Forbes El
Murnin Es
Murphy Middle School
Myatt El
Myers Es
Myra Green Middle School
N A Howry Middle
N Garland H S
N W Harllee El
Naaman Forest H S
Nacogdoches Co Alter Ed Coop
Nacogdoches Co Alter Ed Coop
Nacogdoches Co Alternative Coop
Nacogdoches County Daep Coop
Nadine Johnson Elementary
Nancy H Strickland Int
Nancy Moseley El
Nancy Smith El
Nanny El
Naomi Pasemann El
Naomi Press Elementary School
Napper El
Nash El
Natalia Early Child Ctr
Natalia El
Natalia H S
Natalia J H
Natha Howell El
Nathan Adams El
Nathaniel Hawthorne El
Navarro County Aep/abc
Navarro County Daep/abc
Navarro Elementary
Navarro Elementary
Navarro Middle
Navasota H S
Navasota Int
Navasota J H
Navo Middle School
Nazareth School
Nci Charter School Without Walls
Neal El
Neal Elementary
Nebbie Williams El
Nederland H S
Needville El
Needville H S
Needville Junior High
Needville Middle
Neff El
Neff MS
Negley El
Neidig El
Neil Armstrong El
Nellie Mae Glass Elementary
Nelson El
Nettie Baccus El
New Aspirations
New Boston Daep
New Boston Daep
New Boston Daep
New Boston Daep
New Boston Daep
New Boston Daep
New Boston Daep
New Boston Daep
New Boston H S
New Boston Middle
New Braunfels H S
New Caney El
New Caney H S
New Caney Sixth Grade Campus
New Caney Sp Ed
New Diana H S
New Diana Middle
New Direction Lrn Ctr
New Directions
New El
New El
New El
New El
New El
New El
New El
New El
New El
New El
New El
New El
New El
New El #2
New El #39
New El #5
New El #6
New El #8
New El #9
New Elementary - Northgate Area
New Elementary At Terra Vista
New Elementary School #1
New Elementary School #2
New Elementary School At Avery Ran
New Elementary School At Paloma La
New Elementary School At Ryans Cro
New Elementary School At Stone Oak
New Elementary School At Turtle Cr
New Elementary School At Willow Ru
New Frontiers Charter School
New Frontiers Middle Sch
New H S
New H S
New Hope High School
New Horizons Ranch
New Int
New Intermediate
New J H
New J J A E P
New Junior High
New M S
New M S #2
New M S #5
New M S #5
New Middle
New Middle
New Middle
New Middle School
New Middle School
New Oak Ridge Intermediate
New Sixth Grade Campus
New Technology High School
New Waverly Elementary
New Waverly H S
New Waverly Intermediate
New Waverly Junior High
Newcomer Center
Newcomer Charter Sch
Newell E Woolls Intermediate
Newgulf El
Newman El
Newman El
Newport Elementary
Newton Co Sp Ed Co-op
Newton El
Newton H S
Newton Middle
Newton Rayzor Elementary
Next New Intermediate
Nichols Es
Nichols Intermediate
Nichols J H
Nick Kerr Middle School
Night Sch
Nimitz El
Nimitz H S
Nimitz High School
Nimitz Middle
Nimitz Ninth Grade School
Ninfa R Laurenzo Early Childhood C
Ninth Grade Center
Nisd Bexar County Jja
Nisd Intervention
Nita Pearson Elementary
Nitsch El
Nixon El
Nixon Smiley El
Nixon-smiley H S
Nixon-smiley Middle
Nocona El
Nocona H S
Nocona Middle
Noemi Dominguez Elementary
Nolan Middle School
Nolanville Elementary
Noonan El
Nordheim School
Norma Dorsey El
Norma J Paschal El
Norma Krueger El
Norma Krueger El/bert Karrer Campu
Norman El
Norman Jr High
Norman M Thomas El
Normandy Crossing Elementary
Normangee El
Normangee H S
North Alamo El
North Alternative Elementary
North Alternative Middle School
North Belt El
North Bridge Elementary
North Crowley H S
North Crowley H S 9th Grade Campus
North East J J A E P
North El
North El
North El
North Euless El
North Grammar El
North Heights Alter
North Heights Alter
North Hi Mount El
North Hills Primary School
North Hills School
North Hopkins El
North Hopkins H S
North Houston H S For Business
North Houston Multi-language Acad
North Joshua El
North Lamar H S
North Loop Es
North Mesquite High School
North Oaks Middle
North Pointe El
North Richland Middle
North Ridge El
North Ridge El
North Ridge Middle
North Riverside Elementary
North Shore El
North Shore Middle
North Shore Senior High
North Star Es
North Texas Elementary School Of T
North Texas State Hospital - Afp -
North Waco El
North Ward Pri
North Zulch El
North Zulch H S
Northampton El
Northbrook H S
Northbrook Middle
Northeast El
Northern Hills El
Northlake El
Northlake El
Northline El
Northrich El
Northside Early Childhood Center
Northside El
Northside El
Northside El
Northside El
Northside El
Northside El
Northside School
Northwest Crossing Es
Northwest El
Northwest El
Northwest El
Northwest H S
Northwest Head Start
Northwest Preparatory
Northwest Preparatory Campus (wile
Northwood El
Northwood Hills El
Norwood El
Nottingham Country El
Nottingham El
Nottingham MS
Nova Academy
Nova Academy (southeast)
Novice School
Nueces Canyon Elementary
Nueces Canyon Jh/hs
Nueces Co J J A E P
Nueces Co J J A E P
Nueces Co J J A E P
Nueces Co J J A E P
Nye El
Nyos Charter School
Nyos Charter School Inc At Gessner
O A Fleming El
O C Taylor Ctr
O D Wyatt H S
O H Herman Middle
O H Stowe El
O Henry El
O Henry M S
O W Holmes Middle
Oak Crest Int
Oak Dale El
Oak Forest El
Oak Forest El
Oak Forest El
Oak Grove El
Oak Grove El
Oak Grove El
Oak Hill El
Oak Hills Terrace Es
Oak Meadow El
Oak Park Special Emphasis School
Oak Point El
Oak Ridge El
Oak Ridge H S
Oak Springs El
Oak Village Middle
Oak Woods Int
Oakhurst El
Oaklawn El
Oakmont El
Oakrun School
Oaks El
Oakwood El
Oakwood H S
Oakwood Intermediate School
Oakwood Terrace El
Oates El
Obadiah Knight El
O'banion Middle
O'brien Middle
O'bryant Int
O'bryant Primary
Occupational Ctr
O'connor HS
Odem El
Odem H S
Odem J H
Odessa Kilpatrick Elementary
Odom El
Odom Elementary
Odom Middle
O'donnell El
O'donnell High School
O'donnell J H
O'donnell Middle
Odyssey Academy Inc
Off Campus P P C D
Ogden El
Ogle Elementary
Oglesby School
Oilton El
Oleson Elementary
Olfen El
Oliver El
Olmito Elementary
Olmos El
Olney El
Olney H S
Olney J H
Olsen Park El
Olton D A E P
Olton H S
Olton J H
Olympia El
Omega Academic Center
One Stop Multiservice
One Stop Multiservice
One Stop Multiservice H S
Onesimo Hernandez El
Oppe El
Opport Awareness Ctr
Opportunity Learning Center
Opportunity Learning Ctr
Oran M Roberts El
Orange Grove Elementary
Orange Grove H S
Orange Grove Int
Orange Grove J H
Orange Grove Pri
Ore City Aep
Ore City Elementary
Ore City High School
Ore City Middle
Orr El
Ortega El
Ortiz Middle
Ortiz El
Osborne El
Ott Es
Otto M Fridia High School
Ousley J H
Outley El
Overton El
Overton El
Overton El
Overton H S
Oveta Culp Hobby Elementary
Owens El
Owens El
Owens Int
Ozen H S
Ozona H S
Ozona Int
Ozona Middle
Ozona Primary
P A C E School
P A S S /a E P
P A S S Learning Center
P A S S Learning Ctr
P A S S Learning Ctr
P A S S Learning Ctr
P A S S Learning Ctr
P A S S Learning Ctr
P A S S Learning Ctr
P E P Alter
P E P Alter Co-op
P F Stewart El
P H Greene El
P L C-pampa Learning Ctr
P M Akin El
Pace H S
Packsaddle Elementary
Paducah School
Page Middle
Paint Creek School
Paint Rock School
Palacios H S
Palacios J H
Palacios Marine Ed Ctr
Palestine High School
Palestine Middle School
Palm El
Palmer El
Palmer H S
Palmer Intermediate
Palmer Middle
Palmer-laakso El
Palo Alto El
Palo Alto Middle School
Palo Duro H S
Palo Pinto El
Pampa H S
Pampa Junior High School
Panhandle El
Panhandle H S
Panhandle J H
Panola Cs
Panther Creek El
Panther Creek H S
Paradigm Accelerated School
Paradise El
Paradise H S
Paradise Intermediate
Paradise Middle
Paramount Terrace El
Paredes M S
Paris Alternative School For Succe
Paris Daep
Paris H S
Park Crest El
Park Crest Middle
Park El
Park Glen El
Park Place El
Park View Intermediate
Park Village El
Parkdale El
Parker El
Parker El
Parker Elementary
Parker Intermediate
Parker Rd El
Parkhill J H
Parkland Es
Parkland HS
Parks Elementary
Parkview El
Parkway El
Parkway El
Parkway Elementary
Parkwood Elementary
Parkwood Hill Intermediate
Parmer Lane El
Parmley El
Parnell El
Parsons El
Parsons Pre-k Ctr
Pasadena High School
Pasadena Memorial High School
Paschal H S
Paseo Del Norte Acad Ysleta
Paso Del Norte Academy
Pasodale Es
Passmore Es
Pat Cooper El
Pat Reynolds Elementary
Pathways H S
Pathways Learning Center
Pathways Learning Ctr
Patlan Elementary
Patrick Henry Middle
Patterson El
Patton El
Patton Springs School
Paul A Brown Alternative Center
Paul Belton Early Childhood Center
Paul Irwin Head Start Center
Paul L Dunbar El
Pauline Naumann El
Peach Creek Elementary
Peak Academy
Peak Advantage
Pearce H S
Pearce M S
Pearl C Anderson Middle
Pearl Hall Elementary
Pearl M Hirsch El
Pearsall H S
Pearsall Int
Pearsall J H
Pearson Early Childhood
Pease Communications/technology Ma
Pease El
Pease MS
Pebble Creek El
Pecan Springs El
Pecan Valley El
Peck El
Pecos H S
Pecos Kind
Peebles Elementary
Peet J H
Peete El
Pegasus Charter H S
Penelope School
Percy W Neblett Elementary School
Perez El
Perfor & Vis Arts H S
Perkins Middle
Perrin El
Perrin Elementary
Perrin H S
Perry Middle School
Perryton H S
Perryton J H
Perryton Kinder
Pershing El
Pershing Middle
Pershing Park Elementary
Pete Gallego Elementary
Peters Colony Elementary
Petersburg El
Petersburg H S
Petersen El
Peterson Middle
Petrolia El
Petrolia H S
Petrolia Junior High
Petronila El
Petrosky El
Pewitt El
Pewitt H S
Pewitt J H
Pfeiffer Academy
Pflugerville El
Pflugerville H S
Pflugerville Middle
Phillips Elementary
Phoenix Academy
Phoenix High School
Phyllis Wheatley El
Pickett Center
Pierce El
Pietzsch/mac Arthur El
Pilgrim El
Pillow El
Pilot Point El
Pilot Point H S
Pilot Point Intermediate
Pilot Point Selz Middle
Pin Oak Middle School
Pine Forest El
Pine Ridge Elementary
Pine Shadows El
Pineforest El
Piner Middle School
Piney Point El
Pink Elementary
Pinkerton El
Pinnacle School
Pioneer El
Pioneer Heritage Middle School
Pirrung Elementary
Pittman Elementary
Pittsburg Elementary
Pittsburg H S
Pittsburg Intermediate
Pittsburg Middle
Pittsburg Primary
Plains El
Plains H S
Plains Middle
Plainview High School
Plano Alternative School
Plano Jjaep
Plano Parkway Middle
Plano Special Services
Plano Sr H S
Plano West Senior H S
Plato Academy
Pleasant Grove El
Pleasant Grove El
Pleasant Grove H S
Pleasant Grove Middle
Pleasant Hill Academy El
Pleasant Hill El
Pleasant Run El
Pleasant Valley El
Pleasanton El
Pleasanton H S
Pleasanton Intermediate
Pleasanton J H
Pleasanton Primary
Pleasantville El
Plum Creek El
Plum Creek El
Plummer Middle School
Poe El
Poe Middle
Polk El
Polk Middle School
Polser Elementary
Polytechnic H S
Pomeroy Elementary
Pond Springs El
Ponder El
Ponder H S
Ponder Junior High
Ponderosa El
Poolville El
Poolville H S
Poolville Junior High
Pope El
Popham El
Por Vida Academy Charter H S
Port Houston El
Port Isabel H S
Port Isabel J H
Port Neches El
Port Neches Middle
Port Neches-groves H S
Port O Connor El
Porter El
Porter Elementary
Porter M S
Positive Redirection Ctr
Positive Solutions Charter
Post El
Post El
Post H S
Post Middle
Postma El
Poteet Elementary
Poteet H S
Poteet High School
Poteet Intermediate
Poteet J H
Poth Choice Program
Poth Elementary
Poth H S
Poth J H
Potranco Elementary
Pottsboro El
Pottsboro H S
Pottsboro Intermediate
Pottsboro Middle
Powell El
Powell Es
Prairie Creek El
Prairie Trail Elementary
Prairie Valley El
Prairie Valley H S
Prairie View Elementary
Prairiland H S
Prairiland Jr High
Pre School Ctr
Pre-k Academy
Pre-k Ctr II
Pre-k El
Premont Central El
Premont H S
Premont J H
Prescott El
Presidential Meadows El
Presidio El
Presidio H S
Preston Hollow El
Prestonwood El
Price El
Price El
Price Elementary
Price T Young Middle
Priddy School
Pride Alter Sch
Pride High School
Princeton H S
Princeton Special Programs Center
Princeton/farmersville Daep
Pringle-morse El-j H
Pritchard J H
Project Chrysalis Middle
Project Intercept Sch
Project Ready At Navasota Carver L
Project Restore
Project Restore
Project Tyke
Promise House
Prosper H S
Prosper Middle School
Providence El
Provident Heights El
Pro-vision School
Psja H S
Psja Memorial H S
Puckett El
Pugh El
Pupil Personnel Campus
Purple Sage El
Purple Sage El
Putegnat El
Putnam El
Pyburn El
Qisd Education Center
Quanah H S
Queen City H S
Queens Intermediate
Quest Academy
Quest H S
Quitman El
Quitman H S
Quitman J H
R A Hall Elementary
R C Andrews Elementary
R C Barton Middle School
R C Fisher Campus
R C Loflin Middle
R D Mcadams J H
R E Lee El
R F Hartman El
R Q Sims Int
R Steve Folsom
R V Groves Elementary School
Raba Es
Radiance Academy Of Learning
Radiance Academy Of Learning (del
Radiance Academy Of Learning (west
Rahe Bulverde Elementary School
Rains Elementary
Rains High School
Rains Intermediate
Rains Jr High
Rainwater Elementary
Ralls El
Ralls H S
Ralls Middle
Ramey El
Ramirez Charter School
Ramirez El
Ramirez-burks Elementary
Ramona Es
Ranch Academy
Ranchland Hills MS
Rancho Isabella El
Ranchview High School
Randall H S
Randolph El
Randolph H S
Randolph Middle
Range Elementary
Ranger El
Ranger H S
Ranger Middle School
Rangerville El
Rankin El
Rann Elementary
Rapoport Academy Prep Sch
Rasor El
Rather J H
Raul Yzaguirre School For Success
Raven School
Rawlinson MS
Ray D Corbett J H
Ray Daily Elementary
Ray El
Ray H S
Rayburn Elementary
Rayburn Elementary
Rayburn H S
Rayburn MS
Raye Mccoy El
Raye-allen El
Raymond Academy
Raymond B Cooper J H
Raymond Tellas Academy - Daep
Raymond Tellas Academy - Jjaep
Raymondville H S
Reach Charter
Reach H S
Read Pre-k Demonstration Sch
Read-turrentine El
Reagan County Elementary
Reagan County H S
Reagan County Middle
Reagan El
Reagan El
Reagan El
Reagan H S
Reagan H S
Reagan H S
Reassignment Ctr
Reaves El
Rebecca Creek Elementary School
Rebuild Hisd Campus
Recovery Education Campus
Red Bluff Elementary
Red El
Red Lick El
Red Lick Middle
Red Oak Elementary
Red Oak H S
Red Oak Int
Red Oak J H
Red Rock Elementary
Redirections Center
Redland Oaks El
Reece Academy
Reeces Creek Elementary
Reed - Mock Elementary
Reed Academy
Reed El
Rees El
Reese Educational Ctr
Reeves-hinger Elem
Refugio High School
Regency Place El
Regina Howell El
Regional Day Sch Deaf
Regional Day Sch For Deaf
Reilly El
Reinhardt El
Remington Point Elementary
Remynse Elementary
Renner Middle
Resaca El
Resaca Middle
Reuben Johnson El
Revere Middle
Reynolds El
Reynolds El
Rhoads El
Rhodes El
Rhodes Es
Ricardo El
Ricardo Middle
Ricardo Salinas Elementary
Rice El
Rice El
Rice H S
Rice Sch
Rice Sch
Richard J Wilson El
Richard Lagow El
Richard Milburn Academy - Ector Co
Richard Milburn Academy - Fort Wor
Richard Milburn Academy - Suburban
Richard Milburn Academy (amarillo)
Richard Milburn Academy (beaumont)
Richard Milburn Academy (midland)
Richard Milburn Alter H S (corpus
Richard Milburn Alter H S (killeen
Richard Milburn Alter H S (lubbock
Richards El
Richards H S
Richards Sch For Young Women Leade
Richardson Arts/law/science Magnet
Richardson El
Richardson H S
Richardson Heights El
Richardson Middle
Richardson North J H
Richardson Terrace El
Richardson West J H
Richey Elementary
Richland Collegiate HS Of Math Sci
Richland El
Richland El
Richland H S
Richland Middle
Richland Springs School
Richter El
Rick Hawkins H S
Rick Schneider Middle School
Ricky C Bailey M S
Riddle Elementary
Rider H S
Ridgecrest El
Ridgecrest El
Ridgeview El
Ridgeview Middle School
Ridgewood El
Ridglea Hills El
Riesel School
Ringgold El
Ringgold El
Ringgold Middle
Rio Grande City H S
Rio Hondo El
Rio Hondo H S
Rio Hondo Int
Rio Hondo J H
Rio Vista El
Rio Vista H S
Rio Vista Head Start
Rio Vista Isd Jjaep
Rio Vista Middle
Ripley House Charter School
Risd Acad
Rising Star El
Rising Star H S
River Oaks
River Oaks El
River Oaks El
River Road High School
River Road Middle School
River Trails Elementary School
Rivera El
Rivera El
Riverchase Ele
Rivercrest El
Rivercrest H S
Rivercrest J H
Riverside Applied Lrn Ctr
Riverside HS
Riverside Middle
Riverside MS
Riverside Park Academy
Riverwood Middle
Rj Richey Elementary
Roach El
Roan Forest El
Roanoke Elementary
Roark El
Robbin E L Washington Es
Robert B Green El
Robert B Sewell El
Robert C Zamora Middle
Robert Crippen El
Robert E Lee El
Robert E Lee High School
Robert E Lee Int
Robert F Hunt Elementary
Robert G Cole Jr-sr High School
Robert King Elementary
Robert L Thornton El
Robert Lee El
Robert Lee H S
Robert R Rojas El
Robert T Hill Middle
Robert Turner H S
Roberta Wright Rylander El
Roberts El
Roberts El
Roberts Elementary
Roberts Road El
Robinson El
Robinson El
Robinson H S
Robinson Intermediate
Robinson J H
Robinson Middle
Robinson Pri
Robison Elementary
Robstown High School
Roby El
Roby H S
Rochelle School
Rochester J H
Rock Prairie El
Rockdale El
Rockdale H S
Rockdale J H
Rockdale Regional Juvenile Justice
Rocksprings Alter Ed Pgm
Rocksprings El
Rocksprings H S
Rockwall H S
Rockwall Quest Academy
Rodger & Ellen Beck J H
Rodriguez El
Roger E Sides El
Roger Q Mills El
Rogers El
Rogers El
Rogers El
Rogers H S
Rogers Middle
Rogers Middle
Rolling Hills El
Rolling Hills El
Roma H S
Roma Int
Roma Middle
Ronald E Mcnair El
Ronald E Mcnair Sixth Grade School
Ronald Reagan MS
Roosevelt Alexander El
Roosevelt Daep
Roosevelt El
Roosevelt El
Roosevelt Elementary
Roosevelt Elementary School
Roosevelt H S
Roosevelt H S
Roosevelt H S
Roosevelt J H
Roosevelt-wilson El
Rooster Springs El
Ropes School
Roque Guerra Jr El
Roquemore El
Rosa Parks/millbrook El
Rosalio Tobias International Schoo
Roscoe El
Roscoe H S
Rose Garden El
Rose Haggar El
Rosebud Intermediate
Rosebud Primary
Rosebud-lott Daep
Rosebud-lott H S
Rosebud-lott J H
Rosebud-lott Learning Center
Rosemeade Elementary
Rosemont 6th Grade
Rosemont C V Semos El
Rosemont El
Rosemont Middle
Rosenberg El
Rosenwald Pri
Rosewood Head Start
Ross El
Ross MS
Rotan El
Rotan H S
Rotan J H
Roth El
Round Rock Opport Ctr Daep
Round Top-carmine El
Round Top-carmine H S
Rowe Lane El
Rowlett El
Rowlett H S
Roxton El
Roxton H S
Roy Benavidez Elementary
Roy J Wollam El
Roy Lee Walker Elementary
Roy Maas Youth Alternatives/the Br
Roy W Roberts El
Royal Ridge El
Royalwood El
Royse City H S
Royse City Middle
Ruben C Rodriguez Elementary
Ruben Hinojosa Elementary
Ruby Young El
Rucker El
Rudder MS
Rugel Elementary
Rule School
Rummel Creek El
Runge El
Runge H S
Runge J J A E P
Running Brushy Middle School
Runyan El
Rush El
Rusk El
Rusk El
Rusk Elementary
Rusk Elementary
Rusk H S
Rusk Intermediate
Rusk J H
Rusk Primary
Russell El
Rutherford Elementary
Rutledge Elementary
Ryan El
Ryan Middle
S & S Daep
S And S Cons El
S And S Cons H S
S And S Cons Middle
S C Lee J H
S Garland H S
S Gus Alexander Jr Elementary
S S Conner El
S S Dillow El
S T A R S Academy
S/sgt Michael P Barrera Veterans E
Sabinal El
Sabinal H S
Sabinal J H
Sabine El
Sabine H S
Sabine Middle
Sachse H S
Saegert Elementary
Saenz El
Sagamore Hill El
Saginaw El
Saginaw H S
Saigling El
Saill Charter School
Saint Jo El
Saint Jo H S
Salado H S
Salado Int
Salado Intermediate School
Salazar Alternative Education Prog
Salazar El
Salazar El
Sally Ride El
Sallye Moore Elementary School
Saltillo School
Salvador Sanchez Middle
Salyers Elementary
Sam Hailey El
Sam Houston El
Sam Houston El
Sam Houston El
Sam Houston Elementary
Sam Houston Elementary
Sam Houston H S
Sam Houston H S
Sam Houston Middle
Sam Rayburn
Sam Rayburn El
Sam Rayburn El
Sam Rayburn H S
Sam Tasby Middle School
Sammons Elementary
Sampson Elementary
Samuel Beck Elementary
Samuel Clemens H S
San Andres Elem
San Angelo Special Progs
San Angelo Special Progs
San Angelo Special Progs
San Antonio Can High School
San Antonio Preparatory Academy
San Antonio School For Inquiry & C
San Antonio Technology Academy
San Augustine El
San Augustine H S
San Augustine Int
San Diego H S
San Isidro El
San Isidro H S
San Jacinto El
San Jacinto El
San Jacinto El
San Jacinto El
San Jacinto Elementary
San Jacinto Intermediate
San Jacinto Junior High
San Juan Middle School
San Leon El
San Marcos H S
San Pedro Elementary
San Perlita El
San Perlita H S
San Perlita Instr Ctr
San Perlita Middle
San Saba El
San Saba H S
San Saba Middle School
San Vicente El
Sanborn El
Sanchez El
Sanchez El
Sanders El
Sands Cisd
Sands Point El
Sanford-fritch El
Sanford-fritch H S
Sanford-fritch J H
Sanger H S
Sanger Middle
Santa Anna El
Santa Anna Secondary
Santa Fe Elementary North
Santa Fe Elementary South
Santa Fe H S
Santa Fe Int
Santa Fe J H
Santa Rita El
Santa Rita Elementary
Santa Rosa Daep
Santa Rosa H S
Santa Rosa Jjaep
Santiago Garcia Elementary
Santo Elementary
Santo High School
Santo J Forte Junior High School N
Sarita El
Savannah Heights Inter
Savoy El
Savoy H S
Scarborough El
Scarborough H S
Sch Of Govt/law/law Enforcement
Schallert El
Schanen Estates El
Scharbauer Elementary
Scheh Elementary
Schenck El
Schertz El
Schimelpfenig Middle
Schindewolf Intermediate School
Schochler Primary
School Aged Parenting Program
School At Post Oak
School Community Guidance Center
School For Accelerated Lrn
School For Accelerated Lrn
School For Accelerated Lrn
School For The Talented & Gifted
School Of Business & Management
School Of Education & Social Servi
School Of Health Professions
School Of Liberal Arts And Science
School Of Science & Engineering
School Of Science And Technology
School-age Parent Ctr
Schulenburg El
Schulenburg Secondary
Schultz El
Schultz Middle
Schulze El
Science Ctr
Science Hall El
Scobee Es
Scott El
Scott El
Scott El
Scott Morgan Johnson Middle School
Scroggins El
Scudder Pri
Scurry-rosser Alter
Scurry-rosser El
Scurry-rosser H S
Scurry-rosser Middle
Seabourn Elementary
Seabrook Int
Seadrift School
Seagoville Alternative Center
Seagoville El
Seagoville H S
Seagoville Middle
Seagraves El
Seagraves H S
Seagraves J H
Seale J H
Sealy H S
Sealy J H
Seashore Learning Ctr
Seashore Middle Acad
Secondary Reassign Ctr
Secondary Special Program Center
Seguin El
Seguin High School
Sellers Middle
Selman El
Selman Int
Seminary Hills Park Elementary
Seminole El
Seminole H S
Seminole J H
Seminole Pri
Seminole Success Ctr
Sentry Technology Prep Sch
Serenity High
Serna El
Seven Hills Elementary
Seven Lakes High School
Seymour El
Seymour H S
Seymour Middle School
Shackelford El
Shackelford J H
Shadow Forest El
Shadow Oaks El
Shadowbriar El
Shady Brook El
Shady Grove El
Shady Oaks El
Shady Shores El
Shadydale Elementary
Shallowater El
Shallowater H S
Shallowater Int
Shallowater Middle
Shamrock El
Shamrock H S
Shamrock Middle
Shands Elementary
Sharon A Richardson El
Sharon Christa Mcauliffe Junior Hi
Sharon Shannon Elementary
Sharp El
Sharpstown H S
Sharpstown Middle
Shaw Elementary
Shaw Ses
Shearn El
Sheffield Int
Sheffield Primary
Shekinah Hope
Shekinah Radiance Academy
Shekinah Radiance Academy Abundant
Shekinah Radiance Seguin
Shekinah Walzem
Shelbyville School
Sheldon 6th Grade Campus
Sheldon Jjaep
Shepherd H S
Shepherd Int
Shepherd Middle
Shepherd Primary
Sheppard Afb El
Shepton H S
Sheridan El
Sherman El
Sherman High School
Sherrod El
Sherwood El
Shields Elementary
Shiner El
Shiner H S
Shive El
Shoemaker High School
Shorehaven El
Short El
Shotwell Middle
Shugart El
Sidney H Poynter
Sidney Lanier El
Sidney School
Siebert El
Sierra Blanca School
Silsbee H S
Silva Health Magnet
Silver Creek El
Silverton School
Simms Elementary
Sims El
Sims El
Sinclair El
Sinclair El
Sinton Elementary
Sinton H S
Sivells Bend El
Skaggs El
Skidmore-tynan El
Skidmore-tynan H S
Skidmore-tynan J H
Skinner El
Sky Harbour El
Skyline H S
Skyview El
Slack El
Slaton Daep
Slaton H S
Slaton J H
Slaton M S
Sleepy Hollow El
Slocum El
Slocum H S
Small M S
Smiley H S
Smith Academy
Smith Co J J A E P
Smith Co J J A E P
Smith Co Jjaep
Smith Co Jjaep
Smith County Jjaep
Smith Education Center
Smith El
Smith El
Smith El
Smith El
Smith El
Smith El
Smith El
Smith Elementary
Smith Elementary
Smith High School
Smith Middle
Smith Middle School
Smithfield El
Smithfield Middle
Smithson Valley High School
Smithson Valley Middle
Smithville El
Smithville H S
Smithville J H
Smylie Wilson M S
Sneed El
Snow Heights El
Snyder El
Snyder H S
Snyder J H
So Grand Prairie H S
So San Antonio Career Ed Ctr
So San Antonio H S West
Soar Ctr
Socorro H S
Socorro Middle
Solomon P Ortiz Intermediate
Somerset Early Childhood Elementar
Somerset Elementary
Somerset High School
Somerset Junior High
Somerville El
Somerville H S
Somerville J H
Sonny & Allegra Nance Elementary
Sonora El
Sonora H S
Sonora J H
Sorensen El
Sorters Mill Elementary School
Souder El
Sour Lake El
South Athens El
South Birdville El
South Bosque El
South Davis El
South District Alternative
South El
South El
South El
South El
South Euless El
South Georgia El
South Hills El
South Hills High School
South Houston Elementary
South Houston High School
South Houston Intermediate
South Knoll El
South Lawn El
South Marshall El
South Park Middle
South Park Middle
South Plains Academy
South San Antonio H S
South Shaver Elementary
South Texas Business Education & T
South Waco El
Southeast El
Southeast M S
Southgate El
Southland School
Southmayd El
Southmore Intermediate
Southside El
Southside El
Southside Pri
Southside Primary
Southwest El
Southwest El
Southwest Elementary
Southwest H S
Southwest H S
Southwest High School
Southwest M S
Southwest Middle Sch
Southwest Preparatory - Virtual Pi
Southwest Preparatory School
Southwest Preparatory School-north
Southwest Preparatory Southeast Ca
Southwest Schools - Treatment Cent
Southwood Valley El
Sp Ed Contract
Sp Ed Co-op
Sp Ed Ctr
Sp Ed Homebound
Sp Ed O J T
Space Center Int
Sparta El
Spearman H S
Spearman J H
Special Assign Ctr
Special Ed Campus
Special Ed Serv
Special Ed Services
Special Education Night School
Special Opportunity School
Special Prog Ctr/j J A E P
Special Programs Ctr
Special Services
Special Services
Speegleville El
Speer El
Spence El
Spicer Alter Ed Ctr
Spicewood El
Spillane Middle School
Splendora H S
Splendora Intermediate
Splendora Junior High
Spring Branch Ed Ctr
Spring Branch El
Spring Branch Middle
Spring Branch Middle
Spring Branch School Of Choice
Spring Creek El
Spring Creek El
Spring Creek El
Spring Forest Middle
Spring Garden El
Spring H S
Spring Hill Daep
Spring Hill H S
Spring Hill Intermediate
Spring Hill J H
Spring Hill Middle
Spring Hill Primary
Spring Lake Park Elementary
Spring Meadows El
Spring Oaks Middle
Spring Shadow El
Spring Valley El
Spring Valley El
Spring Woods H S
Spring Woods Middle
Springdale El
Springhill El
Springlake-earth Daep
Springlake-earth Elem/middle Schoo
Springlake-earth HS
Springridge El
Springtown Elementary
Springtown H S
Springtown Intermediate School
Springtown Middle
Springtown Reno El
Springtown Watson El
Spur School
Spurger El
Spurger H S
St Anthony Academy
St Elmo El
St George's Place Es
St John's Academy
St Louis Catholic Sch
St Louis Sp Ed El
St Louis Unit
St Louis Unit
St Mary's Academy Charter School
Stafford Adjustment Center
Stafford El
Stafford Elementary School
Stafford Elementary School
Stafford High School
Stafford Intermediate School
Stafford Middle School
Stafford Primary School
Stahl El
Stamford High School
Stamford Middle School
Stanfield El
Stanton El
Stanton H S
Stanton Middle
Star Charter School
Star School
Stark El
Starkey El
Stars (southeast Texas Academic Re
Stars High School
Steadham El
Stehlik Intermediate
Steiner Ranch El
Stell Middle
Stelle Claughton Middle School
Stephanie Cravens Early Childhood
Stephen C Foster El
Stephen F Austin
Stephen F Austin Elementary
Stephens Elementary
Stephenson School
Stephenville Daep
Stephenville H S
Stephenville J H
Sterling City El
Sterling City H S
Sterling H Fly Jr High
Sterling H S
Steubing Es
Steubing Ranch El
Stevens El
Stevens HS
Stevenson El
Stevenson Middle
Stevenson MS
Stewart Creek Elementary
Stewart El
Stewart El
Stewart Middle School
Stewarts Creek El
Stilwell Tech Ctr
Stinson Elementary
Stinson MS
Stockdale El
Stockdale H S
Stockdale J H
Stone Oak El
Stonegate El
Stonewall El
Stonewall Jackson El
Stonewall/flanders Elementary
Stony Point High School
Stony Point Ninth Grade Campus
Story El
Stovall Middle
Stratford H S
Stratford H S
Stratford J H
Strawn School
Street Elementary
Stricklin Elementary
Stuard Elementary
Stubblefield Alternative Academy
Stubbs Early Childhood Ctr
Stuchbery Elementary
Student Adjustment Ctr
Student Alter Instr Lrn School(sai
Student Alternative Ctr
Student Learning And Guidance Cent
Stults Road El
Success H S
Success Program
Success Program East
Sudan Daep
Sudan El
Sudan H S
Sudderth El
Sudie L Williams El
Sue Creech Elementary
Sue Crouch Intermediate Sch
Sue Evelyn Rattan El
Sugar Grove El
Sugar Loaf Elementary
Sul Ross El
Sul Ross Elementary
Sulphur Bluff School
Sulphur Springs H S
Sulphur Springs Middle
Summerwood El
Summitt El
Sun Valley El
Sundown Lane Elem
Sunnyvale El
Sunnyvale Middle
Sunray El
Sunray H S
Sunray Middle School
Sunrise - Mcmillian Elementary
Sunrise El
Sunset El
Sunset H S
Sunset Valley El
Susie Fuentes El
Sutton El
Sweeny El
Sweeny H S
Sweeny J H
Sweetwater H S
Sweetwater Intermediate School
Sweetwater Middle
Swift El
Sycamore El
T A Howard Middle
T A Sims El
T E Baxter El
T G Mccord El
T G Terry El
T H Johnson El
T H Rogers El
T H Rogers Sec
T J Austin El
T L Pink Elementary
T R U C E Learning Ctr
T S Hancock El
T Sanchez El / H Ochoa El
T W Browne Middle
T Y C Sheffield Campus
Tadpole Lrn Ctr
Taft El
Taft H S
Taft HS
Taft J H
Tahoka El
Tahoka H S
Tahoka Middle
Tanglewood El
Tannahill Int
Tarkington H S
Tarkington Int
Tarkington Middle
Tarkington Pri
Tarrant Co J J A E P
Tarrant Co J J A E P
Tarrant Co J J A E P
Tarrant Co J J A E P
Tarrant Co J J A E P
Tarrant Co J J A E P
Tarrant Co J J A E P
Tarrant Co J J A E P
Tarrant Co Juvenile Justice Ctr
Tarrant County Jjaep School
Tarrant Youth Recovery
Tarver-rendon Elementary
Tascosa H S
Tatom El
Tatum El
Tatum El
Tatum H S
Tatum Middle
Tatum Pri
Taylor Alter Ctr
Taylor County Learning Center
Taylor County Learning Center
Taylor County Learning Center
Taylor El
Taylor El
Taylor El
Taylor Elementary
Taylor H S
Taylor H S
Taylor High School
Taylor Middle School
Taylor Ray Elementary
Teague Daep
Teague Elementary
Teague Elementary
Teague H S
Teague Int
Teague J H
Teague Middle
Technical Ed Ctr
Ted Flores El
Tegeler Career Center
Tekoa Academy Of Accelerated Studi
Telles Academy J J A E P
Temple Education Center
Temple El
Temple H S
Tenaha El
Tenaha High School
Tenaha Middle
Tenderfoot Primary
Tenie Holmes El
Tennyson Middle
Terlingua El
Terra Vista Middle School
Terrace El
Terrell El
Terrell H S
Terry Middle School
Texans Can Academy At Paul Quinn
Texas City H S
Texas Empowerment Academy
Texas H S
Texas Middle School
Texas Preparatory School
Texas School For The Blind
Texas School For The Deaf
Texas Serenity Academy
Texas Serenity Academy
Texas Serenity Academy
Texas Virtual Academy At Southwest
Texline School
The Academy At Nola Dunn
The Academy Of Irving Isd
The Bear Blvd School
The Colony H S
The Education And Training Center
The Education Center At Denton
The Education Center In Lewisville
The L I N C Ctr
The Larry Brown School
The Learning Ctr
The Lion Lane School
The Meadows Int
The Panda Path School
The Rhodes School
The Science Academy
The Summit (high School)
The Summit (intermediate)
The Tiger Trail School
The Village El
The Wildcat Way School
The Woodlands College Park HS
The Woodlands H S
Theresa B Lee Academy
Theron Jones Early Literacy Center
Thomas Arnold El
Thomas C Marsh Middle
Thomas El
Thomas El
Thomas J Rusk El
Thomas J Rusk Middle
Thomas Jefferson H S
Thomas Jefferson Int
Thomas L Marsalis El
Thomas Middle
Thomas Tolbert El
Thompson Ctr
Thompson El
Thompson Elementary
Thompson Elementary
Thompson Elementary
Thompson Intermediate
Thorndale El
Thorndale H S
Thorndale Middle
Thornton El
Thornton El
Thornton Es
Thornwood El
Thousand Oaks El
Thrall El
Thrall H S
Thrall Middle School
Three Rivers El
Three Rivers H S
Three Rivers Middle
Three Way Elementary
Throckmorton El
Throckmorton H S
Thunderbird Elementary School
Thurgood Marshall El
Thurgood Marshall El
Tidehaven H S
Tidehaven Int
Tidwell El
Tier 1 Dunbar 6 Daep M S
Tier 1 Leonard Daep M S
Tier 1 Rosemont Daep M S
Tier 1 Southwest D A E P H S
Tierra Blanca El
Tijerina El
Timber Creek El
Timber Creek Elementary
Timbers El
Timberwilde Es
Timberwood Middle
Timmerman El
Timpson El
Timpson H S
Timpson Middle
Tioga School
Tippin Elementary
Tipps Elementary
Tisd Child & Adolescent Center
Tison MS
Tivy H S
Tolar El
Tolar H S
Toler El
Tom C Gooch El
Tom R Ellisor El
Tom W Field El
Tomball Alternative Education Cent
Tomball Elementary
Tomball H S
Tomball Int
Tomball J H
Tomball J J A E P Campus
Tommie Williams El
Tool El
Top Of Texas Accelerated Education
Town Center El
Townley El
Tradewind El
Transformative Charter Academy
Transition Program
Travis Co J J A E P
Travis Co J J A E P
Travis Co J J A E P
Travis Co J J A E P
Travis Co J J A E P
Travis County J J A E P
Travis County Juvenile Detention C
Travis El
Travis El
Travis El
Travis El
Travis El
Travis El
Travis El
Travis El
Travis El
Travis El
Travis El
Travis Elementary
Travis Elementary
Travis H S
Travis Hts El
Travis Intermediate
Travis J H
Travis J H
Travis Middle
Travis Middle
Travis Middle
Travis Middle
Travis Opportunity Ctr
Treasure Forest El
Treetops School International
Trent School
Trenton El
Trenton H S
Trenton Middle School
Tri Co Juvenile Detent
Trimble Technical H S
Trimmier Elementary
Trinidad School
Trinity Basin Preparatory
Trinity Charter School
Trinity Early Childhood
Trinity H S
Trinity H S
Trinity J H
Trinity Lutheran Sch
Troup Caep
Troup El
Troup H S
Troup Middle
Troy Daep
Troy Elementary
Troy High School
Troy J J A E P
Troy Middle School
Truitt Middle School
Truman Children's Ctr
Tsu Charter Lab Sch
Tubbs El
Tulia H S
Tulia Highland El
Tulia J H
Turner El
Turner El
Turner Middle
Turning Point Alter H S
Turning Point Alter J H
Turning Point Alternative Elem
Twain El
Twain Middle
Twin Creeks Middle
Two Dimensions At Corsicana
Two Dimensions Preparatory Academy
Two Dimensions/vickery
Tye El
Tyler El
Tynan El
Tyrrell El
Umphrey Lee El
Underwood Elem
Undesignated El A
Union Bower Center For Learning
Union Grove Daep
Union Grove El
Union Grove H S
Union Hill H S
United Step Academy
Universal Academy
Universal Academy - Flower Mound
University H S
University Middle
University Of Texas Elementary Cha
University Park Elementary
University School
Utopia School
V M Adams Elementary
Valentine School
Valley Hi Es

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Valley Mills Daep
Valley Mills El
Valley Mills H S
Valley Mills J H
Valley Oaks El
Valley Ranch El
Valley Ranch Elementary
Valley School
Valley View El
Valley View El
Valley View High School
Valley View Middle
Valley View South Elementary
Valley West El
Van Alstyne El
Van Alstyne H S
Van Alstyne Intermediate
Van Alstyne J H
Van Buren El
Van Daep
Van H S
Van Horn H S
Van Horn J H
Van Int
Van J H
Van Vleck El
Van Vleck H S
Van Zandt Co Youth Multi-service C
Van Zandt Ssa
Van Zandt/rain Sp Ed Co-op
Van Zandt/rains Alternative Educat
Van Zandt/rains Alternative Educat
Van Zandt-guinn El
Van Zandt-rains Co-op
Vandagriff Elementary
Vega El
Vega H S
Velma Penny El
Venable Village Elementary
Venture Alter H S
Venus El
Venus H S
Venus Middle
Venus Primary
Vera El
Veribest Ppcd
Veribest Ppcd
Veribest Ppcd
Veribest Special Programs
Vernal Lister El
Vernon H S
Vernon Middle School
Versia Williams El
Vial El
Victor H Hexter El
Victory Lakes Intermediate
Vidor El
Vidor H S
Vidor J H
Vidor Middle
Viking Hills El
Vilas El
Villa Nueva El
Villareal El
Vincent Middle
Viola Cobb Elementary
Virginia Allred Stacey Jr/sr H S
Virginia Reinhardt El
Vista Hills Es
Vistas H S
Vocational Transition Program
Vogel Elementary
Vysehrad El
W A Kieberger Elementary
W A Porter El
W B Green Junior High School
W D Spigner El
W E Chalmers Elementary
W E Greiner Middle
W E Hoover El
W E Rogers El
W F George Middle
W H Adamson H S
W H Atwell Middle
W H Burnett El
W H Gaston Middle
W J Knox El
W L Hauke Alter Ed
W L Higgins El
W L Kissam Int
W M Green El
W R (bill) Fort Elem
W R Hatfield Elementary
W T Francisco El
W T White H S
W V Swinburn El
W W White El
Waco Charter School
Waco Ctr For Youth
Waco H S
Waelder El
Waelder H S
Wainwright El
Wake Village El
Walcott El
Walker Creek El
Walker J H
Wall El
Wall H S
Wall Middle
Wall Ppcd
Wall Sp Prog
Wall Sp Prog (flc/bac)
Wall Special Programs
Wall Special Programs
Wall Special Programs
Wall Special Programs
Wall Special Progs
Wallace Accelerated H S
Wallace El
Wallace Middle School
Waller H S
Waller J H
Walnut Bend El
Walnut Bend El
Walnut Creek El
Walnut Creek El
Walnut Glen Acad For Excel
Walnut Grove Middle School
Walnut Hill El
Walnut Springs Daep
Walnut Springs Elementary School
Walnut Springs School
Walter Hall El
Waltrip H S
Walzem El
Wanda R Smith High School
Wanke Es
Ward El
Ward Es
Warren El
Warren H S
Warren HS
Warren J H
Washington B T H S
Washington Ech Ctr
Washington El
Washington El
Washington El
Washington Elementary
Washington Junior High
Washington-jackson Elem Magnet
Waskom Daep
Waskom El
Waskom H S
Waskom Middle
Watauga El
Watauga Middle
Water Valley Ppcd
Water Valley Voc
Water Valley Voc Train
Water Valley Voc Train
Water Valley Vt
Waters El
Watkins Middle School
Watson J H
Watson Learning Center
Watson Technology Center
Watts El
Waverly Park El
Waxahachie Faith Family Academy
Waxahachie Global H S
Waxahachie H S
Waxahachie J H
Waxahachie Ninth Grade Academy
Wayside Middle
Weatherford H S
Weatherford H S Ninth Grade Center
Weaver El
Webb Co J J A E P
Webb El
Webb El
Webb El
Webb M S
Weber-hardin El
Wedgewood El
Wedgeworth El
Wedgwood 6th Gr Sch
Wedgwood Middle
Weimar El
Weimar H S
Weimar J H
Weinert Elementary
Weis Middle
Welch Middle
Welder El
Weldon Int
Wellington El
Wellington H S
Wellington J H
Wells Branch El
Wells El
Wells El
Wells H S
Wesley El
West Avenue El
West Brazos Junior High
West Briar Middle
West Brook Sr H S
West Central El
West Columbia El
West El
West El
West El
West El
West End El
West Foundation El
West H S
West Handley El
West Hardin Elementary
West Hardin H S
West Hardin Middle School
West Houston Charter
West Houston Charter Elementary
West Hurst El
West Int
West Main El
West Memorial El
West Memorial J H
West Middle
West Oso Elementary School
West Oso H S
West Oso Isd Jjaep
West Oso Junior High School
West Ridge Middle
West Sabine El
West Sabine H S
West Side Elementary
West Texas El
West Texas H S
West Texas Middle
West Texas State School
West University El
West Ward El
West Ward Elementary
Westbrook School
Westbury H S
Westchester Academy For Internatio
Westcliff El
Westcreek El
Wester El
Western Hills El
Western Hills El
Western Hills H S
Western Hills Primary
Western Plateau El
Westfield H S
Westhoff El
Westlake Academy
Westlake Alter
Westlake H S
Westlawn El
Westlawn Elementary
Westover Park Jr High
Westpark El
Westphalia El
Westside Command Detention Center
Westside El
Westside H S
Westview Middle
Westwind El
Westwood El
Westwood El
Westwood J H
Westwood Terrace Es
Wetmore El
Wh Ford High School
Wharton El
Wharton H S
Wharton J H
Wheatley Alternative Education Cen
Wheatley El
Wheatley El
Wheatley Middle
Wheeler School
Wheeler Transitional And Developme
Wheeler Transitional And Developme
Wheelock El
Whidby El
Whispering Pines El
White Deer El
White Deer H S
White El
White Middle
White Oak H S
White Oak Int
White Oak Middle
White Oak Middle School
White Oak Pri
White Rock El
White Settlement Disciplinary Camp
Whiteface El
Whiteface Girlstown Campus
Whiteface H S
Whitehouse A E P
Whitehouse H S
Whitehouse Isd - Jjaep
Whitehouse Junior High
Whitesboro H S
Whitesboro Intermediate
Whitesboro Middle
Whiteside El
Whitestone El
Whitewright Daep
Whitewright El
Whitewright H S
Whitewright Middle
Whitley Road El
Whitney El
Whitney H S
Whitney Int
Whitney Middle School
Whittier El
Whittier El
Whittier Middle
Wichita Co Jjaep
Wichita County J J A E P
Wichita County Juvenile Justice Ae
Wichita Falls H S
Wichita Falls Sp Ed Ctr
Widen El
Wiederstein El
Wiggs Middle
Wilchester El
Wild Peach El
Wilderness Oak El
Wildorado El
Wilemon Ln Center
Wilkerson Int
Willbern El
William G Gravitt Jr High
William H Byrd Middle School
William J Winkley Elementary
William L Cabell El
William Lee Hastings Elementary
William Lipscomb El
William Paschall Elementary
William Velasquez
Williams El
Williams El
Williams El
Williams Elementary
Williamson Co Academy
Williamson Co J J A E P
Williamson Co J J A E P
Williamson Co J J A E P
Williamson Co J J A E P
Williamson Co J J A E P
Williamson Co J J A E P
Williamson Co Jjaep
Williamson County Academy
Williamson County Juvenile Detenti
Willie E Williams Elementary
Willis H S
Willoughby House
Willow Bend Elementary
Willow Creek El
Willow Creek El
Willow Springs Elementary
Wills El
Wills Point H S
Wills Point J H
Wills Point Middle
Wills Point Pri
Wilshire El
Wilshire El
Wilson Co J J A E P
Wilson Co J J A E P
Wilson Co J J A E P
Wilson Co J J A E P
Wilson El
Wilson El
Wilson El
Wilson El
Wilson El
Wilson El
Wilson El
Wilson El
Wilson Intermediate
Wilson J H
Wilson Middle
Wilson School
Wimberley H S
Wimberley J H
Wimbish El
Windcrest El
Windfern H S
Windsong Intermediate
Windsor El
Windsor Park G/t
Windsor Village El
Windthorst El
Windthorst H S
Winfield El
Winfree Academy Charter School (gr
Winfree Academy Charter School (ir
Winfree Academy Charter School (le
Winfree Academy Charter School (ri
Winfree Academy Charter School Den
Wink El
Wink H S
Winn El
Winnetka El
Winnsboro El
Winnsboro H S
Winona El
Winona H S
Winona Inter
Winona Middle
Winston Elementary School
Winters El
Winters H S
Winters J H
Wise County Special Education Coop
Wise El
Wm B Travis El
Wm S Lott Juvenile Ctr
Wm S Lott Juvenile Ctr
Wolfe City El
Wolfe City H S
Wolfe City Middle
Wolffarth El
Wolflin El
Wood Co Alter
Wood El
Wood Middle
Woodcrest El
Wooden Elementary
Woodlake El
Woodlake Hills Middle
Woodland Acres El
Woodland Acres Middle
Woodland El
Woodland Heights El
Woodland Hills El
Woodlands Elementary
Woodlawn El
Woodlawn El
Woodridge El
Woodridge El
Woodroe Petty El
Woodrow Wilson Daep
Woodrow Wilson H S
Woods El
Woodsboro El
Woodsboro H S
Woodsboro J H
Woodson Center For Excellence
Woodson Early Headstart
Woodson Ecc
Woodson El
Woodson Middle
Woodson School
Woodson Skill Ctr
Woodstone El
Woodview El
Woodville El
Woodville H S
Woodville Int
Woodville Middle
Woodway El
Woodway El
Wooldridge El
Wooten El
Workman J H
Worsham Elementary
Worth Heights El
Wortham Daep
Wortham El
Wortham H S
Wortham Middle
Worthing H S
Wright El
Wright Elementary
Wunderlich Int
Wyatt Elementary
Wylie El
Wylie H S
Wylie Int
Wylie J H
Wylie Middle
Wynn Seale Academy Of Fine Arts
X I T Secondary School
Yale El
Yantis Elementary School
Yantis School
Yates H S
Yeager El
Yeager El
Yes Prep - East End Campus
Yes Prep - North Central Campus
Yes Prep - Southeast Campus
Yes Prep - Southwest Campus
Ymca Casa Shelter
Ynes B Escobar El
Yoakum High School
Yoakum Intermediate
Yoakum Junior High
Yoakum Primary
Yorktown El
Yorktown H S
Yorktown J H
Youens El
Young El
Young El
Young Elementary
Young J H
Young Learners
Young Learners
Young Scholars Academy For Excelle
Youngblood Int
Youth Ctr Of High Plains
Yturria El
Yvonne Ewell Townview Center
Zach White El
Zachry MS
Zapata H S
Zapata Middle School
Zapata North Early Childhood Cente
Zapata South Elementary School
Zavala El
Zavala El
Zavala El
Zavalla El
Zavalla H S
Zeferino Farias El
Zelma Hutsell El
Zenith Project
Zephyr El
Zephyr H S
Zilker El
Zoe Learning Acad - Ambassador Cam
Zoe Learning Academy
Zue S Bales Int
Zundelowitz J H

The school supplies list information provided within this site is a general or comparable school supplies list. It is a recommended list only and may not exactly match the school supplies your child may need. We suggest that you visit your school's website to find a more comprehensive school supplies list, and or email your child's teacher to find out exactly what he or she will need for the upcoming school year before you purchase your school supplies.