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Back To School Supply Box Grades K-5 - School Supply Kit Back To School Essentials - 32 Pieces

Wisconsin - School Supplies List 2022-2023

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21st Century Preparatory Sch
A C Kiefer Educational Center
Abbotsford Elementary
Abbotsford Jr/sr High
Abraham Lincoln Accelerated Learning Aca
Abrams Elementary
Academia De Leguage Y Bellas - Alba
Academic Center
Academy Of Accelerated Learning
Academy Of Learning & Leadership
Academy Of Learning Competency Based Sch
Accelerated Advanced Learning Program
Ace Charter School
Adams Elementary
Adams-friendship Elementary
Adams-friendship High
Adams-friendship Middle
Addison Elementary
Advanced Language And Academic Studies
Aero Alt Ed Resource Option
Albany Elementary
Albany High
Albany Middle
Alcott Elementary
Aldo Leopold Community Sch K-8
Aldrich Middle
Alea Argyle Land Ethic Academy
Alexander Middle
Algoma Elementary/middle
Algoma High
Algonquin Elementary
All District 4 Year Old Kindergarten
Allen-field Elementary
Allenton Elementary
Allied Drive Learning Center Elementary
Allis Elementary
Alma Elementary
Alma High
Almena Elementary
Almond Elementary
Almond High
Alternative School
Alto Elementary
Altoona High
Altoona Middle
Amery High
Amery Intermediate
Amery Middle
Amherst Elementary
Amherst High
Amherst Middle
Amy Belle Elementary
Anthony Elementary
Antigo High
Antigo Middle
Appleton Central Alternative School
Appleton Community Learning Center
Appleton Cooperative Educational Center
Appleton Eschool
Appleton Public Montesori
Arbor Vitae-woodruff Elementary
Arboretum Elementary School
Arcadia Elementary
Arcadia High
Arena Elementary
Argyle Elementary
Argyle High
Arkansaw Elementary
Arlington Elementary
Arrowhead High
Asa Clark Middle
Ascend Academy
Ashland High
Ashland Middle
Ashwaubenon High
Athens Elementary
Athens High
Athens Junior High
Atwater Elementary
Auburndale Elementary
Auburndale High
Audubon Middle
Auer Avenue Elementary
Augusta Elementary
Augusta High
Augusta Middle School
Aurora Weier High
Ba Kennedy Sch
Badger Elementary
Badger High
Badger Middle
Badger Ridge Middle School
Baird Elementary
Baldwin-woodville High
Bancroft Elementary
Bangor Elementary
Bangor Middle/high
Bannach Elementary
Banta Sch
Banting Elementary
Baraboo High
Baraboo Hills Elementary
Barlow Park Elementary
Barneveld Elementary
Barneveld High
Barrie Elementary
Barron County Alternative School
Barron High
Barton Elementary
Barton Elementary
Bay Lane Middle
Bay Port High
Bay View
Bay View High
Bay View Middle
Bayfield Elementary
Bayfield High
Bayfield Middle
Bayside Middle
Beaumont Elementary
Beaver Dam Charter Sch
Beaver Dam High
Beaver Dam Middle
Bell Middle
Belleville Elementary
Belleville High
Belleville Intermediate
Belleville Middle
Belmont Elementary
Belmont High
Ben Franklin Elementary
Benjamin Franklin Elementary
Benjamin Franklin Junior High
Benton Elementary
Benton High
Berlin High
Berlin Middle
Berry Elementary
Bessie Allen Middle
Bethesda Elementary
Bethune Academy
Big Bend Elementary
Big Foot High
Birchwood Elementary
Birchwood High
Birchwood Middle
Bird Elementary
Birnamwood Elementary
Black Creek Elementary
Black Earth Elementary
Black Hawk Elementary
Black Hawk Elementary
Black Hawk High
Black Hawk Middle
Black Hawk Middle
Black River Correctional Center
Black River Falls High
Black River Falls Middle
Blair Elementary
Blair-taylor Elementary
Blair-taylor Middle/high
Blakewood Elementary
Bloomer Elementary
Bloomer High
Bloomer Middle School
Bluff View Intermediate
Bonduel Elementary
Bonduel High
Bonduel Middle
Boscobel Elementary
Boscobel High
Boscobel Junior High
Bose Elementary
Bowler Elementary
Bowler High
Boyceville Middle/high
Boyd Elementary
Bradford High
Bradley Technology High
Brandon Elementary
Brandon Middle
Brener Elementary
Bright Horizons
Brighton Elementary
Brillion Elementary
Brillion High
Brillion Middle
Bristol Elementary
Brodhead High
Brodhead Middle
Brompton School
Brookfield Elementary
Brooklyn Elementary
Brookwood Elementary
Brookwood High
Brookwood Middle
Brown Deer High
Brown Deer Middle
Brown Street Academy
Browning Elementary
Bruce Elementary
Bruce Elementary
Bruce Guadalupe
Bruce High
Bruce Middle
Bryant Elementary
Bryant Elementary
Bullen Middle
Burbank Elementary
Burdge Elementary
Burdick Elementary
Burleigh Elementary
Burlington High
Burroughs Middle
Butler Middle
Butte Des Morts Elementary
Butternut Elementary
Butternut High
Cadott Elementary
Cadott High
Cadott Junior High
Caledonia Elementary
Cambria Friesland Elementary
Cambria Friesland Middle/high
Cambridge Elementary
Cambridge High
Cameron Elementary
Cameron High
Cameron Middle
Camp Douglas Elementary
Campbellsport Elementary
Campbellsport High
Campbellsport Jr High
Canterbury Elementary
Capitol West Academy
Career Youth Development
Caring Opportunities For Recovery
Carleton Elementary
Carollton Elementary
Carson Academy
Carter School Of Excellence
Cascade Elementary
Case High
Cashton Elementary
Cashton High
Cass Street Elementary
Cassville Elementary
Cassville High
Castle Rock Elementary
Cataract Elementary
Cedar Falls/wakanda Elementary
Cedar Grove Elementary
Cedar Grove High
Cedar Grove Middle
Cedar Hills Elementary
Cedarburg High
Central - Denison Elementary
Central Charter School
Central Cities Health Institute
Central City Cyberschool
Central Elementary
Central High
Central High
Central High
Central High
Central Middle
Central Middle
Central Wisconsin Center
Cesar Chavez Elementary
Chain O Lakes Elementary
Challenging All Students To Learn Effec
Chance II Charter
Chappell Elementary
Charles F Fernandez Center Alt Learning
Charles Nash Elementary
Chavez Learning Station
Chegwin Elementary
Cherokee Heights Middle
Chester Byrnes Elementary
Chetek High
Chetek Middle
Chilton Elementary
Chilton High
Chilton Middle
Chippewa Falls High
Chippewa Falls Middle
Cities Project High School
Clarendon Avenue Elementary
Clark Co Alternative Charter
Clarke Middle
Clarke Street Elementary
Classical School
Clay Lamberton Elementary
Clayton Elementary
Clayton Elementary
Clayton High
Clayton Middle
Clear Lake High
Clear Lake Junior High
Clemens Elementary
Clement Avenue Elementary
Cleveland Elementary
Clinton Elementary
Clinton High
Clinton Middle
Clintonville High
Clintonville Middle
Clovis Grove Elementary
Cochrane-fountain City Elementary
Cochrane-fountain City High
Colby Elementary
Colby High
Colby Middle
Coleman Elementary/middle
Coleman High
Colfax Elementary
Colfax High
College Park Elementary
Coloma Elementary
Columbia Correctional Institution
Columbus Elementary
Columbus Elementary
Columbus Elementary
Columbus High
Columbus Middle
Community High School
Comprehensive Learning Center
Congress Elementary
Connects Learning Center
Conrad Elvehjem Early Learning Center
Consolidated Elementary
Converse Elementary
Coolidge Elementary
Coon Valley Elementary
Cooper Elementary
Cooper Elementary
Cooper Elementary
Cooper Elementary
Core Knowledge Charter School
Cormier School And Early Learning
Cornell Elementary
Cornell High
Cornerstone Academy
Cottage Grove Elementary
Coulee Montessori Charter Sch
Country Dale Elementary
Country Meadows Elementary
Country View Elementary
County Line Elementary
Craig High
Craig Montessori School
Crandon Alternative Resource Sch (cars)
Crandon Elementary
Crandon High
Crandon Middle
Crescent Elementary
Crestwood Elementary
Crestwood Elementary
Crivitz Elementary
Crivitz High
Crivitz Middle
Cuba City Elementary
Cuba City High
Cudahy High
Cudahy Middle
Cumberland Elementary
Cumberland Elementary
Cumberland High
Cumberland Middle
Cunningham Elementary
Curtin Elementary
Cushing Elementary
Custer High
D C Everest High
D C Everest Junior High
Dan Spalding Academy
Danz Elementary
Darien Elementary
Darlington Elementary/middle
Darlington High
Davey Elementary
Dc Everest Middle
De Forest High
De Forest Middle
De Pere High
De Pere Middle
De Pere New Elementary
De Soto High
De Soto Middle
Dean Elementary
Decorah Elementary
Deer Creek Intermediate Sch
Deerfield Charter High
Deerfield Elementary
Deerfield Elementary
Deerfield High
Deerfield Middle
Dekorra Elementary
Delavan-darien High
Dellwood Early Learning Center
Delong Middle School
Denmark Early Childhood Ctr
Denmark Elementary
Denmark Empowerment Charter School
Denmark High
Denmark Middle
Dickinson Elementary
Dimensions Of Learning Academy
Diploma Completion High
Dixon Elementary
Dlh Academy
Dodgeland Elementary
Dodgeland Middle/high Sch
Dodgeville Elementary
Dodgeville High
Dodgeville Middle
Doerfler Elementary
Donges Bay Elementary
Doty Elementary
Doubek Elementary
Doudna Elementary
Douglas Elementary
Dousman Elementary
Dover Center
Dover Elementary
Dover Street Elementary
Downsville Elementary
Downtown Institute Of Arts & Letters
Downtown Montessori
Dr Edward G Dyer Sch
Dr H B Tanner Elementary
Dr Joseph Lalich Charter Sch
Dresser Elementary
Drought Elementary
Drummond Elementary
Drummond High
Drummond Junior High
Dunwiddie Elementary
Dupont Middle
Durand Junior/senior High
Durkee Elementary
E Cook Elementary
Eaa/oshkosh 3rd Gr Aviation
Eagle Bluff Elementary
Eagle Elementary
Eagle Point Elementary
Eagleville Charter School
Early Learning Academy
Early Learning Center
Early Learning Center
Early Learning Center
Early Learning Center
East Elementary
East Elementary
East Elementary
East Elementary
East High
East High
East High
East High
East High
East High
East High
East High School
East Junior High
East Troy High
East Troy Middle
Easton Elementary
Eastside Elementary
Eastview Elementary
Eau Claire Alternative/eau Claire Acad
Eden Elementary
Edgar Elementary
Edgar High
Edgar Middle
Edgerton Community Elementary
Edgerton Elementary
Edgerton High
Edgerton Middle
Edgewood Elementary
Edgewood Elementary
Edison Elementary
Edison Middle
Edison Middle
Edison School
Edward Bain School Of Language And Art
Eighty-first Street Elementary
Einstein Middle
Eisenhower Elementary
Eisenhower Elementary
Eisenhower Middle/high
El Puente High
Elcho Elementary
Elcho High
Elderon Elementary
Eleva Elementary
Eleva-strum High
Elk Mound High
Elk Mound Middle
Elkhart Lake Elementary/middle
Elkhart Lake High
Elkhorn Area High
Elkhorn Area Middle
Ellsworth High
Ellsworth Middle
Elm Creative Arts Elementary
Elm Dale Elementary
Elm Lawn Elementary
Elmore Elementary
Elmwood Elementary
Elmwood Elementary
Elmwood High
Elmwood Middle
Elroy Elementary
Elvehjem Elementary
Emerson Elementary
Emerson Elementary
Emerson Elementary
Endeavor Elementary
Engleburg Elementary
Enterprise Special Education School
Environmental Education Charter School
Erin Elementary
Ethan Allen School
Ettrick Elementary
Evans Elementary
Evansville High
Evergreen Elementary
Evergreen Elementary
Evergreen Elementary
Expressions School Of The Arts
Fair Park Elementary
Fairchild Elementary
Fairview Elementary
Fairview Elementary
Fairview Elementary
Fairview South
Falk Elementary
Fall Creek Elementary
Fall Creek High
Fall Creek Middle
Fall River Elementary
Fall River High
Falls Alternative Learning Site (fals)
Farmington Elementary
Farnsworth Middle
Fennimore Elementary
Fennimore High
Ferber Elementary
Fernwood Montessori
Fifty-third Street Elementary
Fine Arts Elementary
Flambeau Charter School
Flambeau Correctional Center
Flambeau Elementary
Flambeau High
Flambeau Junior High
Fletcher Elementary
Florence Elementary
Florence High
Florence Middle
Flynn Elementary
Fond Du Lac High School
Fontana Elementary
Footville Elementary
Forest Glen Elementary
Forest Home Elementary
Forest Lane Elementary
Forest Park Elementary
Forest Park Middle
Forrest Street Elementary
Fort Atkinson High
Fort Atkinson Middle School
Fort Howard Elementary
Fort Winnebago Elementary
Foster & Williams
Foster Elementary Charter
Four Corners Elementary
Fox Lake Correctional Institution
Fox Lake Elementary
Fox Prairie Elementary
Fox River Academy
Fox River Middle
Foxview Intermediate School
Frank Elementary
Frank Lloyd Wright Middle
Franklin Elementary
Franklin Elementary
Franklin Elementary

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Franklin Elementary
Franklin Elementary
Franklin Elementary
Franklin Elementary
Franklin Elementary
Franklin High
Franklin Middle
Franklin Middle
Fratney Elementary
Fratt Elementary
Frederic 7-12 Sch
Frederic Elementary
Freedom Elementary
Freedom High
Freedom Middle
Fremont Elementary
Friendship Learning Elementary
Friess Lake Sch
Fritsche (leap)
Fritsche Middle
G D Jones Elementary
Gaenslen Elementary
Galesville Elementary
Galesville-ettrick-trempealeau High
Galesville-ettrick-trempealeau Middle
Garden Homes Elementary
Garden Homes Montessori
Garfield Elementary
Garland Elementary
Gaston Elementary
Gaylord A Nelson Educ Center
Gebhardt Elementary
Gegan Elementary
Genesis Sch Bus/tech/trade/health/hserv
Germantown High
Gerritts Middle
G-e-t Kindernook Center
Gibraltar Elementary
Gibraltar High
Gibraltar Middle
Giese Elementary
Gifford Elementary
Gillett Elementary
Gillett High
Gillett Middle School
Gilman Elementary
Gilman High
Gilmanton Elementary
Gilmanton High
Gilmore Middle
Glacier Creek Middle
Glacier Edge Elementary School
Glen Hills Middle
Glen Park Elementary
Glenbrook Elementary
Glendale Elementary
Glenwood City Elementary
Glenwood City High
Glenwood City Junior High
Glenwood Elementary
Glidden Elementary
Glidden High
Glidden Middle
Gompers Elementary
Goodland Elementary
Goodman High
Goodman-armstrong Elementary
Goodrich Elementary
Grafton Elementary
Grafton High
Grand Ave Middle
Grand Avenue Elementary
Grand Marsh Elementary
Grandview High
Grant Elementary
Grant Elementary
Grant Elementary
Grant Elementary
Grant Elementary
Grant Elementary
Granton Elementary
Granton High
Grantosa Drive Elementary
Grantsburg Elementary
Grantsburg High
Grantsburg Middle
Grantsburg Virtual School
Gray Early Learning Center
Grayside Elementary
Great Lakes Elementary
Green Bay Avenue Elementary
Green Bay Correctional Institution
Green Bay Head Start
Green Lake Elementary
Green Lake High
Green Meadow Elementary
Green Tree Elementary
Greendale High
Greendale Middle
Greenfield Bilingual
Greenfield Elementary
Greenfield High
Greenfield Middle
Greenland Elementary
Greenville Elementary
Greenville Middle
Greenwood Elementary
Greenwood Elementary
Greenwood High
Gresham Elementary
Gresham High
Grewenow Elementary
Grove Elementary
Guadalupe Head Start North
Guadalupe Loyola
Hackett Elementary
Hadfield Elementary
Haen Elementary
Hales Corners Elementary
Halmstad Elementary
Hamilton Early Learning Center
Hamilton High
Hamilton High
Hamilton Middle
Hampton Elementary
Harmony Elementary School
Harrison Elementary
Hartford Avenue Elementary
Hartford High
Harvey Elementary
Harvey Philip Alternative Charter School
Hatley Elementary
Haugen Elementary
Hawley Road Elementary
Hawthorn Hills Elementary
Hawthorne Elementary
Hawthorne Elementary
Hawthorne Elementary
Hayes Bilingual Sch
Hayward Ctr For Individualized Learning
Hayward High
Hayward Intermediate
Hayward Middle
Hayward Primary
Head Start
Headstart - Coa
Headstart And Early Childhood
Heritage Elementary
Herman Elementary
Hewitt-texas Elementary
Heyer Elementary
Highland Community Sch
Highland Elementary
Highland High
Highland View Elementary
Highlands Elementary
Hilbert Elementary
Hilbert High
Hilbert Middle
Hillcrest Elementary
Hillcrest Elementary
Hillcrest Elementary
Hillcrest Elementary
Hillcrest School
Hillsboro Elementary
Hillsboro High
Hillside Elementary
Hilltop Day Care & Preschool
Hilltop Elementary
Hi-mount Elementary
Hintgen Elementary
Hmong American Peace Academy (hapa)
Holcombe Elementary
Holcombe High
Holmen High
Holmen Middle
Holmes Elementary
Holum Education Center
Homestead High
Honey Creek Elementary
Hoover Elementary
Hoover Elementary
Hopkins Street Elementary
Hopp Elementary/secondary
Horace Mann Elementary
Horace Mann High
Horace Mann Middle
Horace Mann Middle
Horace Mann Middle
Horicon High
Horizon Elementary
Horizon Elementary School
Horizon School
Horizons Elementary
Horlick High
Horning Middle
Hortonville Elementary
Hortonville High
Hortonville Middle
Houdini Elementary
Houlton Elementary
Howard Elementary
Howards Grove High
Howards Grove Middle
Howe Elementary
Howe Elementary
Hr Educational Complex
Hudson High
Hudson Middle
Hudson Prairie Elementary
Huegel Elementary
Humboldt Park Elementary
Humke Elementary
Huntley Elementary
Hurley Elementary
Hurley High
Hustisford High
Independence Elementary
Independence High
Indian Hill Elementary
Indian Mound Middle
Indian Trail Academy
Inland Seas School Of Expeditionary Lrng
Iola-scandinavia Elementary
Iola-scandinavia High
Iowa-grant Elementary/middle
Iowa-grant High
Iq Academies Of Wisconsin
Iron River Elementary
Ironton-la Valle Elementary
Irving Elementary
Ithaca Elementary
Ithaca High
Ithaca Middle
Ixonia Elementary
J C Mckenna Middle
Jack Young Middle School
Jackson Correctional Institution
Jackson Elementary
Jackson Elementary
Jackson Elementary
Jackson Elementary
Jackson Elementary
Jackson Elementary
Jackson Street School
James E Dottke Alternative
James Madison Elementary
James Williams Middle School
James Wright Middle
Janes Elementary
Janesville Acad For Internationalstudies
Janssen Elementary
Jedi Virtual High School
Jefferson Elementary
Jefferson Elementary
Jefferson Elementary
Jefferson Elementary
Jefferson Elementary
Jefferson Elementary
Jefferson Elementary
Jefferson Elementary
Jefferson Elementary
Jefferson Elementary
Jefferson Elementary
Jefferson Elementary
Jefferson Elementary
Jefferson Elementary
Jefferson Elementary
Jefferson High
Jefferson Lighthouse Elementary
Jefferson Middle
Jefferson Middle
Jefferson School For The Arts
Jeffery Elementary
Jerstad-agerholm Elementary
Jerstad-agerholm Middle
Jim Falls Elementary
John C Burke Correctional Center
John Edwards High
John Edwards Middle
John Hustis Elementary
John Long Middle
John Marshall Elementary
John Muir Middle
Johnson Creek Elementary
Johnson Creek High
Johnson Elementary
Johnston Elementary
Jones Elementary
Jones Elementary
Journeys-project Based Learning
Juda Elementary
Juda High
Julian Thomas Elementary
Juneau County Charter Sch
Juvenile Detention
Kagel Elementary
Kansasville Elementary
Kate Goodrich Elementary
Kaukauna High
Keefe Avenue Elementary
Kegonsa Elementary
Keith R Mack Achievement Center
Keller Elementary
Kendall Elementary
Kennedy Elementary
Kennedy Elementary
Kennedy Elementary
Kennedy Elementary
Kennedy Elementary
Kennedy Middle
Kenosha Eschool
Kenosha House Of Corrections
Keshena Primary
Kettle Moraine Correctional Institution
Kettle Moraine High
Kettle Moraine Middle
Kewaskum Elementary
Kewaskum High
Kewaskum Middle
Kewaunee Elementary School
Kewaunee High
Kewaunee Middle School
Kickapoo Elementary
Kickapoo High
Kiddie Korner Preschool
Kiel Eschool
Kiel High
Kiel Middle
Kilbourn Academy
Kilbourn Elementary
Kilmer High
Kimberly High
King Elementary
King High
King Jr Elementary
Kluge Elementary
Knapp Elementary
Knapp Elementary
Koenig Elementary
Kohler Elementary
Kohler High
Kolak Education Center
Kosciuszko Elementary
Kosciuszko Montessori Middle
Kromrey Middle
La Causa Charter School
La Causa Early Childhood
La Crosse Offsite Preschool
La Farge Elementary
La Farge High
La Farge Middle
La Grange Elementary
La Pointe Elementary
Lac Coute Oreilles Ojibwa School
Lac Du Flambeau Elementary
Laconia High
Lacrossroads Charter
Lad Lake Synergy North
Lad Lake Synergy South School
Lad Lake Ultra
Lady Pitts
Ladysmith Elementary
Ladysmith High
Ladysmith Middle
Lafayette County Community
Lafollette Elementary
Lafollette High
Lake Bluff Elementary
Lake Country Sch
Lake Delton Elementary
Lake Denoon Middle
Lake Geneva Middle
Lake Mills High
Lake Mills Middle
Lake Shore Middle
Lake Superior Elementary
Lake Superior Intermediate
Lake Superior Primary
Lake View Elementary
Lakeland Elementary/secondary
Lakeland High
Lakeshore Alternative School
Lakeshore Elementary
Lakeshore Elementary
Lakeside Elementary
Lakeview Elementary
Lakeview Elementary
Lakeview Elementary
Lakeview Elementary
Lakeview Montessori School
Lakeview Technology Academy
Lakewood Elementary
Lancaster Elementary
Lancaster High
Lancaster Middle
Lance Middle
Lang Immersion For Tomorrow
Langlade Elementary
Lannon Elementary
Lannoye Elementary
Laona High
Lapham Elementary
Laurel High
Lawrence-lawson Elementary
Learn Charter School
Lebanon Elementary
Lee Elementary
Lemonweir Elementary
Lena Elementary
Lena High
Lena Middle
Leopold Elementary
Levi Leonard Elementary
Lewiston Elementary
Lien Elementary
Lincoln Avenue Elementary
Lincoln Elementary
Lincoln Elementary
Lincoln Elementary
Lincoln Elementary
Lincoln Elementary
Lincoln Elementary
Lincoln Elementary
Lincoln Elementary
Lincoln Elementary
Lincoln Elementary
Lincoln Elementary
Lincoln Elementary
Lincoln Elementary
Lincoln Elementary
Lincoln Elementary
Lincoln Elementary
Lincoln Elementary
Lincoln Elementary
Lincoln Elementary
Lincoln Elementary
Lincoln High
Lincoln High
Lincoln High
Lincoln Hills School
Lincoln Junior High
Lincoln Middle
Lincoln Middle
Lincoln Middle School
Lincoln-erdman Elementary
Lindbergh Elementary
Lindgren Elementary
Lineville Intermediate Sch
Little Chute Elementary
Little Chute High
Little Chute Middle
Little Red Elementary
Little Stars Pre-school
Little Wolf High
Lloyd Street Elementary
Locust Lane Elementary
Lodi Charter Sch
Lodi Elementary
Lodi High
Lodi Middle
Lodi Primary
Logan High
Logan Middle
Loganville Elementary
Lombardi Middle
Lomira Elementary
Lomira High
Lomira Junior High
Lone Rock Elementary
Longfellow Elementary
Longfellow Elementary
Longfellow Elementary
Longfellow Elementary
Longfellow Elementary
Longfellow Middle
Longfellow Middle
Lowell Elementary
Lowell Elementary
Lowell Elementary
Loyal Elementary
Loyal High
Loyal Junior High
Loyola Academy
Lucas Charter School
Luck Elementary
Luck High
Luther Elementary
Luther Elementary
Luxemburg-casco High
Luxemburg-casco Intermediate
Luxemburg-casco Middle
Luxemburg-casco Primary
Lyndon Station Elementary
Lyons Center
Maasai Institute
Macarthur Elementary
Macarthur Elementary
Macdowell Montessori Elementary
Madison Elementary
Madison Elementary
Madison Elementary
Madison Elementary
Madison Elementary
Madison Elementary
Madison High
Madison Middle
Magee Elementary
Magee Elementary Kg-04 Grades
Mahone Middle
Maine Elementary
Malcolm X Academy
Malone Elementary
Manawa Elementary
Manawa Middle
Manitoba Elementary
Manz Elementary
Maple Avenue Elementary
Maple Dale Elementary
Maple Grove Elementary
Maple Grove Elementary
Maple Tree Elementary
Mapleview Intermediate School
Maplewood Elementary
Maplewood Middle
Marathon Elementary
Marathon High
Marcellon Elementary
Marcy Elementary
Marengo Valley Elementary
Marinette High
Marinette Middle
Marion Elementary
Marion High
Markesan High
Markesan Intermediate
Markesan Middle
Markesan Primary
Marquette Elementary
Marshall Early Learning Center
Marshall Elementary
Marshall High
Marshall High
Marshall Middle
Marshall Middle
Marshall Montesorri Ib High
Marshfield High
Marshfield Human Services Academy
Marshfield K4
Marshfield Middle School
Martin Elementary
Maryland Avenue Elementary
Matc-project Hold
Mattoon Elementary
Mauston Alternative Resource
Mauston High
Mayville High
Mayville Middle
Maywood Elementary
Mazomanie Elementary
Mcauliffe Elementary
Mcdill Academies Charter Sch
Mcfarland High
Mcfarland Primary School
Mckinley Center
Mckinley Charter School
Mckinley Elementary
Mckinley Elementary
Mckinley Elementary
Mckinley Middle
Mckinley Middle
Mclane Elementary
Mclenegan Elementary
Mcnair Elementary
Mcneel Middle
Mead Elementary
Meadow View Elementary
Meadowbrook Elementary
Meadowbrook Elementary
Meadowview Elementary
Meadowview Elementary
Medford Elementary
Medford High
Medford Middle
Meeme Leads Charter
Meir Elementary
Mellen Elementary
Mellen High
Melrose Elementary
Melrose-mindoro High
Memorial High
Memorial High
Memorial High
Menasha High
Mendota Elementary
Mendota Mental Health Institution
Menominee Indian High
Menominee Indian Middle
Menominee Tribal School
Menomonee Falls High
Menomonie High
Menomonie Middle
Mercer School
Merrill Elementary
Merrill Healthy Living
Merrill High
Merrill Middle
Merrimac Community
Merryman Elementary
Merton Intermediate
Merton Primary
Metcalfe Elementary
Metro School
Metropolitan High
Meyer Middle
Middleton Alternative High
Middleton High
Midvale Elementary
Midway Elementary
Mill Valley Elementary
Miller Elementary
Milton High
Milton Middle
Milwaukee Academy Of Aviation
Milwaukee Academy Of Science
Milwaukee Career Exploration Center
Milwaukee College Preparatory School
Milwaukee County House Of Correction
Milwaukee County Youth Education Center
Milwaukee Education Center
Milwaukee French Immersion
Milwaukee German Immersion
Milwaukee High School Of The Arts
Milwaukee Leadership Training Center
Milwaukee Learning Lab & Institute
Milwaukee School Of Entrepreneurship
Milwaukee School Of Languages
Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility
Milwaukee Sign Language Elementary
Milwaukee Spanish Immersion
Milwaukee Spectrum School
Mindoro Elementary
Mineral Point Elementary
Mineral Point High
Mineral Point Middle
Minocqua Elementary
Mishicot High
Mishicot Middle
Mitchell Elementary
Mitchell Elementary
Mitchell Elementary
Mitchell Elementary
Mitchell Middle
Mms Alternative Charter
Mondovi Elementary
Mondovi High
Mondovi Middle
Monona Grove Alternative High
Monona Grove High
Monroe Alternative Charter School
Monroe Elementary
Monroe Elementary
Monroe High
Monroe Independent Virtual Charter Sch
Monroe Middle
Monroe Virtual Charter Middle
Montello Jr/sr High
Montessori Charter School
Monticello Elementary
Monticello High
Monticello Middle
Morgan Elementary
Morgandale Elementary
Morrisonville Elementary
Morse Middle
Mosinee Elementary
Mosinee High
Mosinee Middle
Mound View Elementary
Mount Horeb High
Mount Horeb Intermediate
Mount Horeb Middle
Mount Horeb Primary Center
Mountain Bay Elementary School
Muir Elementary
Muir Middle
Muir/woodridge Elementary School
Mukwonago High
Murray Park Elementary
Muskego Elementary
Muskego High
Nasonville Elementary
Nathan Hale High
Navarino Elementary
Necedah Elementary
Necedah Middle/high
Neenah Creek Elementary
Neenah High
Neeskara Elementary
Neillsville Elementary
Neillsville High
Neillsville Middle
Nekoosa Academy
Nekoosa High
Nelson Elementary
Neosho Elementary
Neshkoro Elementary
Netherwood Knoll Elementary
Nettie E Karcher School
New Auburn Elementary
New Auburn Jr-sr High
New Berlin Middle/high
New Century School
New Glarus Elementary
New Glarus Middle/high
New Holstein Elementary
New Holstein High
New Holstein Middle
New Horizons Charter School
New Horizons For Learning
New Lisbon Correctional Institution
New Lisbon Elementary
New Lisbon Jr/hi
New London High
New London Middle
New Richmond East Elementary
New Richmond High
New Richmond Middle
New Richmond West Elementary
New School For Community Services
Newark Elementary
Next Door Charter
Niagara Elementary
Niagara High
Nichols Elementary
Nicolet Elementary
Nicolet Elementary
Nicolet Elementary
Nicolet High
Nikolay Middle
Ninety-fifth Street Elementary
Norris High
North Cape Elementary
North Crawford Elementary
North Crawford High
North Elementary
North Elementary
North Freedom Elementary
North High
North High
North High
North High
North High
North Hudson Elementary
North Junior High School Campus
North Lake Elementary
North Lakeland Elementary
North Park Elementary
North Shore Middle
North Woods International School
Northeast Wi Online Charter Sch (newocs)
Northern Hills Elementary
Northern Lights Elementary
Northern Star School
Northland Pines El-eagle River
Northland Pines El-st Germain
Northland Pines High
Northland Pines Middle
Northland Pines-land O Lakes
Northside Elementary
Northside Elementary
Northside Elementary
Northside Intermediate
Northstar Middle
Northview Elementary
Northwestern Elementary
Northwestern High
Northwestern Middle
Northwood Sch
Northwoods Community Elementary
Northwoods Community Secondary School
Northwoods Elementary
Norwalk-ontario-wilton Elementary
Nova High
Nuestro Mundo
O Brown Elementary
Oak Creek East Middle
Oak Creek High
Oak Creek West Middle
Oak Grove El/family Learning Center
Oakdale Elementary
Oakfield High
Oakfield Middle
Oakhill Correctional Institution
Oaklawn Elementary
Oaklawn Elementary
Oakwood Elementary
Oconomowoc High
Oconomowoc Middle
Oconto Elementary
Oconto Falls Elementary
Oconto Falls High
Oconto High
Oconto Middle
Ogema Elementary
O'keeffe Middle
Olson Middle
Omro Elementary
Omro High
Omro Middle
Onalaska High
Onalaska Kindergarten Center
Onalaska Middle
Oneida Nation Elementary School
Oostburg Elementary
Oostburg High
Oostburg Middle
Orchard Lane Elementary
Orchard Ridge Elementary
Oregon High
Oregon Middle
Orfordville Elementary
Oriole Lane Elementary
Osceola Career Charter School
Osceola Charter Preschool
Osceola Elementary
Osceola High
Osceola Intermediate
Osceola Middle
Oshkosh Correctional Institution
Osseo Elementary
Osseo Middle
Osseo-fairchild High
Owen-withee Elementary
Owen-withee High
Owen-withee Junior High
Oxford Avenue School
Oxford Elementary
Ozaukee Elementary
Ozaukee High
Ozaukee Middle
P J Jacobs Junior High
Paideia Academy
Palmyra Elementary
Palmyra-eagle High
Palmyra-eagle Middle
Pardeeville Elementary
Pardeeville High
Pardeeville Middle School
Paris Elementary
Park Elementary
Park Elementary
Park Elementary
Park Falls Elementary
Park Falls High
Park Falls Middle
Park High
Park Lawn Elementary
Park View Elementary
Park View Middle
Parker High
Parkside Elementary
Parkside Elementary
Parkside Sch
Parkside Seeds Of Health
Parkview Charter Sch
Parkview Elementary
Parkview Elementary
Parkview Elementary
Parkview Elementary
Parkview Elementary
Parkview Elementary
Parkview High
Parkview Junior High
Parkview Middle
Passage Middle School
Patch Elementary
Patrick Marsh Middle
Pecatonica Elementary
Pecatonica High
Pedersen Elementary
Pelican Elementary
Pembine Elementary
Pembine High
Pepin Elementary
Pepin High
Pershing Elementary
Pertzsch Elementary
Peshtigo Elementary
Peshtigo Middle/high
Pewaukee High
Pewaukee Lake Elementary
Phelps Elementary
Phelps High
Phillips Elementary
Phillips High
Phillips Middle
Phoenix Middle
Pier Elementary
Pierce Elementary
Pigeon Falls Elementary
Pigeon River Elementary
Pilgrim Park Middle
Pine Land Elementary
Pine River Elementary
Pineview Elementary
Pioneer Elementary
Pioneer Westfield High
Pioneer Westfield Middle
Pitsch Elementary
Pittsville Elementary
Pittsville High
Plain Elementary
Plank Road Complex
Plat Elementary
Platteville High
Platteville Middle
Pleasant Hill Elementary
Pleasant Prairie Elementary
Pleasant View Elementary
Pleasant View Elementary
Pleasant View Elementary
Plover-whiting Elementary
Plum City Elementary
Plum City High
Plymouth High
Poplar Creek Elementary
Port Edwards Elementary
Port Washington High
Portage Academy Of Achievement
Portage High
Portage Junior High
Porterfield Elementary
Potosi Elementary
Potosi High
Potosi Middle
Powers Elementary
Poy Sippi Elementary
Poynette Elementary
Poynette High
Poynette Middle
Prairie Du Chien Correctional Inst
Prairie Du Chien High
Prairie Elementary
Prairie Farm Elementary
Prairie Farm High
Prairie Farm Middle
Prairie Lane Elementary
Prairie River Middle
Prairie View Elementary
Prairie View Elementary
Prairie View Elementary
Prairie View Elementary
Prairie View Elementary
Prairie View Elementary
Prairie View Middle
Preble High
Prentice Elementary
Prentice High
Preparatory School For Global Leadership
Prescott High
Prescott Middle
Princeton Sch
Professional Learning Institute
Project Change-a Recovery School
Project Excel Alternative
Project School To Work
Project Stay
Project Stay Senior Institute
Prospect Street Elementary
Pulaski Community Middle
Pulaski High
Pulaski High
Purdy Elementary
Putnam Heights Elementary
Quinney Elementary
Racine Correctional Institution
Racine Youthful Offender
Randall Consolidated School
Randall Elementary
Randall Elementary
Randolph Elementary
Randolph High
Random Lake Elementary
Random Lake High
Random Lake Middle
Rawson Elementary
Raymond Elementary
Read Elementary
Readfield Elementary
Reagan College Prep High
Red Apple Elementary
Red Cedar School
Red Smith K-8
Redgranite Correctional Institute
Redgranite Elementary
Reedsburg Area High
Reedsville Elementary
Reedsville High
Reedsville Middle
Reek Elementary
Renaissance Charter Academy
Renaissance Sch
Reuther Central High
Reynolds Elementary
Rhinelander High
Rib Lake Elementary
Rib Lake High
Rib Lake Middle
Rib Mountain Elementary
Rice Lake High
Rice Lake Middle
Richards Elementary
Richfield Elementary
Richland Center High
Richland Middle
Richmond Elementary
Richmond Elementary
Ridgeland Elementary
Ridgeway Elementary
Riley Elementary
Rio Elementary
Rio Middle/high School
Ripon Exploration & Application Charter
Ripon High
Ripon Middle
River Bluff Middle
River Cities High
River Crossing Charter School
River Falls High
River Falls Public Montessori Academy
River Grove Elementary
River Heights Elementary
River Ridge Elementary
River Ridge High
River Ridge Middle
River Trail Elementary
River Valley High
River Valley Middle
River View Middle
Riverdale Elementary
Riverdale High
Riverdale Middle
Riverside Elementary
Riverside Elementary
Riverside Elementary
Riverside High
Riverside Middle
Riverview Academy Charter
Riverview Elementary
Riverview Elementary
Riverview Elementary
Riverview Elementary
Riverview Middle
Riverview Middle
Robbins Elementary
Robert Ellsworth Correctional Center
Robert Kupper Learning Center
Roberts Elementary
Robinson Elementary
Robinson Elementary
Robinwood Elementary
Roche A Cri Elementary
Rock Elementary
Rock Ledge Elementary
Rock River Charter School
Rock Springs Elementary
Rockfield Elementary
Rockwell Elementary
Rocky Branch Elementary
Rolling Hills Elementary
Rome Corners Intermediate Sch
Ronald R Albrecht Elementary
Ronald Reagan Elementary
Roosevelt Elementary
Roosevelt Elementary
Roosevelt Elementary
Roosevelt Elementary
Roosevelt Elementary
Roosevelt Elementary
Roosevelt Elementary
Roosevelt Elementary
Roosevelt Idea
Roosevelt Middle
Roosevelt Middle
Rose Glen Elementary
Roselawn Elementary
Rosendale Intermediate
Rosendale Primary
Rosenow Elementary
Rosholt Elementary
Rosholt High
Rosholt Middle
Rossman Elementary
Rothschild Elementary
Royal Oaks Elementary
Royall Middle/high
Rudolph Elementary
Rural Virtual Academy
Rusch Elementary
Sabish Middle
Saint Croix Central Elementary
Saint Croix Falls Elementary
Saint Croix Falls High
Saint Croix Falls Middle
Saint Croix High
Saint Croix Middle
Saint Francis High
Salem Elementary
Sand Lake Elementary
Sand Ridge Secure Treatment Center
Sandburg Elementary
Sandhill School
Sapar Program High
Saratoga Elementary
Sauk Prairie High
Sauk Prairie Middle
Sauk Trail Elementary
Saukville Elementary
Savanna Oaks Middle
Sawyer Elementary
Saylesville Elementary
Sch For Early Development & Achievement
Schenk Elementary
Schofield Elementary
School Of Humanities
School Of Technology & Arts
School Of Technology & Arts II
Schulte Elementary
Schultz Elementary
Schurz Elementary
Second Avenue School
Section Elementary
Seher School Site
Seneca Elementary
Seneca High
Seneca Junior High
Sennett Middle
Sevastopol Elementary
Sevastopol High
Sevastopol Junior High
Sevastopol Pre-school
Seymour High
Seymour Middle
Shabazz-city High
Shady Lane Elementary
Shalom High
Shapiro Elementary
Sharon Elementary
Shattuck Middle
Shawano Community Middle
Shawano High
Sheboygan Falls Elementary
Sheboygan Falls High
Sheboygan Falls Middle
Shell Lake Elementary (3-6)
Shell Lake Jr/sr High
Shell Lakeprimary (k-2)
Shepard Hills Elementary
Sheridan Elementary
Sherman Elementary
Sherman Elementary
Sherman Middle
Shiocton Elementary
Shiocton High
Shorewood High
Shorewood Hills Elementary
Shorewood Intermediate
Shullsburg Elementary
Shullsburg High
Shullsburg Junior High
Siefert Elementary
Silver Spring Neighborhood
Silverbrook Middle
Siren Elementary/middle
Siren High
Sixth Street Academy
Sixty-eighth Street Early Childhood
Sixty-fifth Street Elementary
Slinger Elementary
Slinger High
Slinger Middle
Smith Elementary
Solon Springs School
Somers Elementary
Somerset Elementary
Somerset High
Somerset Middle
Soset Charter School
South Beaver Dam Elementary
South Elementary
South Elementary
South Elementary
South High
South High
South Middle
South Milwaukee High
South Milwaukee Middle
South Mountain Elementary
South Park Middle
South Shore Elementary
South Shore Jr/sr High
Southern Bluffs Elementary
Southern Door Elementary
Southern Door High
Southern Door Middle
Southern Oaks Girls School
Southern Wisconsin Center
Southport Elementary
Southside Elementary
Southview Elementary
Southwest High
Southwestern Wisconsin Elementary
Southwestern Wisconsin High
Southwood Glen Elementary
Sparta Area Independent Learning School
Sparta Charter Preschool
Sparta High
Sparta High Point School
Sparta Meadowview Intermediate
Sparta Meadowview Middle
Special Services Site-ecc
Special Services Site-iep Eval
Spence Elementary
Spencer Elementary
Spencer High
Spooner Elementary
Spooner High
Spooner Middle
Spotted Eagle High (maaic)
Spring Green Elementary
Spring Harbor Middle
Spring Hill Elementary
Spring Hill Middle
Spring Road Elementary
Spring Valley Elementary
Spring Valley Elementary
Spring Valley High
Spring Valley Middle
Spruce Elementary
Spruce Street Elementary
St Charles Behav Reassign Success Acad
St Charles Intensive Day Treatment
St Charles Youth & Family Ex Ed
Stangel Elementary
Stanley Correctional Institution
Stanley Elementary
Stanley-boyd High
Stanley-boyd Middle
Star Center Elementary
Starbuck Middle
Starms Discovery
Starms Early Childhood
Starms Monumental
State Road Elementary
Steffen Middle
Stephens Elementary
Stetsonville Elementary
Stettin Elementary
Stevens Point Area High
Stillson Elementary
Stockbridge Elementary
Stockbridge High
Stockbridge Middle
Stocker Elementary
Stoddard Elementary
Stone Bank Elementary
Stone Lake Elementary
Stoner Prairie Elementary
Stormonth Elementary
Story Elementary
Stoughton High
Strange Elementary
Stratford Elementary
Stratford Jr/sr High
Strum Elementary
Stuart Elementary
Sturgeon Bay High
Suamico Elementary
Sugar Bush Elementary
Sugar Camp Elementary
Sugar Creek Elementary
Sullivan Elementary
Sullivan Elementary
Summit Elementary
Summit Elementary
Summit View Elementary
Sun Prairie Alternative High School
Sun Prairie High
Sunnyside Elementary
Sunnyside Elementary
Sunrise Elementary
Sunrise Elementary
Sunset Elementary
Sunset Elementary
Sunset Elementary
Sunset Ridge Elementary
Superior High
Superior Middle
Supermax Correctional Institution
Suring Elementary
Suring High
Swallow Elementary
Swanson Elementary
Taft Elementary
Tainter Elementary
Tank Elementary
Taycheedah Correctional Institution
Taylor Prairie Elementary
Technology Charter Sch
Templeton Middle
Tenor High School
Tesla Engineering Charter School
Tess Corners Elementary
The Alliance School
The Fifth Dimension
The Real School
Theisen Middle
Theodore Robinson Intermediate School
Theresa Elementary
Third Street Elementary
Thirty-eighth Street Elementary
Thomas Jefferson Elementary
Thomas Jefferson Middle
Thomas Jefferson Middle
Thoreau Elementary
Thoreau Elementary
Thorp Elementary
Thorp High
Thorson Elementary
Three Lakes Elementary
Three Lakes High
Tibbets Elementary
Tiffany Creek Elementary
Tigerton Elementary
Tigerton High
Time 4 Learning Charter School
Tipler Middle
Tippecanoe Elementary
Toki Middle
Tomah High
Tomah Middle
Tomahawk Elementary
Tomahawk High
Tomahawk Middle
Tonawanda Elementary
Tower Rock Elementary
Traeger Elementary
Traeger Middle
Trailside Elementary
Transition Success
Transitional Skills Center
Traver Elementary
Trempealeau Elementary
Tremper High
Trenton Elementary
Trevor Grade
Tri-county Elementary
Tri-county High
Tri-county Middle
Trowbridge Street Elementary
Truth Institute
Tullar Elementary
Turtle Creek Elementary
Turtle Lake Elementary
Turtle Lake High
Twenty-first Street Elementary
Two Rivers Early Learning Center
Two Rivers High
Underwood Elementary
Union Grove Elementary
Union Grove High
Unity Elementary
Unity High
Unity Middle
Urban League Academy
Urban Middle
Urban Waldorf Elementary
Uw-stevens Point Speech & Language
Valders Elementary
Valders High
Valders Middle
Valley New School
Valley View Elementary
Valley View Elementary
Van Brunt Elementary
Van Brunt Middle
Van Buren Elementary
Van Hise Elementary
Vernon County Area Better Futures High
Vernon Elementary
Verona Area High
Vesper Elementary
Victory Elementary
Viking Elementary
Viking Middle
Vincent High
Viroqua Elementary
Viroqua High
Viroqua Middle
W.E.B. Dubois High
Wabeno Elementary
Wabeno High
Wadewitz Elementary
Walden III High
Walden III Middle
Wales Elementary
Walker Elementary
Walker Middle
Waller Elementary
Walworth Co Educ Alt High
Walworth Elementary
Warrens Elementary
Washburn Elementary
Washburn High
Washington Carver Academy
Washington County Head Start
Washington Early Learning Center
Washington Elementary
Washington Elementary
Washington Elementary
Washington Elementary
Washington Elementary
Washington Elementary
Washington Elementary
Washington Elementary
Washington Elementary
Washington Elementary
Washington Island Elementary
Washington Island High
Washington Junior High
Washington Middle
Washington Middle
Washington Middle
Washington School For Comprehensive
Washington Service-learning Center
Washington Street School
Waterford High
Waterloo Elementary
Waterloo High
Waterloo Intermediate School
Waterloo Middle School
Waters Elementary
Watertown 4 Kids
Watertown High
Waubesa Intermediate Sch
Waukesha Academy Of Health Professions
Waunakee Heritage Elementary
Waunakee High
Waunakee Intermediate
Waunakee Middle
Waunakee Prairie Elementary
Waupaca County Charter
Waupaca High
Waupaca Learning Center Elementary
Waupaca Middle
Waupun Alternative High
Waupun Correctional Institution
Waupun High
Waupun Middle
Wausau Area Montessori Charter School
Wausaukee Elementary
Wausaukee High
Wausaukee Junior High
Wautoma High
Wauzeka Elementary
Wauzeka High
Wayne Elementary
Webb Middle
Webster Elementary
Webster Elementary
Webster Elementary
Webster High
Webster Middle
Webster Middle
Webster Stanley Elementary
Webster Stanley Middle
Wequiock Elementary
West De Pere High
West De Pere Middle
West Elementary
West Elementary
West Elementary
West Elementary-kindergarten Center
West High
West High
West High
West High
West High
West High
West High
West High
West Junior High
West Middleton Elementary
West Milwaukee Middle
West Ridge Elementary
West Salem Elementary
West Salem High
West Salem Middle
West Side Elementary
West Side Elementary
West Side Elementary
Westby Elementary
Westby High
Westby Middle
Westfield Elementary
Westlawn Elementary
Weston Elementary
Weston Elementary
Weston High
Weston Middle
Westside Academy
Westside Elementary
Westside Elementary
Westside Elementary
Westview Elementary
Westwood Elementary
Weyauwega Elementary
Weyauwega High
Weyauwega Middle
Weyerhaeuser Elementary
Weyerhaeuser High
Wh School Of Expeditionary Learning
Wh School Of Information Technology
Wh School Of Law Educ & Public Service
Wheatland Center Elementary
Wheatley Elementary
White Lake Elementary
White Lake High
White Rock Elementary
Whitefish Bay High
Whitefish Bay Middle
Whitehall High
Whitehall Middle
Whitehorse Middle
Whitetail Academy
Whitewater High
Whitewater Middle
Whitman Elementary
Whitman Middle
Whitnall High
Whitnall Middle
Whittier Elementary
Whittier Elementary
Whittier Elementary
Wi Conservatory Of Lifelong Learning
Wi Ctr For The Blind & Visually Impaired
Wild Rose Elementary
Wild Rose High
Wilder Elementary
Wildlands Charter School
Wileman Elementary
Wilkins Elementary
Williams Bay Elementary
Williams Bay High
Williams Bay Junior High
Willow Glen Primary Sch
Willow River Elementary
Willow Springs Learning Center
Willson Elementary
Wilmot Elementary
Wilmot High
Wilson Elementary
Wilson Elementary
Wilson Elementary
Wilson Elementary
Wilson Elementary
Wilson Elementary
Wilson Elementary
Wilson Elementary
Wilson Junior High
Wilson Middle
Winchester Elementary
Wind Point Elementary
Windsor Elementary
Winkler Elementary
Winnebago Mental Health Institution
Winneconne Elementary
Winneconne High
Winneconne Middle
Winnequah Middle
Winskill Elementary
Winter Elementary
Winter High
Winter Middle
Wisconsin Avenue Elementary
Wisconsin Career Academy
Wisconsin Connections Academy
Wisconsin Dells High
Wisconsin Heights High
Wisconsin Heights Middle
Wisconsin Hills Middle
Wisconsin Resource Center
Wisconsin Rivers Community Charter
Wisconsin School For The Deaf
Wisconsin Virtual Academy
Wittenberg Elementary
Wittenberg-birnamwood High
Wonewoc Elementary
Wonewoc High
Wonewoc Junior High
Woodfield Elementary
Woodland Elementary
Woodland School
Woodlands School
Woods Elementary
Woodside Elementary
Woodside Elementary
Woodview Elementary
Woodworth Middle
Work & Learning High
Wrightstown Elementary
Wrightstown High
Wrightstown Middle
Wrps Four-year-old Kindergarten
Wyeville Elementary
Yahara Elementary
Yahara Elementary
Yahara Elementary
Ymca Young Leaders Academy
Yorkville Elementary
Zielanis Elementary

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