Skills Needed to Advance to Second Grade

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Knowledge and abilities needed for children to advance to second grade are mostly in math and language. The ability to count by ones, twos, threes, fives and tens, recognize odd and even numbers, and add and subtract are necessary. Understanding basic multiplication, knowing what numbers come before and after others up to four digits, solve basic math story problems should all be achievable. They should now write numbers to 100. Learning skills should include demonstrating how to find, organize and analyze information for solutions to problems.

Writing skills are closely related to reading ability and the focus on writing increases in first grade.  Students ready to advance to second grade ought to be able to write their ideas in logical form. The prepared pupil should be able to write words legibly in sentences, use proper capitalization and basic punctuation, and use singular and plural forms of words. First grade children can identify prefixes and suffixes, sound out new words, make rhymes, and discuss what they have read. They can now reveal the main idea of a story they have read, explain details, and recall events. They should be able to answer questions after reading a book or passage and even summarize events sequence both verbally and in writing.

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Social studies include comprehending what jobs, stores, and money are.  They should know the concepts of cities and countries.  At this point they should be aware of directions such as north, south, east, and west and know where the sun rises and sets. They should be familiar with maps and globes. History knowledge will include things such as how people lived in other times so they can grasp the concept of the past.

This age group ought to now be able to express themselves through painting or drawing, dancing, and singing. Parent involvement in encouraging creativity and stimulating children through art activities and visits to museums can be very beneficial at this age.

by David McLeod
Owner and Elementary School Teacher
David taught elementary school in Central Texas for 8 years and has over 15 years of experience in online education related websites and blogs

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