What Subjects Interest Your Child?

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Understanding what your child’s subject interests are can and will help him or her have the best chance to do well in their studies this school year. Find out what subjects and topics your child connects with personally. For example, my son has become very interested in reptiles, specifically, bearded dragons, so I had him research bearded dragons for a few days.

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He took notes on their diet, care, environment, personality, etc. After he showed me that he was ready, we added a baby bearded dragon to our family. Because of his strong interest in his new pet, he is able to apply this knowledge to his school studies, across the board. He has been able to write about the topic in his English and Writing classes, he brought his dragon to his science class for a show and tell, even learned how to draw them for his art classes. The point is that because he has such a personal and vested interest in this topic, the bearded dragon, he is always excited to share his knowledge, in the form of report, drawing, or oral report.

Now, anytime he has the chance to choose a topic for any type of assignment, his love and knowledge of the bearded dragon, has added nothing but A’s to his report card. He is even considering veterinary studies as a possible career.

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