Start Your Crypto College Fund with Bitcoin?

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It you’ve ever thought about getting into the crypto currency space, now is the right time! Starting a college fund with crypto is easier than you think and could potentially increase many times over, over the next few years. You can earn up to 8.6% interest along the way and reach your financial goals faster than ever.

To purchase, and store your crypto, I’ve found that BlockFi is the best, safest, and most secure site online. It’s the perfect place to start your crypto currency college fund. Plus it pays, 8.6% on your crypto cash! Try finding that at any of your other banks.

BlockFi is an online bank for crypto currency. You are able to purchase whatever types of crypto you like, I use Bitcoin, but you can purchase any of the others including Ethereum, Litecoin and Chainlink. All you have to do is just sign up and make a deposit, and you’re off to the races while earning 8.6%!

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I was a bit scared to dive into crypto currency in the beginning, however, if you start small, I started with just $100, then you can join in on the fun and not put too much at risk. $100 today, could be worth 20 times that down the road, who knows?

$10 in Free Bitcoin

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You’ll be able to track bitcoin’s and other crypto currency value in real time and use your bitcoin just like you would use cash in a bank.

It’s easy to do, and only takes a few minutes…so sign up today at BlockFi deposit $100, and start your crypto college fund journey today! Come on…it’ll be a lot of fun, you won’t miss out, and you just may be able to fund your or your child’s entire college education in just a few years.

Click here to learn more about BlockFi and make your first $100 deposit

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