Preparing for Middle School

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Many children have attended one elementary school that has been a safe haven filled with memories. Transitioning to middle school can cause a child to be nervous with anticipation. There will be many questions for your student and you. As much as many children at this age might shun their parent’s involvement, they often are looking to their parents to provide assurance and answers.

Developing a connection with your child’s new school and being involved in the transition will benefit you and your student. Visit the school before the school year begins. Attend and parent and student orientations. Find out who your student’s guidance counselor will be and schedule a meeting. Attend an open house and ask questions about, teachers, curriculum, classes and scheduling. Getting all the information you need and registering well before the first day of school can make this experience much smoother.

Find out about the supply requirements, lunch needs, and the school’s dress code before you go back to school shopping. Some students will require back packs, athletic wear for physical education, or even uniforms. Keep your child involved and let them make as many decisions as possible. This can be a time where your child can feel things are a bit out of their control so give them the reins as much as you can. Show them the school requirements and then let them make the buying decisions within adherence to school policy and your budget.

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Discuss with your student what new personal responsibilities your child might have. There are often changes that demand students are more self reliant than in elementary school. Your student might be required to change classes throughout the day and need to know their schedule and the locations of many rooms. Your student might have a new mode of transportation and need to know bus schedules and rules.

Middle schools are often larger than elementary schools and your preteen will be at the bottom of the age food chain and possibly exposed to many new things. Discuss the basics of acceptable behavior, what they have learned about avoiding drugs, and what they should do when they encounter students who are violating school policy.

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by David McLeod

Owner and Elementary School Teacher

David has been teaching elementary school in Central Texas for over 7 years and has over 15 years of experience in online education related websites and blogs.

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