A Summer Learning Activity for Kids

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Spring and summer are the perfect seasons for involving your children in gardening. Children love the outdoors and have a natural curiosity for insects, mud, flowers, plants, snails, and wildlife. Gardening can teach children about the earth, nature, and healthy foods. You can even start plants indoors and move them outside later. There is something to learn from gardening for children of all ages. In addition to planting and watering activities can include creating plant markers, reading and interpreting seed packages, distinguishing seeds and plants, distinguishing edible plants, insects, and creating a compost pile.

Gardening with kids encourages their interest our earth, conservation, and preservation. You can teach children how the world’s eco-system works from a garden. Preschoolers can catch insects, blow the seeds off dandelions, and create planting holes, water, and plant seeds. For younger children, the seeds, insects, and water are interesting. Science, math, and spelling can all be incorporated into garden learning.

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This is a simple hands-on project that presents many learning opportunities.  Planning your outdoor garden includes subjects such as considering each plant’s needs, soil type, sunlight exposure, drainage, and water access.  Let your child choose what they would like to grow.

You can teach respect for nature and how growing plants provides oxygen and recycling helps earth. You can choose to plant flowers, fruits, vegetables, or a tree. Teach kids how each insect plays a part in nature. Older children might be interested in farming technology, horticulture, or plant biology.

Education is much more than sitting in a classroom all day. You can teach your children how to learn outside the classroom and form a bond with them as a teacher. Gardening can be a fun and educational activity. You can instill an enthusiasm for nature in them that will carry on for a life time.

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by David McLeod

Owner School-Supply-List.com and Elementary School Teacher

David has been teaching elementary school in Central Texas for over 7 years and has over 15 years of experience in online education related websites and blogs.

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