Juggling High School Sports and Homework

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Sports can be a great stress reducer for high school students. Students often have hectic schedules with school, practice, games, other extracurricular commitments, social involvement, family activities, and homework. There are grade restrictions at most schools regarding sports participation so homework must be a priority for sports as well as academic achievement. Sports schedules are usually established and rigid, homework schedule are often nonexistent.

If your parents have been your main motivation for getting homework done until now, high school is the time to let them off the hook. College life is right around the corner so practicing the self discipline needed to perform well in all aspects of high school can be a tremendous benefit when you are on your own.

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Establish a homework time for each day, just as if homework were a class you must attend. Devote a certain amount of time to study each of those times even when you do not have homework. This will help you stay in the habit of hitting the books, keep you current with the material in all your subjects, and make homework easier. Plan your home work by subject and be flexible to allow extra time for larger assignments and study time before tests.

If you have a classmate or teammate schedule several joint homework times weekly. Know you have made a commitment to someone can help you devote the time to our studies. In addition another person can help you study and vice versa.

Make your homework time inaccessible to others. Shut off all distractions including your phone during your designated study time. Keep your scheduled homework sessions limited to one hour increments. If more than one hour is needed break up the time and take breaks of at least fifteen minutes between study times, and yes, you can turn your phone back on and check messages during breaks!

by David McLeod
Owner School-Supply-List.com and Elementary School Teacher

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