When Should I Talk To My Child’s Teacher?

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In addition to parent teacher conferences, there might come times when you need to talk with your child’s teacher. You should learn the basics such as such as the classroom size, curriculum, teaching style, school policies and procedures, and homework expectations before the school year begins.

Contact your child’s teacher at the start of the year if no conference is on the schedule. Let the teacher know you are interested in your child’s education and develop a strong parent and teacher partnership. Students that see parents and teachers working in concert, have more self esteem and will be more likely to value their education.

Because many students now have multiple teachers for different subjects, determine who you would like to talk to.  Most schools allow parents to schedule meetings with teachers to discuss your child’s progress or specific difficulties. Most teachers welcome parent involvement with students. Many schools allow open email communication with teachers also.  Because teachers have very busy schedules you do not want to inundate them with email however.

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Academic issues are the number one reason teachers are contacted. If your child is having repeated difficulty with a certain subject or a basic such as reading, speech, or language your child’s teacher might have suggestions of how you can help.  There are also a number of other reasons you might want to meet with a teacher.

If your child is being a bullied in school, depending on your child’s age and the nature of the bullying, you might need to schedule a meeting with the teacher and other school administrators. Most schools have specific programs and policies regarding bullying.

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If your child has a language barrier you need to meet with the teacher to discuss possible learning solutions. If your child is an undocumented immigrant, in the US public schools are mandated to accept them. You are not required to answer questions about immigration status or show any identification to the school

by David McLeod

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