5 Tips To Help You During A Parent Teacher Conference

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Normally parent teacher conferences are conducted at least once per school year depending on the age group of the students. These conferences are often held in the first few months of a new grade. They are an opportunity for you to learn more about the teacher and particularly how your student is doing in class and what you might need to help do if anything.

While you might discover some things about your child you did not know during a parent teacher conference, the majority of the time there are no big surprises about your child in these meetings. If there were any significant behavior or other issues the school should have contacted you before this meeting. If you have received a grade report before this meeting, bring a copy with you.

A few days previous to your meeting ask your child questions about how he or she likes the teacher, how they are getting along with other students, and what they like least and best about school. Ask if your child could change two or three things what those would be. You might need to ask just one question a day to keep your student from suspecting an interrogation.

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Be prepared to ask any questions in the parent teacher conference. Keep in mind though you will likely have a time limit. A parent teacher conference is usually time limited as these meetings are typically scheduled back to back with other parents. Keep the discussion to your child as much as possible rather than school policies and so. Save any questions such as those for later and schedule a meeting with a Principal or other school administrator of needed. As with many other instances of exchanging and discovering information, you might have questions after you leave. Write these down and contact the teacher or appropriate person later

by David McLeod
Owner School-Supply-List.com and Elementary School Teacher

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