Fifth Grade Test Taking Skills

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Preparing for and taking tests in the fifth grade involve many techniques common to any testing and some specific for the grade level. As with any test preparation getting a good night’s sleep before the test is advisable. A diet that includes protein and minimal starches of the meal previous to the test is recommended.

There are specific practices and tips for taking a test that can optimize your scores. Arrive early and if you have the option choose a seat, pick one that is close to the instructor so that you can hear all instructions. Wear a watch or sit where you have a clear view of the clock.  Listen to all instructions and read all directions carefully. If you have any doubts read directions a second time. Be clear about how to write your answers and match the question number with the answer when you are required to answer on a separate sheet or punch type card.

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Look at the types of questions on the test. Determine how many questions there are and then answer all the questions you are sure of first. Then estimate how much time you can spend on the remaining questions. Read each question carefully before you answer. Answer these to the best of your ability.

You can rephrase difficult questions in your own words, establish exactly what kind of answer the question is looking for, and look for keywords in the question that can help you. Sometimes you can find the answer in related questions on the test. Review the relevant questions you know the answers to for clues about the difficult problems. If you do not know the answer, use the process of elimination on multiple choice questions and narrow your options and then choose your best guess and answer every question.

by David McLeod
Owner and Elementary School Teacher

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