The Ten Things High School Students Tend to Forget Over the Summer Break

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While high school age students certainly are not immune to the summer brain drain of knowledge, there are also numerous other items and things they forget during the summer that can affect their new school year:

Students usually get new computer passwords and locker assignments at school each year but not always. High school students have a tendency to forget these even on their own computers.

High school students often have items that go with them from year to year such as athletic equipment, laptops, art supplies, watches, and so on. Many have a tendency to misplace these items over the summer and forget where they are when the new school year begins.  The last thing most students want to think about at the end of a school year is starting the next grade however, making a list of these items and where they are can save time and money at the end of summer.

High school students can forget their organizational skills.

High school students can forget their study habits over summer break.

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These students often have deadlines for class registrations and need to complete paperwork and enrollment forms over the summer that they forget about. This can lead to changing class schedules and not getting in to desired classes because they are full.

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Many extracurricular activities including sports and associations require signing up before the school year begins and students are preoccupied with summer activities and can get left out.

High school students often take more responsibility in their lives and parents take less. This can result in students forgetting they need physicals or other medical requirements before attending school.

Transferring high school students often forget to get transcripts from their old high schools over the summer.

High school students often forget to return library books they checked out during the previous school year.  This can result in fines and revocation. The same applies to returning text books to the school.

Older high school students often depend on themselves for transportation. Many forget to renew their driver’s licenses or pay their auto insurance over the summer leading to last minute panic at the start of school or even worse.

by David McLeod

Owner and Elementary School Teacher

David has been teaching elementary school in Central Texas for over 7 years and has over 15 years of experience in online education related websites and blogs.

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